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  1. i have been filing for exposure to dioxin (not agent orange) for about 9 nine years because i never set foot in a listed ares. i was exposed to dioxin during a ship board fire. pcdd dioxin is a break-down product of pcbs heated to 500 to 900 degrees and was always denied. under the Pact Act I am now covered for agent orange exposure because i was feet on the ground at both johnson atoll and Guam. Because i filed before as for exposure to PCDD dioxin as a shipboard fire by product can i now claim this as a Nehmer case now i can prove exposure to agent orange. Or because i claimed exposure to a differant type dioxin with a differant cause does this negate Nehmer.
  2. yes, i was taking jardiance from the VA. luckly i am an retired EMT and knew i had a major problem and rushed to the VA ER. strangely, i also don't remember anything from getting to the VA parking lot till 2 days later. All i remember was getting to the parking lot and i could not get out of my car and flagging down someone in scrubs and reading on her badge that she was a MD. I got off better than you and only have a scar from my perineum up to my right hip area missing the important parts. I still notice that the adds for Jardiance still call this a skin infection of the perineum and makes no reference to fouriers gangrene.
  3. i have been trying to get for Agent Orange for years. now under the pact act i may have a good chance. in 2020 i had Fournier's gangrene.i am getting ready to file a new claim under the pact act as the ship i was on stopped at both Guam and Johnson atoll twice. Do i file for the Fournier gangrene as secondary to diabetes mellitus,
  4. I have had both Sarcoidosis and Castleman. I know i was exposed to polychlorinated dibenzo-para-dioxins (PCDDs) and PCBs during a ship board fire but not agent orange. my problem is finding a doctor that will back my claim as i have no money for the doctor. also on your list there is fibromyalgia. if you have a autoimmune disease its less likely you have fibromyalgia but you have small fiber polyneuropathy.(SFPN) same symptoms same medications that treat both. but new research is showing that small fiber polyneuropathy mimics fibro and the old list of lab test that excluded other disorders when DXing fibro did not included a test for SFPN.
  5. "Remember that Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion. Lots of symptoms, but no exact cause. Diagnosis fibro." Research is showing that as many as 45% of people DXed with fibro really have small fiber polyneuropathy. You need to be tested for small fiber polyneuropathy. If you have small fiber polyneuropathy you will be treated better as its a disorder tht can be proved. Many doctors do not really believe in fibro even VA doctors. And none of the test done by the VA to DX fibro will show small fiber polyneuropathy. There are only two main test for SFPN. One is a skin punch test. And the other a simple eye test know as corneal confocal microscopy,
  6. i see the problem as not being the IMO but proving that the burning of cables containing PCBs create dioxin/Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and PCBs in the smoke. in fact a doctor would have no knowlage of fire by products. This is a well know fact in research into fire byproducts. Once i can prove that the fire caused the release of dioxin/Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and PCBs and being on the boat during the fire exposed me to them. Then presumptive diseases associated would cover proving that my health problems were caused by the non agent orange dioxin exposure. The only place i was that had agent orange was two stops at Johnston Island in 1973 to fill our ships fresh water tanks and refuel.
  7. On March 17, 1973, during Operation Endsweep Haiphong harbor North Vietnam the minesweep I was on(USS Enhance) suffered a major engine room fire. This was our main generator room and the fire burned most of the wireing in the engine room to a crisp. almost everyone on board took in some smoke from this fire. and i was a electrician and spent months working in the burned out engine room during the rebuilding process. Some of this wireing dated back to when the ship was built (October 1952)and would have had PCB containing in the insulation on the electrical cables. from the research i have done these cables would have released large ammounts of dioxin/Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins as they burned. Since 2002 in have had two rare autoimmune disorders Castleman's disease and Sarcoidosis.and plus a heart attack and diabetes from what i have found all could be linked to dioxin/Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins exposure years ago. Sarcoidosis is classed as a Occupational Disease among firefighters. And they would have been exposed to burning PCB containing wiring in older buildings. Now how do i file for service connection to dioxin/Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins exposure not linked to agent orange.
  8. I know some one that is getting a VA pension plus 10% SC and treatment from the VA.(100% disabled) Because he is under 65 and he was looking at the ACA(calif obamacare program.) he wonders what effect it would have if he signed up for MediCal (calif.)also.
  9. if you own guns be careful about using pot and/or telling anyone from the VA that you own guns. states may allow medical pot use but the feds will use it against you if they can. i know of at least one case where someone was tested for drugs without being told or ask if he was taking pain meds. he failed as he was taking vicodin from a non VA dentist. Without asking the vicodin and if it was prescribed the VA put on his medical records that he was a drug abuser. it took him years to get the drug abuser label removed. Other doctors have seen pain meds on veterans records and without any reason have stopped the meds and labeled the veterans drug users and left the veterans in a lot of pain for no reason. some doctors have even labeled smokers as having a addictive disorder and they have had a lot of problems later getting pain meds they needed. I have fibromyalgia, small fiber neuropathy, and neurosarcoidosis, Before i got these disorders DXed some VA doctor listed on my medical records that i was a drug seeker just because i wanted to find out what was causing all the pain i was having and i still have problems getting pain meds even though i never ask for narcodics for these disorders. and i am a ex EMT and know when to use pain med and when not to.
  10. Thank you, been busy the job of a executor of a estate is not for the faint hearted
  11. I am the son of a WW2 veteran and we had a problem with my fathers payments to the bank starting in January 2011 due to some changes in his accounts at the bank we had to make due to him being under the Power of Attorney because he had Alzheimer The bank started to to send his direct deposit checks back to the VA for his disability(100% SC) without telling us first. We tried to get the payment restored and get the money going back to his account and the VA was dragging there feet. In Nov my father passed from the Alzheimer and now as Executor of an estate i am trying to get the money for the estate. Our local county VA rep told my sister in law that we may never be able to get it for the estate. i know they take back the last payment but that still leaves about $26.730 that he earned and was owed. we need part to pay his final bills and the rest is part of his estate. i don't want to have to take this to my congressman or senator but as the Executor its part of my duties to get this solved
  12. What i would inherit would not put me anywhere near $80,000 so i guess i would not be in to bad a shape. And the home would be motor home and my truck for a car. So i would be alright there.
  13. I am a 60 year old veteran on a 90% VA disability pension and 10% SC and my father is in late stage Alzheimer. When he passes how will any money or money from the sale of his property affect my disability pension When he passes i as the his executor will have to sell his houses and property and divide the money 5 ways. Plus i will have to find a place to live as i am care taking one of his homes and watching the other property right now. I plan to buy a motor home to live in as i can not take cold weather or hot weather any more. and plan to fallow the weather. I don't want to rent a place to live as i have had many problems with landlords and don't want to deal with them anymore. living in a motor home if i don't like where i am living its simple to move just load up and drive away. Plus i have a number of friends that will give me a place to park in exchange for watching there property as a caretaker. As far as i can tell my part of the inheritance will be about $20.000 to $30.000 due the the housing market. Will this stop my pension till i use up the inheritance or how does that work i never have got a stright story on it. I also plan to take some collage courses in gunsmithing and the motor home will allow me to travel to that part of the state to the collage.
  14. There are a few people out there that are busybodies that find out someone is on disability but don't look sick will turn the person in just to cause trouble. I have heard from other veterans that one person claims that they see me riding around on a bicycle and i don't look disabled. true i do ride on a bicycle around town when the weather is right. as per doctors orders This person also claims to have turned me in to social security for disability fraud and wonders why i keep getting away with the fraud. The person does not seem to understand that i am not on SSI/SSD but i am on veteran disability pension 90% and 10% service connected. So likely SS just throws the complaint in the round file. Yes many people on disability do not look disabled but are. I have fibromyalgia, cronic insomnia sleep apnea, neuropathy, stage 4 sleep disorders, Sarcoidosis, Have had a heart attack with 5x bypass. and scarring of the right ventricle. I don't give in to my health problems.I don't give up. That may be why some people don't believe i am disabled.
  15. I was on the USS Enhance during Endsweep. I would guess you were on a West Coast Sweep and docked for refueling and to take on fresh water at Johnston island(aka Johnston Atoll). I have had a heart attack with 5 way bypass, ischemic heart disease, and neuropathy of both my feet and hands.I also have autoimmune sarcoidosis. I never docked in south vietnam as my sweep caught fire in Hai Phong Harbor after a 1 1/2 months and had to be towed back to subic bay for repairs. I have filed and was denied as they don't recognise Johnston island unless you were stationed there. There are also questions about agent orange being used at the naval station Guam in the ammo storage area(Fena Lake) that was also the fresh water supply for the main navy base.
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