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  1. Hey John

    Im 100% and also collecting Social Security Disability since 2008. I was medically discharged during my 2nd tour in Iraq in 07. I have been living in Texas since then and the VA has been good to me as the Social Security Lady that takes care of veterans. I lost my father a year ago and am considering moving to Florida to live closer to my mother she lives in Weeki Wachee which is north of Tampa. What exactly are the property exemption laws in Florida and vehicle registration exemptions laws, also how is the VA down there and social security.   Here in Texas I am exempt from property taxes and I pay 4.00 to register my truck and 12.00 for my wife's car. My direct email is sergionava72@gmail.com   Thanks!

  2. What I did was purchase Term Life INS. It is less expensive and for the amount that I give SBP I covered both my wife and myself and still had money left over. Yes you can cancel call SBP to cancel they will send you a form to fill out, Good luck!
  3. Hi I was wondering what ever happened to your case? what did the army settle on, and I feel your pain I have been medically retired since 2009 and have not been seen by any Army medical re-evaluation doctor since being put on TDRL last 2009. also have they reduced your CRSC? I just applied and got an award letter this feb2011
  4. Hello my fellow Veterans! and thanks for the info on CRSC.
  5. Good, luck land let me know how it went. No it is not tax free but your Va is. Crsc is a supplement that your Dpt. gave to the Va and the VA paid the difference which is in total what you recieve from the VA. so basically you will get back what the Army or Navy gave to the VA but it wont be tax free. Only what the VA gives you will be tax free. If you are getting 100% put in a claim for Social security and if you have that already you need to notify them that your 100% dissabled by the VA so that they can up your amount. Alsoif you own a home usually your state waives your property taxes. Let
  6. All I can say is that ussually there is an ambassador that has the duty to help you fill out those claims, ours in the Army is the cicilian that works in the retirement section located in Bldg 1. Good luck!
  7. I just say that I made some sacrifices and wise investments and now I am attending college. I think that is the truth for the most of us Right?
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