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The 15 Minute 1 Issue Visit At The Va Medical Center At My Blog

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I am writing my memoirs and would love it if you could help a shipmate out and look at it.

I've had a few challenges, perhaps the same as you. I relate them here to demonstrate that we can learn, overcome, and find purpose in life.

The stories can be harrowing to read; they were challenging to live. Remember that each story taught me something I would need once I found my purpose, and my purpose was and is HadIt.com Veterans.

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I whole heartedly agree, Tbird. I get similar treatment at my VAMC. This amounts to "rationing" of health care. At least SOME Veterans will never make that second appointment for that second issue.

Is it the Veterans fault that he sprained his wrist and decides to ask about the lump on his neck at the same doc visit? Which one of these should the VA "not treat"?

Isnt it true that the doc is obligated to treat each issue? Again, it is not the Veterans fault for having two issues at the same medical appointment. Of course, if the PCP isnt able to treat them, then he should refer the Veteran BOTH to xray for a possible fracture AND

a consultation, perhaps by a oncologist, as to the source of the neck lump.

I think it would be medical negligence for the doc not to follow up on both these issues. JMHO.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

It is rationing of health care which is why most of us need some secondary insurance or medical care.

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If this another one of their sneaky tactics to force Veterans (like John say's) to get secondary medical care, then I think the Fee Base should be an automatic option to the Vets as a matter of choice.



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I see veterans in Montana needing ortho surgery having to travel to other states or wait YEARS on a list, while civilian hospitals are laying off workers.

"Subsequently, they are being placed on a waiting list that is approaching two years..."



Shut down the expensive, parallel VA health system and send veterans to regular hospitals/doctors.

VA personnel could then compete for work in the civilian world and vets could go down the street instead of driving hours for 1-issue appointments. smile.png

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  • HadIt.com Elder

There is no reason in the world to have a VA medical health care system apart from the current private system. We have medicare. Everyone takes it and you don't have to drive 100 miles or wait a year for an appointment. The VA hospitals could be used for the most serious in-patient vets and long term care vets. The reason this does not happen is to protect the jobs of lots of doctors and administrators.

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