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  1. I have a friend who is a former Marine that was stationed at Camp Lejeune during the time period of contamination. He has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (which according to my research is a presumptive) by two doctors. One doctor is a General Practitioner and the other a neurologist. Although provided with the information on the contamination the neurologist said he could not write a letter due to his not having knowledge of the effects of or his exposure. He lives in Louisville, KY which is where these claims are being processed. Does anyone know of a doctor in this area who might be familiar with Camp Lejeune diseases contributed to the contamination? Or any other suggestions for obtaining a Nexus letter? Thanks
  2. After waiting since the decision in December I decided to take matters in my own hands again. I sent an email to the VA Undersecretary expressing that while expediting a decision in two months was great having to wait an extended period of time to actual receive the benefits defeated the purpose of expediting. The next day my husband received from the Louisville Regional Office advising that all the paper work had been processing, payment had been approved and money should be deposited in the next couple of days. Two days later ALOT of money dropped in our bank account. It went back 5 years which was all way back to the date I said it should go back to and was permanent and total. Stay strong and never give up!
  3. Congrats on a great win! Just sorry that you went thru so much and it took so long for it to finally happen.
  4. Got my husband's decision in mid December 2014 granting TDIU. Have received nothing from RO and nothing on eBenefits. Had him call his VSO and he was told it was in cyber space and if he didn't hear anything by June 1 to call him back. His claim was expedited at the BVA and only took 2 months for decision. Seems to me if they determine it meets requirement for expediting at BVA the same should be true for paying the benefits.
  5. Great news! Hope you can take a deep breathe and relax a little.
  6. My husband was granted TDIU December 18, 2014. We have yet to see Retro or the increased monthly. Nor have we seen anything in eBenefits stating the new rating and benefits. It makes no sense that they can expedite a claim and get a decision faster than they can pay the benefits.
  7. Great News! You did an amazing job! I'm still waiting to see if my hubby is P&T. Still nothing from VA since we got the BVA decision granting TDIU.
  8. Here is the link to the BVA Decision. http://www.va.gov/vetapp14/Files7/1455940.txt
  9. Sure wish I could have it but I see two issues for me. One, it says no MRI and I have MRI annually due to a brain tumor and two, I have a mechanical heart valve. I hate having to take CPAP and oxygen concentrator whenever I travel. It's particularly a pain when flying with both and my husband's motorized chair.
  10. I have Medicare and see private physician but i still have to go every month for a refill. "Under the new regulations, only doctors can write hydrocodone prescriptions, and each prescription must be handwritten. The prescriptions can no longer be called in or faxed to pharmacies. Hydrocodone prescriptions can also now only be written for a 30-day supply, and no refills will be allowed. “They now have to go to the physician's office, get a handwritten prescription and bring it to the pharmacist's office,” Lynch said. “What that means for the pharmacy is a lot more record-keeping, also a lot of time on the phone explaining the new rules.”
  11. You have done an amazing job that has helped countless numbers of Veterans and families. You can't do an internet search on "claims" without finding countless links to this site. Thanks for being here all these years!
  12. Great news! Will be watching how your P&T goes. We may also be filing after just receiving TDIU.
  13. We got Decision from BVA on 12/18/2014 and still doesn't show up in eBenefits. Was told by BVA attorney it could take up to six months. Sure hope not.
  14. Yes, got it on the Monday prior to Christmas. He was granted TDIU. No mention of P&T or effective date. So far nothing has changed in eBenefits. Hopefully you will hear soon and it will be good news as well.
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