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  1. freedomisntfree

    Died from Agent Orange

    I filled out the form but for some reason it won't send. Keeps asking for fields to be filled out. I keep filling them out and still can't send. An suggestions?
  2. freedomisntfree

    Died from Agent Orange

    Thank you Berta.
  3. freedomisntfree

    Died from Agent Orange

    I am seeking help for my mother. My father lost a long fight with cancer mid last month. He was 100% service connected for his cancer as well as man other service connected disabilities but the cancer itself was single award of 100 percent. We have been very fortunate m DAV officer told me all the forms that needed to be completed and I did so. The problem we have ran into is my father died mid June and his June payment was deposited in his and my mothers bank account. But here is the problem. The bank knew my father died and sent the payment from the VA back and froze the account until a death certificate was turned in. My mother has tried every way she knows to have the payment or adjusted payment deposited again. But has been unsuccessful. I talked with the DAV and keep getting different form to fill out requesting the reimbursement of his and her entitlements. Does anyone know the correct form to request the payment that was sent back to be reissued?
  4. freedomisntfree

    How to file for Anemia / Refractory anemia / MDS-RCMD

    Buck, Thank you just got off the phone with John and he is going to help.
  5. freedomisntfree

    How to file for Anemia / Refractory anemia / MDS-RCMD

    Thank you broncovet. Very good advice
  6. freedomisntfree

    How to file for Anemia / Refractory anemia / MDS-RCMD

    Thanks Buck52
  7. I am trying to assist my father. He is 74 years old and served two tours in Vietnam. He was awarded the purple heart and is currently 50% for PTSD. For years my father has had problems with anemia and in 2015 the VA doctor diagnosed him with anemia. In 2017 he was then diagnosed with Refractory anemia. Last month he was diagnosed with MDS-RCMD and has started taking injections of Epoetin Alfa, Recombinant. Epoetin is indicated for the treatment of anemia. How would I go about assisting my father in filing a claim? MDS is not on the list of presumptive conditions of AO but anemia is a chronic condition. What would be the best way to proceed with the claim for my father?
  8. I guess I will get with the long term insurance company, they will provide a lawyer to help with it all the paperwork so they only have to pay the difference of LTDI and SSDI.
  9. I am 100% P&T with SMC (S1) "housebound" and on long term disability insurance from my old job. But the long term disability insurance is only good for 24 months. When should I file for the SSDI?
  10. freedomisntfree

    VES PTSD evaluation

    I had one done by VES back in September and it never showed in my records. I requested a copy but today I was notified my PTSD rating changed from 50% to 100%. I was skeptical of the VES services and very many vet's reassured me they are good at what they do. I guess they were right.
  11. freedomisntfree

    PTSD by Veterans Evaluation Services?

    Update on evaluation for PTSD. Like I mentioned earlier I was rated 50% for PTSD and felt I was low balled and records indicating 70% or even 100%. Well the new C&P and reviewer both agreed and changed my rating for PTSD to 100% with SMC housebound. I haven't seen all the details but my DAV rep notified me today. After receiving the packet that was mailed out to me I will disclose more. Thanks everyone.
  12. That C&P is not good on your behalf. I was denied PTSD the first time due to alcohol abuse. My C&P was basically the same as yours. After I stopped drinking I had the same problems and found it harder to deal with and the symptoms got worse. I had another C&P and was awarded 50% for PTSD. So hang in there and try using less alcohol. Let your doctors know you have slowed down the consumption of alcohol.
  13. freedomisntfree

    PTSD by Veterans Evaluation Services?

    Very good input from all of you. Thank you very much.
  14. freedomisntfree

    PTSD by Veterans Evaluation Services?

    Buck, I already have a diagnosis of PTSD and service connected at 50% and overall 90%. bluevet, I don't know why it took so long. I file the NOD and it was to be reviewed by a DRO. My service adviser said since there was three contentions I disagreed with filed the NOD then that could have been the reason it took so long. As for me I don't buy that bull. If that was the case I would have C&P's for them as well. Yes my original C&P was in 201 and late 2011 I received my ratings and filed the NOD. I hope this doesn't draw out to the point I have to do a SOC and go to BVA. What is so simple has became so drawn out. My wife stated the first review officer probably didn't believe my PTSD was so bad and in his opinion I should only bee 50% but my wife also calmed me with positive reinforcement and reminds me that there is a substantial amount of treatment and records now to warrant a higher rating. Who knows! I just have to be calm and wait for the next 12 days to pass. bluevet, you said it is normal procedures the VA does this. In you opinion do these out source rating officials have as much experience with combat related PTSD and how can they relate to me and my experiences with the loss my men. Just not sure what to expect.
  15. Received a call today from VES Veterans Service Services. They told me they were assigned my case and would be setting me up with a C&P! I asked what was the C&P for? In response they said it was for PTSD. At first I started having panic and high anxiety. So I called my service rep and asked just what is going on. I felt I was being blind sided because I am scheduled for the RRTP inpatient treatment for PTSD next month for 9 weeks. My service rep told me it was because I filed a NOD in 2011 on my original rating of PTSD. He said the new C&P would be used to evaluated my PTSD and if I was not satisfied then afterwards I could file a SOC. Has this ever happened to anyone and is this how it is usually done? If it is since this is not the VA but an outside agency do they do a fair assessment? I have already been low balled by the VA with the first rating of 50% when all the evidence pointed to 70% or even 100%. Records clearly show serious impairments with work, social and hospitalization twice due to suicide attempts. I don't really know what to expect from this outside agency so I requested my wife be present to help me follow through with it and help if my anxiety level spikes. All I can do is be honest with the doctor and hope for the best! Any other suggestions?

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