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  1. I just found it very funny. And 1 more thing, if anyone draws a retirement from any other organization (state local municipal or private sector ) they do NOT get their VA disability reduced by even 1 penny. Only the military retirees have this REDUCTION of their disability. So I do not get 100% compensation I get 99.992%--does not matter one could say, until you read state law as I just found out. "only veterans receiving disability pay at THE 100% level shall receive a exemption from state property tax ans subsequent refund of all taxes paid". As Paul Harvey would say, "and now you, the rest of the story"
  2. Well looked at MYPAY site today and states CRDP effective 1 May 15--however "due to recent interpretation of CRDP poilicy all payment regardless of amount will be rounded DOWN to nearest dollar". My VA amount was $XXX9.92 so they chopped off the cents and left it at 9--what kind of rounding is that? Has anyone heard of this. I know it only 92 cents but over a lifetime???
  3. Just went thru this MAR31 and April 1st--within 24hrs went thru all wickets and letters on ebennies--took 11 days for BBE to arrive--no money though-but more pills than I can shake a stick at--good luck
  4. Thanx Tiredcoastie. When I was a Chief in Mayport FL at ATG from 99-02, I used to inspect, train and combat certify all the bouy Tenders and the Mackinaw up in the Great Lakes. Coasties are friends of mine. God Bless
  5. 10-4 on all. Too bad we can't call 1877 CASH NOW- It's my money and I want it NOW.
  6. Yes, I am retired Navy, 31+ years AD. I will be eligible for the CRDP. My audit was done in February according to notes in computer at SLC where BDD claims are done for Stations that fall under western sectors as MEPS divides the country. That is awful you are waiting that long. I guess they figure we dont need the money since we are getting "retirement" checks already. I know hundreds of veterans who retired from GM, UAW, US Steel etc.. that dont get "audited". They got thier backpay quickly. There seems to be an attitude at VA's about Military retirees getting benefits. One lady here in North Chicago told me "what are you worrying about, you already gettin a check"--yes it took years of therapy to not get her in a choke hold and throttle her accordingly. It seems as if as long as your retired from anywhere other than the Military than you are "more entitled" to get VA compensation. I was glad when the law changed for CRDP and CRSC. Other federal, state, and municipal employees have enjoyed full retirements as well as disability compensation for decades--the Military were the only ones being punished and refused both. I hope they do away with the 50% or better rule too. I feel all military retirees regardless of the percentage should get the additional compensation. Just my thoughts.
  7. oldnavypa

    Bad News

    You are spot on Fat. Several Decisions by appeals court on this issue with stern reprimands to the VA from judges. Google case files on tendonitis/osis. Press-on
  8. oldnavypa

    Bad News

    Have your Provider that ordered the MRI to ask radiologist please explicitly decern between tendonITIS vs tendonOSIS. Long term affects of ITIS is OSIS and commonly misdaignosed and harder to treat. Also if Military at time you injured it did not treat it in accordance with AOA standards at the time, this could have exacerbated the problem due to continued military service. There is a huge difference. Acutely you have ITIS then as healing occurs there is a collagen formation abnormality that occurs and this leads to thickening and compounding affects on attached muscles and bone. Also see a phys therapist-ortho type and note whether or not this has affected you gait (walking) over the long run. Most people tend to pronate on the affected side and can compound issues with uninjured knee or hip on opposite side. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanx for words of support. I spoke with Salt Lake City today and Rep stated "hey, you guys wanted faster claims completion, you got it", unfortunately that has shorted us in the finance realm--will likely be months--wish I could help more but no budget increase for financial arm of the VA. Wow, kinda a poke in the sore arm kinda response. I'll wait--what else can I do.
  10. God bless you NAVY04. Keep the faith--it's all we have.
  11. Claim completed 31 March, no sign of movement on money. Called 800 (pronounced "aint-hurryn") number and told that claims processing as far decision has been increased but could be 2-3 months before any money moves. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. Try a different computer at GOV facility (libraries etc..) or at county VSO office. Likely a software issue. I searched your error code and Unique ID code which are the same and found nothing on the web. Good luck.
  13. Thanks GP. when I joined in 1983 all my Chiefs and better were Vietnam Guys and told me day one--if you go to medical DONT LEAVE WITHOUT A COPY OF THE RECORD--I followed the advice. Now that we are using AHLTA and CPRS, VISTA and the like it is better documented--but always insist on a copy of your electronic note--read it and make sure it states verbatim what you were being seen for --in your words--not translated by Medical Officer. ALot of them will say because of HIPPA they cannot print you a copy--THAT IS BS--HIPPA clearly gives permission to the provider to give you a "Copy for patient training purposes". Alot of them are lazy and want to get back to surfing the web, facebooking etc..., insist they finish your note before you leave the building--if not they do your note days later and leave out ALOT of important details and exam. The Military providers only have 3 business days to complete notes--the VA is undefined, believe me they drag thier as$es and dont finish them for weeks---only exception is C&P exam notes, they have to be done the same day. Thanx for all the support and guidance your site offers. OLDNAVYPA --OUT
  14. Got big official package today NAVY04. Rundown goes like this. 1-70% 1-50% 3-40%'s 5-30%'s 3-20%'S 9-10%'S 7-0%'S 2-denials Whats crazy about VA math is that the 70,50, and 40's = 96.76%--all the other one's only make it 3% higher
  15. Received package today from VA Rep at North Chicago, in it were 2 forms to add my other to kids to get comp for them since they are attending college full-time. The Oldest is going on my Post 9-11 GI Bill and the next youngest 19 attends the US Naval Academy---I told him based on my understanding of the rules, I am NOT eligible to receive the additional monies for them-he said "negative, just fill out the forms and send them in, if you dont they might suspend your claim". I say I do NOT fill out forms because to do so would mean I am fraudulently requesting money to which I am not entitled. I am receiving additional monies for my other 5 children all under 18. Any suggestions OTHER THAN HAVE LESS KIDS-I've heard that enough
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