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Do I Have A Chance?

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Hello, I'm just wondering if I have a chance at all with my claim. I'll go over all of the details so an educated guess can be made.

I served in the USAF for a little over a year, no mental issues whatsoever prior to service although somehow my SMR's state depression started before service and I had a past suicide attempt. I think they must've misheard me because I tend to mumble a lot now. A few months after arriving at my new base to receive final training for my job I was hospitalized and diagnosed as bipolar 1 disorder (now diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder) They discharged me saying it existed prior to service based on the incorrect information in my records that stated depression was experienced before service and the suicide attempt in high school.

I have sent 21438's from myself, my wife, and my mother stating that depression didn't exist whatsoever prior to service and there were no suicide attempts at all. Along with this I have sent a letter from both my psychiatrist and psychologist. My psychologist stated that "more likely than not" my condition was incurred or began during military service. My psychiatrist stated that my initial episode was triggered by military service, and my condition is a result of experiences during military service.

I have had my C&P exam and the examiner stated: " he had what appears to be his first break of psychosis while on active duty and was hospitalized." blah blah blah "The veteran is competent for VA purposes while compliant with medication. He is employable only in a very limited setting in which he would have little contact with the public, very predictable expectations for performance, and very limited changes in environment due to sensitivities to stress."


Axis 1: mood disorder NOS, w/psychotic features

axis2: none

axis 3: see c-folder

axis 4: Stressors are chronic and severe

The psychiatrist, however, keeps telling me that the VA will not accept service connection and claims the outlook is dim for me because my condition would've developed anyways. However, he knows nothing of how the VA works so I try not to take his statements to heart.....I really just don't like they guy. He won't help me with much of anything he just keeps trying to shove me back into work but both times I've tried to return to my job my symptoms flare up and I end up unable to continue working.

My psychiatrists negative outlook on the outcome of my claim is why I'm here asking for input. It keeps running through my head, I need more input negative or positive, just lay it on me please. Waiting for the decision is killing me.

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Hang in there, and change shrinks.

You don't need that kind of negativity in your life, especially from someone paid to help you.

Many folks have noted bad-sounding C & P's on here only to win their claim, so you might very well win on the first go-round.

Research your argument for appeal (just in case) and find a hobby other than standing by the mailbox :wink: (We know how it is)

Chin up, Fehlschlag! :smile:

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What Kelly & PR said.

Is this negative psychiatrist with the VA? I haven't yet met a VA mental health person who would make any kind of guess at how a claim might go. It's very unprofessional and really very poor medicine for this shrink to keep telling you your situation is hopeless. The fool should be giving you reasons to live and look forward to things, not give up and climb into a hole.

If it's a VA shrink, change them. If it's a private shrink, fire 'em. Either way, find someone who understands that their job is to support you, not pull the rug out from under you.

Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I think you have a good chance of getting service connected by what the C&P exam doctor stated. He said your first psychotic break happened in service. The VA is damned by their own doctor. Now they may still try and say it was pre-existing because nobody wants to pay for your compensation. The Air Farce did not want to pay so they faked your records. If you had broken your back after a year they would have to pay because they took you as being able bodied.

Your C&P exam is better than anyone I ever had in 40 years. He does not say you have a personality disorder so that is good. The AF erred when they discharged you with no benefits because of pre-existing condition. They have no objective evidence of pre-existing condition. What did your discharge say about why you were discharged?

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