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Ptsd C&p Exam Results

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I originally posted this in the PTSD forum, but then realized that it should be here. I would appreciate any input. I have already looked to compare at the schedule of ratings, but would still like your thoughts. Also in another post I read someone commented on the efficiency of a particular RO. If anyone has any opinion on the Reno RO, I would appreciate that as well.

The results are finally in for my husbands PTSD exam, as well as tinnitus. Tinnitus' opinion was 50/50.

I couldn't post the results without it being an attachment, so I've just included the medical opinion and diagnosis. I would really like to

get an opinion of what the C&P exam results are all about.

State if the veteran meets the DSM-IV stressor criterion: YES

Identify behavioral, cognitive, social, affective, or somatic changes the veteran attributes to stress exposure: Depression, anxiety, and social isolation.

Describe specific PTSD symptoms present: Depression, anxiety, and social isolation.

Specify onset, duration and typical frequency and severity of symptoms:

Onset: Since military service

Frequency/Duration: Daily

Severity: Moderate

State if current symptoms are linked to the identified stressor or stressors: YES

Diagnosis: The veteran meets DSM-IV criteria for PTSD

Diagnostic Status:

Axis I: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 309.81

Axis II: None

Axis III: Elbow injury, deferred

Axis IV: Moderate depression, social isolation and lack of employment

Axis V: GAF 45

Stressor statement in relation to veteran's fear to hostile miliary threat or terrorist activity: Is the claimed stressor related to the veteran's fear of hostile military or terrorist activity? YES

Statement of opinion:

The veteran has a current disability, PTSD. It is related to an in-service event. PTSD is related to the specific stressor identified above. PTSD symptoms are depression, anxiety and social isolation.

Legally recognized statement:

PTSD is caused by or a result of an in-service event.

Changes in psychosocial functional status and quality of life since the last exam:

Increased social isolation and unemployment.

Describe linkage between PTSD symptoms and aforementioned changes in impairment in functional status and quality of life:

Direct Link

Extent to which discorders other than PTSD are independenty responsible for impairment in psychosocial adjustment to quality of life:

The veterans depression has continuted to be considerable, with substance dependence and multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. Although the depression is not severe enough for a clinical diagnosis.

Prognosis for improvement for psychiatric condition and impairments in fucntional status:


Effects of PTSD on occupational and social functioning:


There is reduced reliability and productivity due to PTSD signs and symptoms.


Depressed mood, anxiety and social isolation

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Looks to me like the examiner did a fairly good job, in service connecting his PTSD. Venturing a guess and that's all it is but based on what I've read here, he'll be service connected(sc) and rated at 30%, or maybe 50%, but remember that is just an educated guess. I feel the examiner held back somewhat. jmo

I can't offer anything on the Reno VARO.


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The examiner used the language for a 50% rating but his/her report is so darn skimpy that could be a problem. He/she writes "depressed mood, anxiety and social isolation" over and over. Unfortunately, that's pretty vague. He or she could have been much more detailed and specific.

I'm betting your C&P was at one of the VA facilities that allow examiners only an hour or two to do everything: Evaluate the veteran, psych testing, review the claims file, review the medical records, think about it all (analyze and synthesize), and write a report. It's a disgrace! They should give examiners enough time to do a thorough, detailed exam.


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