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You Have My Permission To Post This If I Die Before I Get My Case Through These Va Bs Artists..

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You have my permission to post this if I die before I get my case through these VA B.S. artists..

You may say, in a note, a banner, and/or a thread,,, a discussion or statement:


'This poor bastard vet suffered greatly while the vet fought him to his death over his benefits (for the benefits for the illnessses and injuries received on active duty), at which point after years of debilitating illness died while waiting for as decision (a decision which should have been immidiately approved, had the VA actually read the medical files...)...' futhermore, the family hopefully will receive any tremaing benefits due..'.

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Not in appeals, since I got 100%, and some of it was winning an 1151 negligence, which the VA turns out does not give ful benefits if you win 1151 negligence they squirm and legal loophhole you and your family out of many benefits, really crapp nasty bunch running the va benefits, they wil backstab and scre wyou even if you win you lose. May 2021.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Hang in there you will win

Veterans deserve real choice for their health care.

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Do not let cobwebs form on your hands. Dail that 800# and be pain in the eye, but be nice even if they don't know what their doing.

Patience's very hard to do, when you deal with VA.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

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retired, it broke my heart to read your statement. It's unconscionable to think that any vet feels so hopeless... has been given reason to by the very agency that exists ONLY to serve us.

Why do you have to be dead before the message gets out there? Oh, I know, because the media only cares when there's death or the element of "can you believe what our government did to this poor guy?".

Meanwhile the media is telling us all about who wore what on dancing with the stars... that's what they feed the public so that's what the public cares about.

I'm sorry. My DH just called me and told me he had a panic attack while driving and had to pull over.

They see a uniform and maybe wave a flag. They ask for volunteers at the USO and have yellow ribbon events. "military discount!!". But you be broken and helpless and lost, there's no one there. Here and there is an island, an office with a person in it who wants to help. But who is there to help you fill out the forms, gather your records, fight your fight? Not many. And the VA itself grinds it's employees down to powder so they have nothing left to give, except wearing a "Thank you for your service" button on their shirt.

Retired, YOU HANG IN THERE!! (sorry to shout, but I want you to hear me!) You hang in there, win that claim and then you live every single month you possibly can. Every time anyone of us rounds that bend into the new month, we've won a battle, do you know what I mean?

Sorry for talking like this, and for yelling. I'm so upset and mad and outraged. How dare they make you feel like this?

Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain.

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Hello Retired,, I know how tough it is to try and figure this thing out. I also know what suffering is and health leaving you faster than the VA will make decisions for you. I also know what despair and anxiety and frustration are . You are not alone and your words seem to be saying what I am feeling and thinking too,,,,, this incredible wait even while the VA has the records , evidence that is so clear and easy to connect the dots. Yes I know and it makes me mad too ....yet the only recourse is to talk to our brothers and sisters here at Hadit and want to know why. Why do we have to hurt so bad and suffer for so long? Many of them know also what you and I and others are dealing with. That is what makes this site so different . LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND. I have to wait also just to get the Pulmonary Hypertension diagnosis corrected so the rating will be done correctly. It may take a year or more.....like I am trying to hang in there and do some limited work just like you. And again just like you not knowing if the streets is our next hangout because the VA cannot or willnot look and read the evidence. I can only say to you ,,,,,,I know .....I know too well and I want you to be encouraged by me and some others to NEVER GIVE UP. You can have this saying of yours posted at the time of your death .....but I would rather see that retired was a hero because he did not give up even when he got sicker. He got encouraged by others at Hadit and hung in there and got his award and all of his benefits because ,,,,,,HE .....NEVER GAVE UP. It has to be this way........ Retired ..... too many others are watching you and me and trying to get courage for the fight of their life because of what you and I are going thru. You and I will never know how many more are silently watching the Forum and not answering but are wanting to.Only too sick to do anything .Only someone else that is very sick knows what someone else is going thru..........you and I will NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

Edited by Capt.Contaminate
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  • Founder

Oh retired, as Hedgey said YOU MUST HANG IN THERE! I wish there was more to be said. But perhaps, you don't need to hear us, perhaps you just need to be heard and I want you to know we hear you and are with you in spirit.


Founder HadIt.com Veteran To Veteran LLC - Founded Jan 20, 1997


HadIt.com Veteran To Veteran | Community Forum | RallyPointFaceBook | LinkedInAbout Me


Time Dedicated to HadIt.com Veterans and my brothers and sisters: 65,700 - 109,500 Hours Over Thirty Years



I am writing my memoirs and would love it if you could help a shipmate out and look at it.

I've had a few challenges, perhaps the same as you. I relate them here to demonstrate that we can learn, overcome, and find purpose in life.

The stories can be harrowing to read; they were challenging to live. Remember that each story taught me something I would need once I found my purpose, and my purpose was and is HadIt.com Veterans.

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Retired, this really touched me emotionally and brought tears to my eyes to read your post; I will keep you in prayer.

As the others have said, hang in there and don't give up, my fellow Veteran.

Dealing with the VA is mentally draining, I know from personal experience with handling my spouse claim (approved TDIU, P&T) and my own issues as a 20 plus year military retiree; I got very depressed after they approved my spouse TDIU because it had taken so much energy out of me.

I pray you get a speedy, approved decision for your claims promptly!

DAV Life Member - Thanks to all Veterans for your selfless service.

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