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Good afternoon.  I am waiting on my supplemental claim results from the VA. Nothing has updated in e-Benefits and on it the status shows that the VA has made a decision (under the status tab) and under the issues tab it says "currently on review - compensation issue". 


Has anyone seen this and know what it means?


Many thanks!


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Have you looked on eBenefits under disabilities to see if anything has changed? Any new disabilities or different percentages? That is where most of the time I see the results prior to getting the BBE (the VA decision letter).

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Bronc just won the Quote of the Day: " If you count on ebenefits/ as being inaccurate, and untrustworthy, you will rarely be disappointed."  


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Just wanted to post an update that my supplemental was denied but I filed an HLR for the issues. 

Filed HLR 5 July

Informal conference on 5 Aug

1 claim increased, other 2 were identified as an error (the exams weren't done correctly/completely)

Had C&P exam: 30 Aug

VA received exam notes that weekend

Put in decision phase on 5 Sep. That is where it has been  since then.

For those that have documentation, I think the HLR is totally worth it. The person who did the informal conference with me was awesome. I had all my information I wanted them to know in front of me, told my story, gave specifics dates and records where information could be found. That is why they increased my one and found the error of the other. 

When I get the decision from the other 2 issues that required the C&P I'll let ya'll know.

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