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  1. Charleese, Just my opinion, but if he didn't file at the time of injury, 2008, then I think they will only go back to date he filed.
  2. Charlese, I agree with Broncovet that unless your claim falls under one of the exceptions, they will only pay from the date filed, even though it is a secondary injury. He could file an appeal with BVA, giving the reasons you explained in your post, and flip a coin. The worst that can happen is he will be denied an EED of 2008 again. Am a little confused with ref to BVA and RO. If a VARO issue,file NOD, giving same reasons. I doubt the RO will go against a BVA decision. This is if I have it figured right. JMHO Someone will correct me if I am wrong.
  3. I had, Return Receipt Requested, requested my "C" file from PGH VARO on Dec. 15, 2011. I received a post card from the FOIA Officer on Dec 30th, 2011 that they would forward the file as soon as they could. I had already had all my claims decided prior to this request. I too thought requesting the C File while claims where in process would slow up my claims process. I would also agree with Capt C's view it would not be considered a formal claim, otherwise I would have received a VCAA letter instead of a postcard. Hope this helps.
  4. Welcome Gunslinger and thank you for your service.
  5. VetsLady, I know how this must alarm you and your Vet, just as I was alarmed. I now don't stress myself as I usually did, just take it easy. You have done a marvelous job in research and perserverance. I wish your Vet good luck upon seeing his Cardiologist. I also have a mild left atrial enlargement, so just changed somewhat my lifestyle to not overdo anything. My hats off to you for your dedication, and I wish you and your Vet only the very best.
  6. VetsLady, I had an ecocardiogram and nuclear stress test that showed a inferior infarction, age undetermined. Even though my private Cardiologist apparently filed the form that Berta referred to in a negative manner, partly because he refused to read it 2 times I showed it to him. I do have a pacemaker, but with my private family Dr's diagnosis of CAD and the C & P Dr. referring to the tests my Cardiologist ran, I received a 60% rating. BTW, my private Cardiologist never said a word about the results of the tests other than condition was still unchanged and believed he was referring to a 20% blockage. He hever told me about the inferior infarction. BTW, I am getting a new private Cardiologist. Since he filed a claim earlier, assuming he mentioned his heart condtion when denied, this should fall under Nehmer with an earlier EED date. Others, more knowledgeable, will chime in if this isn't correct. I am assuming he is a Nam vet. And first & foremost, get him the required medical help with a Cardiologist.
  7. Welcome Jimmie, Have gone that route myself, since it was my claim. Must have read about everything I could in two years, best education I ever received. Helped me win my claims. Good luck with your claim.
  8. Harv

    I Did It!

    Congrats, spend wisely, and Thank You for your service.
  9. Welcome Gulfwargirl and Winky, Notorious is quite right, I gave additional info at C & P and Dr. stated, he would accept it, it happened to be notes on my day to day condition for several weeks. I'm quite sure that only helped me win my claim.
  10. Harv

    I Won!

    Congrats Doc, It is a life changer, so glad you won. Stay healthy and enjoy your success and family.
  11. Mos1833, I am using XP and Firefox 9.0.1. Had no problem with the new format. Tried duplicating your problem in My Content but couldn't. Maybe with Firefox settings, or older version of Firefox, Just a guess. ComputerTech made a comment about just the Login Screen coming up, not sure if you may be signing on through Facebook or Twitter. Another guess.
  12. Harv

    January 2012

    Wishing all a great New Year with your claims. A little late checking in and actually forgot about it. But doing ok. Still reading as things may change at any time. Plus reading posts and hoping I can help with my experiences.
  13. Congratulations, and a great start to a New Year.
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