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Ill take it! 70% Combined!

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USMC_VET    350

So i filed in February, or i should say i started my claim on February 2015.  Filed in June.

Shin Splints

Plantar Fasciitis and Pes Planus


-I had gone to a orthopedic specialist not for an IME jsut for them to check it out.  I got the exam notes and x rays.  They indicated Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet, more so on Left than right, more "pronounced" i should say.

-Entrance Exam noting no foot issues at MEPS (noted "normal" "asymptomatic"

-Exit exam noting shin splints and foot pain (this was the clincher for SC not for rating)

-Sworn declarations noting pain in feet when running, decreased ability to stay on my feet for long periods of time and lack of running has led to weight gain, or has aggravated it. 

-Pain journal.  When i started my headache log i started to note ANYTHING and EVERYTHING pain wise i ever feel.  I have started to log down when i feel depressed or angry, pain in my back or feet or hands, etc.  anything pain or symptoms of anything SC or not i log down.  never know when it might come in handy.  I also log down GI issues.  just start logging everything.


I just saw the outcome.

30% for pes planus w/plantar fasciitis and 0% for both shins.  my combined is now 70%.  Ill take it.  I could NOD the shins but im going to wait at the moment, i dont have the mental energy to fight a NOD since i am still fighting for my headaches (migraines).

i did notice that even though i had started the claim on 2/13/15 and is listed on my disabilities section as 2/13/15 my letter for "Benefit summary" lists my 70% rating as being "The effective date of the last change to your current award was: March 01, 2015"

does this mean they are not going to pay the 17 days retro back to 2/13/15 and only back to 3/1/2015?


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green    225

congrats USMC_VET

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Buck52    2,731

Congratulation USMC_VET

I am not sure on those 17 days   they usually start the pay the 1st of the month the following month and that maybe why? when you get your retro look and see if they added in those 17 days

way to go Buddy!





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Navy04    675

Congrats on the good news bud, and yes remember that we all get VA money on the following 1st.

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Andyman73    873

They will not pay those 17 days, in my own experience, they only pay whole months, so your first full month is March, so....7 months of retro, and October's check on November 1st, or rather, Oct 30th, the Friday before, since the 1st is on a weekend.

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