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Indiana (In): Indianapolis

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Indianapolis Regional Office

This topic was created to try to help veterans who use this regional office. It is designed to offer a way for them to possibly help each other or band together to possibly get services improved.

When commenting in this topic, please try to do so constructively.

1. Mention reason for interacting with this regional office;

2. Give your pro/con on this interaction;

3. Without betraying private information, try to offer information or warnings that might be helpful to others when dealing with this office.

4. Please do not give names, phone numbers or addresses of specific persons at this office. If you do so, the post will be deleted.


A free guide for researching, organizing and assembling a va claim. Now upgraded to include suggestions for VONAPP and Social Security Disability.

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Submitted claim for already service connected disabilities and a CUE on 14APR2010;

C&P exams on 09AUG2010; results for C&P on computer (and hand carried) to VARO on 29AUG2010;

eBenefits says received VAMC docs on 15OCT2010.

Development ever since.

Now with "special Ops Team"(?) whatever that is. Submitted IRIS request on 07/29/2011-VARO did not answer me but posted a message on VA computer system, so the 1-800-827-1000 customer assistance (nice elderly fellow :smile:) could tell me that, even though others have submitted "regular" claims months AFTER mine at the Indianapolis VARO, that each claim is different so they cannot be compared and I just have to wait. (they did not say "my turn" this time, because I think my turn came and they gave it to someone else :ohmy:)

I've visited the Indianapolis VARO numerous times-heard many different stories, been lied to told information that was not true on multiple occasions, been given compassion (they have some very nice people at customer assistance, and had "rough" ones tell me things like I might have to wait 10-12 months (then I told them I was on my 14th month and they changed the response to brush me off again), and once, stared at with no comments. More than one customer service representative told me that I had no CUE on the records, once, they even removed it from the eBenefits listing but I brayed until they put it back on the list.

Gird up thine loins and prepare for a long wait at this VARO.

Still Waiting

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Additional info: I am at 530+ days waiting and am still in development. Was told by congressional aide Indy is so backed up with Nehmer cases. Was told that Indy was bumped from 10 claim raters to 15 claim raters to ensure the Indy VARO had adequate resources to handle the Nehmer claims. All of my claims are for already service connected issues plus a CUE for a service connected issue that. in1996, they said no code existed for but one had been initiated before they adjudicated that original claim and they just did not implement the law in effect at the time..... I really get worked up over this wait-chronic back pain has a way of triggering a short fuse from this situation...:sad:.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I worked with a member a couple of years ago and I have to say this is probally the worst regional office in the United States.

Mishandling of claim information. Sending another veterans information to the veteran and when he tried to take it back, they cornered him and tried to interrogate him. He called me in a panic and I told him to get out of there and send the information to the veteran whose name was on the documents.

Then I told him to send the rest to the office of VAOIG. This veteran ended up moving to another state.

I would not touch this regional office without the assistance of an attorney.


A Veteran is a person who served this country. Treat them with respect.

A Disabled Veteran is a person who served this country and bears the scars of that service regardless of when or where they served.

Treat them with the upmost respect. I do. Rejection is not a sign of failure. Failure is not an option, Medical opinions and evidence wins claims. Trust in others is a virtue but you take the T out of Trust and you are left with Rust so be wise about who you are dealing with.

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Unfortunately, I am with other comments about this RO. In my experience, it will be a long wait. My claim has been with them since Nov., 2005, denied and on appeal. The appeal has been just sitting there for over 1-1/2 years with no movement from them directly, or certified for BVA. In 2009, an IRIS request response told me the claim was awaiting an SSOC. In 2011, the IRIS response told me the same thing...awaiting the same SSOC. Since my C&P in Feb., 2010, I have forwarded more evidence to them to be placed in the file which should be favorable to the claim, but those are my thoughts only from the information that I've gathered, but if history serves me correctly, there is no telling what IN VARO will do with it. I have not had mail communication from them since Dec., 2009, not even any acknowledgements anymore of receipt of information, nor "we are working on your claim" letters. In my last IRIS request, they did include with their response an apology for the length of time involved. It is very difficult to know whether they receive paperwork/evidence, even with the USPS receipt showing they have, indeed, received. Once before, they attempted to cancel my appeal as "not timely," even as I had the signed postal receipt, showing date received. They ended up allowing it when I produced the said receipt, but it was nerve wrenching, to say the least. Other evidence and letters, including my request for DRO review, were claimed as non-received, even as I had the copies of what had been sent. I never did get that review, but went to a hearing which was a complete waste of my time, not to mention the hardship for me to just get there.

Additionally, a particular VSO out of that office who is listed as my rep. has been of no assistance. Now, it seems that office is also claiming non-receipt of evidence, even with my postal receipt showing they also received. After the VARO claims of non-receipt, or late receipt of evidence, I've been sending a copy to the VSO for stamping and having placed into my VA file of what I've sent to the VARO. The VSO would send me a letter stating it was turned in to VA and date stamp noted, but important papers that I'd sent in May, 2011 were never acknowledged. Recently, I called the office about it and, apparently, they claim to never have received the evidence, either. From having dealt with the P.O. in that area, due to claims of non-receipt, etc., it does not appear to be a postal delivery problem, but a IN VARO issue with the mail once it is delivered to them. Since I do not live near to the VARO, there is not too much more that can be done about it since I can't just pay a visit, requesting to see the file, to see what is in it. I have not made a request for updated file copies since I do not want to disturb the claim further, but it seems pointless to do that, in any case. My husband requested some copies from them from his file, over 1-1/2 years ago and, as yet, nothing has been forthcoming.

The IN VARO was not always this way. My husband went through that VARO back in the 90's and the service was excellent with both VARO and VSO. They were efficient and timely. Since then, too much has changed, but not favorable, or so it seems to me. This veteran has just been left to sort of just hang and wait out whatever it is they are doing over there. I agree that it would be best to work through an attorney with that particular VARO. I just have not gotten around to seeking out the information for that and pending that SSOC they spoke about since 2009. I suppose, eventually, I will be forced to do that if the claim just continues to sit there and I can't get better assistance from the VSO. This whole claim issue was so pathetic that when my hearing date came up, I made the trip to Indianapolis, and my VSO did not even have me listed in their computer as having a hearing that day, even as I'd called him to confirm a few days prior. The receptionist went looking for him somewhere in the building to inform him that my hearing was coming up...good thing he wasn't off that day. I know that there is no way he was reviewing anything in my file, so he was not prepared. Of course, he is the VSO, not the VA, but it sure leaves me wondering.

If this is the way that IN VARO continues to operate, it would behoove a veteran to get real good representation from the get go, or expect a longer than what is expected wait, in my humble opinion. I'm sorry that I don't have anything better to say about that VARO.

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Thanks for your candor Ethan's..

This is one of the things that is making me feel so disgusted with them. IF they decide to deny my CUE, when in fact it is a cut and dried CUE, I'll have to appeal through this very same VARO and there will be an even longer wait. Of course the later courts would award me the CUE but the pain and anguish at having to wait and wait and even wait for this VARO to relinquish its grip on me (and my claim) is wearing on me now. All the while, they say they are doing everything they can and they are working so hard - I think there comes a time when a leader has to say that enough is enough and that the current team is NOT a team that can produce success. I'm going to be excessively bitter at them even if the significant 5 figure $$$ were deposited tomorrow! Of course that would have required an adjudication and CACO approval and more. I can understand but I will not forget what they have done to me and most likely thousands of others.

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