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where to begin

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i am not sure where to even begin. i served in Navy as a corpsman with 2nd Force Amphib Recon back from 1986-1992. i was deployed around the globe with various recon teams from training drug interdiction training in S. America, to peace keeping in Africa for U.N protection, to getting discharged after Desert Storm.  In Africa i witnessed chidren with weapons who would die for adults who put them in harms way, having to on occassion take a childs life for the safety and protection of not only our mission goals, but also civilians. i also witnessed what a ruler was willing to do to his "loyal subjects", when they got out of line, or just to cleanse a region of certain villages.  in the gulf i was part of the Kafji liberation, again witnessing what humans can do to each other, ie..rape, pillage and murder. isaw bodies of Americans desacrated, and mutilated, and even had to provide aid to Iraqi republican guard troops or just those left in the desert and told not to let Americans get by. the sheer number of POW's we took or some who gave resistance was staggering. There were many sleepless nights due to scud missles, and one that landed only a few hundred feet from our position, and wearing MOP gear to bed was routine.  with this so long i apologize, however, recently ( within past year or so) i have begun to have recurring vivid dreams of things i had forgotten, noises that are suden and loud startle me like never before.  when i first got back from gulf war, friends thought it was funny to see me jump out of bed and lay on floor at loud noises, and fire truck sirens at night sounded like scud air raid alarms.  eventually i grew used too or some how stopped all that.  i figured it was shell shock and never talked to a doctor about it.  also PTSD was at its infancy as being recognized as true and real problem. even myself, up until recently didn't think it was legit and something people claimed to get benefits. i now wonder if its real. i take 2 anti depressants, one to get rid of dreams, i turned to heavy alcohol use to sleep and make the ghosts go away.  My wife is on the verge of a divorce becase i have fits of rage/anger i cant control, my drinking, and lack of feeling, especially intimacy.  i guess with all this, i am trying to see if this could be PTSD related? can it lie dormant in our brains/body this long?  do i see my private doc for referal to VA, or am i entitled to VA to see what they think?  My spouse thinks its a cop out or excuse for my behavior.  it also didn't help my belief in this illness, when my son, who was a Marine grunt, went to Afghanistan and then was not allowed to reinlist due to disciplinary actions, but he and several guys from his company, filed disability claims fo knee pain, back pain, hearing loss and PTSD. he said its easy to fake those problems, so he gets 50 or so disabled from government.  i told him i lost all respect for him as a vet. so now here i am, wondering if i am eligable to talk with somebody from VA, what is statute of limitations? i am not seeking compensation, just salvaging my marriage, and liver.  who ever actually takes the time to read and respond, God bless. Merry Christmas.  Where do i start?



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Thank you for your service.  Your story is both heartbreaking and very common.  Where to start? Starting is different for each person.  I'd say you've already made the first step by seeking knowledge.  Here is a short list.

1.  Create a list of what ails you, and whether or not it keeps you from working.

  • the items that keep you from working will help you when you apply for SSDI
  • for each item on the list, determine if any of those items started (or was made worse) by  your military service.  If so, you may have a case with the VA.

2.  If you have ailments that keep you from working, AND, you have enough SSA credits, apply for SSDI online at http://www.ssa.gov

3.  If you have items that were possibly service-connected,

  • gather up all of your in-service medical records (order them if necessary),
  • order your service records,
  • obtain your DD214 if you don't already have one.
  • locate a local VA Service Office for immediate assistance and review.

4.  In your particular case (attached to the 2nd Force Amphibious Recon, during the period 1986 - 1992, you may have rights pertaining the water contamination event at Camp Lejeune.  Please see https://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/camp-lejeune/ for more information.


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Obviously, you probably should seek treatment for PTSD.  To do this, simply make an appointment at your local VAMC with a mental health doc.  

Your doc will ask you questions, and then see if you meet a diagnosis of PTSD.  As always, for VA benefits you need these 3 things for service connection for PTSD:

1.  Current diagnosis of PTSD by a VA mental health doc.  (VA thinks outside docs can not diagnose PTSD..as far as the fairness of this..probably no)..but a PTSD diagnosis is required for SC for PTSD.  

2.  In service event or "stressor".  It sounds like you have this, but it needs to be documented.  I have no idea if this is documented in your records or not.  Sometimes, in wartime, for combat Vets, the threshold for documentation for "stressor" is lessened.  Its not like they have a photographer around to document every stress event in battle, for example.  

3.  Nexus, or doctors statement saying that your "Ptsd" (diagnosis) is at least as likely as not due to the trauma you received while in combat for the miltary service.  

     You can apply for PTSD VA benefits at any time, but you wont likely get a benefits award until you can document the above.  

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Are you in the VMC System? Went back and read your post, sounds like you're not.

Bronc, or, and I realize things may have changed at VMC's. You can Stop in or Secure Msg your PCP on your MHV Secure Msg site, requesting a PTSD questionnaire be administered by your PCP. Might even be able to get it as a walk-up.

There used to be a PTSD Screening questionnaire back in 2011, that your PCP would complete and depending on your Score, you would be referred immediately upstairs to the MH Dept, where a MH Nurse would administer, as I recall, the same PTSD Screening Test. If you scored indicating PTSD, the MH Nurse asked if you want Group Therapy or an appointment with one of the MH Clinicians (Psychiatrist or Psychologist PhD or not).


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  • HadIt.com Elder

I agree with via secure messaging to your PCP for Referrals ,  it could save your life.  

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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1. File an Intent to file (ITF) at your County Veterans Service office today.

2. Be as brief as possible from now on. I'll admit I didn't read your whole post. Less is more. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

3. If you were attacked, you more or less have a 'slam dunk' for PTSD

4. If you don't meet criteria for PTSD, there also 'anxiety disorder' (Superset of PTSD) and depression.

5. Be very careful about what you say. I don't want to at all suggest that you exaggerate or fabricate or withhold, but

Read up on IMOs and DBQ's here. It's work but it's totally worth it. You *DON'T* need a VA C&P clinician to diagnose PTSD, oft repeated here and wrong.

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