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Paid Fraudulent DBQ question

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Being that DBQ's are being phased out due to paid fraudulent DBQ's, what will the VA do for people that had paid for DBQ's from the past? Will they investigate to see who had paid for DBQ's? For the people that had paid for them, will the VA order a C&P exam to try to reduce people that had paid for DBQ's? What if people that had paid for DBQ's and received 100% P&T?

IMO they may try something in that nature but the VA system is already back logged, when will they have time to perform such actions.

What about private IMO's/IME's that people had paid big bucks for? Will the VA try to shoot that down next?

SMH. I have not paid for a DBQ or an IMO/IME but  I have sure considered it.


Your thoughts Hadit brothers and sisters.

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I know. I'm not a white champion, here, and I know that my several claims have gone a lot smoother in part because my RO is one of the smallest by number of claims processed, and a lot more attentive to things then states like Florida's or Texas, or the east coast. I just get tired of the negativity painting the whole organization as having some Bone to grind, especially when they have improved a lot in the last 17 years I have dealt with them, including two recons and one appeal.


I don't know how it was 25 years ago or longer. But a vast majority of vets coming out now never will either so scaring them with stories of the Great Va Fraud of augt '2 when It is based on stuff that happened sometimes decades ago isn't factual or helpful either, and drives off both good potential employees and people that need to file but won't because of how bad they think it will be based on what some people on the internet said.

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If its been awarded you are fine. There is no initiative to go back and re-investigate those claims. DBQs are still being used internally, they just aren't public facing anymore. There is nothing in the M21 that says your private doctor can't write up a clinical exam for you- thats not changing either, at least its not on anyone's hot docket. The OIG investigated the use of DBQs by private physicians because the accurate completion rate for them was about 50%. They found a lot of them marked for contentions with no rationale to support and just signed by the doctor, resulting in the veteran having to be re-examined again, or incompletely filled out. There isn't a way to tell if a veteran paid for a DBQ or not, only if it came from a private physician. 

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AllTheWay I doubt if they try to deep six claims that were already in the pipeline; especially those that have been partially developed. Someone posted that they would accept dbq's until the end of this month. If they kick them back, then it will hurt their average for turn around time on claims, and if you have been paying attention, it has been streadily improving. They aren't going to shoot themselves in the foot. Certainly they won't go back on those claims already decided. If what Broken just posted is accurate,  the VA isn't mandated to stop using those from the outside docs. It is going to result in many more denials though, no question.

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That is good info to know. It was questions that were asked from people that I do know that paid for DBQ's..  I did not have an answer for them so thats why I had reached out to my brothers and sisters.

I doubt as well that the VA will try to deep six claims that were in the pipeline. They already have too much on their plate.

Yes I have been paying attention to lots of things and I agree, things are steadily improving. I do agree. But the monkey wrench will be thrown in there.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

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    A DBQ is a form doctors can fill out.  Its not "fraud" until/unless a doctor (or someone else) falsifies information found on that, signs it, and sends it in.  

VA discontinuing DBQ's alleges, however, that fraud is happing too often in DBQ's.  

Personally, I dont get the error in VA's "logic" of discontinuing DBQ's due to fraud.  

      I beleive that reason is bogus.  DBQ's simply made it too easy for Veterans to get benefits, because Doctors then had a good idea what VA was looking for.  The VA does not want us to have information.  They would much rather we dont understand what the VA wants, so we can be denied.  VA loves it when we are uninformed.  They hate us having "knowledge", because "knowledge is power".  

DD214's are also sometimes fraudulently altered.    But I dont see them discontinuing DD214's.     

   I dont know if you saw the movie "Catch me if you can".  This guy made fake checks with "airline pilot" logos on them, for example.  He was good with actual paper "cut and pasting" as well as white out.  

    In light of the amount of fraud going on, (some of which is in our own government), Im not suprised at all when crooks try fraud stuff.  Nowadays, "electronic fraud", is the big wave.  Hacking.  

   Its an exceptionally bad idea to try to alter a dbq, or have a fake doc fill it out.  Dont even think it.  


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100% Agree Bronco. I do not think it is fraud either.  Looking back at old posts, not sure that it was Deedub, but someone mentioned that part of the reason for removing DBQ's is to help prevent fraud. What fraud. Its not fraud unless a document is falsified. As previously stated, I do know people that had paid for DBQ service and had their c&p exam via phone. The examiner (Doctor) of course had written up a positive DBQ, only met the examinee for maybe 10 minutes so do not know the medical history. Oh and measured range of motion by phone. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but Stevie wonder can see whats going on and he is blind. Ray Charles can see it too and he is blind and dead.


I agree, do not alter any Federal documents. 

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