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    Thank you Carlie , you are a jewell. Sgt Sandman

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    I need to find the M-21 version that states , p&t should be awarded when a condition has been static/ chronic for 5 yrs or longer. Putting in for p&t coming up on 6 yrs of no change . My psych DR wrote a letter stating I have been suffering from ptsd for the past 15 yrs . diagnosed and connected almost 6 yrs ago . Recently won appeal back to 2009 for TDIU . Her last paragraph reads : Opinion : It is my opinion that Mr Marine has been unemployable since atleast his hospitalization in 2009, if not before, due to the severity of his psychiatric conditions. Letters I have written in his support since May 2011 have consistently documented my belief that his psychiatric conditions have resulted in total occupational and social impairment,and rendered him unemployable. Even with continued treatment , his conditions of PTSD and related disorders , OCD AND MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER ARE NOT LIKELY TO IMPROVE IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. Therefore , in my opinion , his disability continues to be TOTAL AND PERMANENT. Signed Dr PHD PTSD SPECIALIST / ADDICTION SPECIALIST
  3. Saw this yesterday and printed off a copy for my psychologist and psychiatrist. This pisses me off ! She should have been fired immediately. The upper echelon new about this months ago, she was dealt with by administration . So instead of her 2,000.00 bonus she'll get 3,000.00 this yr . Unbelievable. Sgt Sandman Putting head in sand now.
  4. I received the shots onboard ship before offload. Pills we were given , said right on the side (not tested on animals ) can you believe that . Corpsman , would stand us in a line and watch us take and swallow them . Somehow my STRS and MED records have disappeared? I did save the pack of pills , once we got in the sand we all said F**K that were not taking those. Sgt Sandman
  5. Hiding under covers , cold as the north pole here .
  6. GEORGIA PAPPA; Is right about the effective date . It will say something to the effect , new rate payabale Dec 1 st 2014 . Sgt Sandman P.s dont know if your due any retro , didnt read that far into it . If you are it should go back to the date you filed claim . Read your award letter a few different times. Sometimes you pick something up you didnt seee before.
  7. My Morphine script does not show up on myhealthy vet for refills either. I have to call the pharmacist approx 5-7 days before and they send the request to my pcp. So far he just refills it and i get it in the mail . Ive got a great PCP , he thinks alot of the VA script rules are ridiculous. SGT SANDMAN PS: Goodluck with your situation , i know i couldn't go without mine .

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    I just received TDIU not P&T , claim was back dated to July 2009 . So basically 5 1/2 yrs this way , no change . Should i put in for P&T now . SSDI has me down as medical improvement not expected ( MINE 7 ) The Champva and DEA 35 benefits would greatly benefit my family as the have no health insurance and i have a 18 yr , 17 yr & 15 yr old . The educational benefits would be huge . Next question : Ive researched this but cant find a clear answer, being 100 % TDIU , am i entitled to commisary and mwr benefits or not. If so do i just call the 800 # about 165 times till i get thru and ask them for a letter. My letters on ebenefits say nothing about comm or mwr. Thanks for all the replies , SGT SANDMAN

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    Ive been away for awhile because of stomach surgery . Feeling a heck of alot better now ! Two days before i went into surgery finally got my decision on my appeal. 100% BACK TO ORIGINAL CLAIM DATE ! Which was July 2009. Been kind of in a weird mood regarding this . Been a long stressful road and then it's over , almost ( not P&T). Timeframe for anybody who's interested. Filed original claim with VSO July 2009 Decision received Dec 2009 50 % ptsd Filed a NOD Feb 2010 Denied increase approx 4-5 months later Hired Ken Carpenter July 2010 paperwork sent in , initial meeting Sent To Wichita RO Certified as sent to BVA ASSIGNED A 2010 Docket # Two yrs no word from VA, initiated contact with VA approx every 6 months or so. December 2012 Remanded back to Wichita, waiting for Wichita to do something . Two yrs no word ! We initiated contact , every 6 months or so. February 2014 we sent everything again to RO , Decision made December 2014 with no C&P just VA evidence 100 % TDIU 5 1/2 YRS of STRESS !
  10. I don't believe it is hereditary, it comes from the abuse we put ourselves thru . When working or playing and not thinking we are doing any damage to our backs Sgt Sandman
  11. I also have spinal stenosis , if it gives you alot of trouble . which if it isn't soon will. The Va will start by giving you pain shots to try to block the nerve from sending it's message ( pain ). Those did not work for me , next step was the spinal epidural along with chiropratic sessions . The epidural generally last about 3-4 months . There pretty adamant about only giving 3 a yr (epidurals). Just thought i would throw this info out there if your having pain issues. Sgt Sandman ps . the epidural has done great for me.
  12. Yes , we have followed the remand to the letter . They listed what they wanted , item by item. We supplied everything they needed. Catherine , ( CARPENTER'S OFFICE ) called down there 2 weeks ago to see what the hold up was. They said they hadnt received all the necessary remand paperwork ie ( dr's notes , hospital stays , ssdi award etc , etc . Well come to find out whoever scanned our replies to them , filed them all under one heading or file . Labeled SS only. Catherine talked to the DRO directly and walked him thru the file and he says oh there that is . oh there that is . Ugh discouraging . So they have everything just waiting for them to read it i guess. Thanks for the welcome back ! Sgt Sandman
  13. Sgt Sandman here ! Got discouraged , with the VA bologna ! Iv'e been on appeal for over 5 yrs now . Case went before BVA was remanded in Dec 2012 and not a word since then . I'm still with Carpenter Charter ( THE GURU ) ! SSDI went thru in 3 months with only VA info no outside exam . So here i sit in the suck , waiting .Feels like the Marines all over again . Hurry up and wait . Just wanted to say i'm back and i havent given up . Sgt Sandman
  14. SGT G , What was your docket # ? Will give us an idea of were there at ! SGT SANDMAN
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