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Chronic Adjustment Disorder Or Dysthymic Disorder

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In the military, I suffered an injury and was diagnosed with chronic adjustment disorder with depressed mood. Once out of the military, I continued my treatment at the VA and a new diagnosis was placed upon me about fourteen months later dysthymic disorder with recurrent MDD. Fast forward seven years, and I am still being treated for DD and MDD, and I have tried to kill myself several times. Does it matter if the rating is for Adjustment disorder or for the DD and MDD?

I am at 100 percent, but if I am re-evaluated I don't want them saying that I don't have adjustment disorder anymore, but DD and MDD and because it was diagnosed fourteen months out of service instead of twelve months out of service I don't want the DD and MDD not counted as service connected. I pretty paranoid, but you'll have that with a guy whose only medical coverage is the VA, and his shrink just cancelled his next appointment; I mean I tried to kill myself on the thirteenth of November. Can my dependents sue for wrongful death if they know I'm in this state, but don't help me? It doesn't matter.

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If you are in crisis go to the emergency room. The symptoms fo both mental disorders overlap. Take care of ;yourself and seek help as needed.

"Don't give up. Don't ever give up." Jimmy V

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I mean I tried to kill myself on the thirteenth of November.

Can my dependents sue for wrongful death if they know I'm in this state, but don't help me?


As was already posted - if your in crisis get to your VAMC - ER.

I wouldn't be concerned with my loved ones being able to sue

if I succeeded in one of my suicide attempts -

MY CONCERN would be with all of the damage I would do to them

by my selfish act of suicide.

You just leave them here to wonder what they did wrong and why you didn't

care enough about them - to keep living.


Carlie passed away in November 2015 she is missed.

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I am doing better, right this moment. I didn't succeed in killing myself. I did seek help. I told my mom. I broke down and explained it to my mom. The attempt was half-hearted, I took my ambien pills, a months worth, and divided them into groups of five. I wrote a suicide note. And, I downed a group. I couldn't take the rest, but I sat there and cried. I put up the pills, and when mom got home I told her what I did. She wanted to put my crisis plan into effect, but I spent nine months in the hospital before, and I pleaded for her not to do that to me. --I know not right, because I am still feeling... I didn't tell her I took any of the pills. I only told her I sorted them out, because I know she would have sent me down to the ward, if I would have her told her, and I don't want ECT, and, if I am committed I may end up getting that.

She put up my pills, because that seems to be my mode of planning.

The reality is I spent five years in prison for aggravated arson --hiring someone to burn down an inhabitable structure-- and complicity to vandalism. Long story short. things got pretty bad for me, I was sleeping nineteen hours a day, but I wasn't telling the MH people the truth about it -everything is great. I failed two semesters of college while on vocational rehabilitation. A personal care assistant moved in --just turned 18. Three weeks later my house burnt down, while I was at my grandmas. Three months later the next door neighbor and the PCA and myself were charged. My family hired an attorney. Attorney said don't worry about it. Trial came. Attorney said plead guilty. I plead guilty. Received five years. I am paralyzed. Prison sucked.

Got out of Prison sixty days ago, and I realized: I am still paralyzed, I still cannot get an erection, I still have to catheterize myself six times daily, I still get recurrent utis, I still have ungodly pain, and muscle spasms, I still have complex regional pain syndrome, I still have osteoarthritis in my shoulders and hands. I still get migraines.

Went to PCP appointment at the VA they said I screened positive for mtbi and for ptsd. I didn't know I could refuse to go to the tbi evaluation. I go to that. She says I have a tbi, puts it in the computer wants my to go occupational therapy. My mom is with me, because I have anxiety issues, when they gave me the adjustment disorder I wanted to appeal it, but I screwed that up, and they gave me 100 percent so the VSO said don't.

So, now I am back in the VA system, but who knows what's going to happen. I don't want the VA saying that my current mental health issues are from my prison sentence. If anything I think my entire prison sentence came from a diminished mental capacity while in major depressive episode. I maintained my innocence, up until I was told to say guilty, or you're doing thirty. Yeah, this didn't help me any with the suicide thing. If you guys want to offer advice go for it, but I understand if you don't want to help me. I am not a combat vet either. I just fell some stupid stairs. Some stupid stairs when i was nineteen ruined my life.

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The VA has tied into the National Suicide hotline to provide help by phone ( or by chat on line) to veterans or their family members in need of immediate help:


I am sure there is a SVR radio program here in archives too of an interview of their director, Janet Kemp, and what this program provides.

You might have read in the news recently of the families of Iraq veterans , who died due to suicides and these families are suing the VA.In one case I feel the family might succeed because it appears the VA was negligent in their treatment of him.

But to sue the VA for wrongful death can be very difficult.I know because I been there, done that.

For a surviving spouse to even try to attain DIC benefits due to a suicide is VERY difficult.

But Sharon is right -to get to an ER if you are in a crisis situation and don't hesitate to call the suicide hot line if you just need someone to talk to -to get over a bad period of negative thoughts.

Carlie is right too-

sometimes family members have no idea what to say or do when another family member is despondent.And they really have no control over anyone else's actions.

A few years ago the VA sent out a letter during Suicide Prevention Week which, in my opinion, should be taped to a prominent place in the home of every veteran with a MH disability.

I will try to find it and post it here again because this is a very rough time of the year for many many veterans.

My neighbor works for the above 800 number , where the veteran counselors are based out of a VAMC local to us where I live.

He himself had 2 TDYs in Iraq and I know he is excellent when dealing with veterans regardless of when and where their service was.

GRADUATE ! Nov 2nd 2007 American Military University !

When thousands of Americans faced annihilation in the 1800s Chief

Osceola's response to his people, the Seminoles, was

simply "They(the US Army)have guns, but so do we."

Sameo to us -They (VA) have 38 CFR ,38 USC, and M21-1- but so do we.

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50 percent is for adjustment disorder --I wanted to appeal this, but for some reason didn't. I have an 80 percent rating for severed sciatic nerve. I have an 60 percent rating for neurogenic bladder --flaccid variety-- but I have pudneal nerve damage which causes sphincter leakage, so I wear plastic underwear coverings; I used to wear diapers, but I stopped. I have 0 percent for erectile dysfunction. I was medical boarded for osteoarthiritis in addition to the above bilateral knees, right foot, right ankle, bilaterial hands and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The navy wanted to cut off my left leg. I was given two thirty day convalescent leaves in a ninety day period, because of the gravity of the decision. I refused. I signed the board when it came up. A low forty percent. The VA gave me 40 for the sciatic nerve, then 30 for the bladder, and 50 for adjustment disorder --which the inservice records state is severe depression-- and 0 for ed. I NOD and was given the increased ratings, my mom helped with the NOD. I was out of the DAV office in Chicago in 04 when the scandal went down, so they weren't any help. We didn't raise the arthritis, but I get treatment for it now, anyway. That's the ratings and the run down. I have recurrent UTI's, and the PCP say it's secondary service connection if anything comes up. I don't get SMC, but I should.

2004: 80 percent granted; 2005: 100 percent awarded.

Oh, while I was incarcerated the US navy wanted another TDRL review, even though I had a final order with recommended PDRL. So, the Navy determined that, because I was unable to go the physical --I couldn't convince the State of Ohio to give me a physical, despite them treating as a chronic care patient for three years at that point. And mom talked to everyone and they all said it would be done and fine. I read the emails.-- The Navy severs me from TDRL. Mom called once I was out. They said they would schedule an exam, but who knows.

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