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  1. Jimmer

    SMC-L & L1/2

    Thanks for your help asknod, it is very much appreciated. I will get form 26-4555, and file that with a photocopy of the rating decision. Jimmer Fat, Thanks, I really appreciate it. Jimmer
  2. Hi Everyone, Thank you for all your valuable information that you provide. It has help me greatly! I have a question. I was just awarded a Special Housing Grant because of my eyes. I am legally blind in my left eye, and have glaucoma in both eyes. I found out I qualify for the SMC L or L1/2 plus SMC-k. Is there a form that i need to fill out and send to the V.A. I have received the BBE stating that I was approved for the housing grant. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jimmer
  3. Buck this is really good news! You and your wife are in our thoughts and prayers. As Berta said, take care of yourself too, as you will needed to assist your wife. Better days are ahead for you and your wife! Jimmer
  4. Buck, wishing the best for you and your wife. Are prayers are with you, and that your wife has a speedy recovery! Jimmer
  5. John, you are absolutely right! I know I will always get concise accurate information from Hadit.com !
  6. broncovet, thanks for the information. I never thought about that! I wasn't aware you could get multiple SMC-K ratings. I have several issues that I think I would be in need of, i.e., "aid and attendance", . You input is always appreciated broncovet!
  7. GB Army, Thanks for your answer. This clarifies the situation for me. Thanks for the article it is really helpgul! Jimmer
  8. Hi Everyone! I want to thank you all for the great job, that you are doing. Your "wealth" of information has help me a great deal, getting claims approved, which I am throughly grateful for. I have a question. I am receiving SMC-S as a result of 100% diaphragmatic paralysis, 80% for vision, and several other disabilities. My eye doctor, who used to work at the VA informed me, that I am now "legally blind" in my left eye, and that i meet the criteria for SMC-K. He has written two letters stating just that. My VSO says that SMC-K, is included in the SMC-S. My eye doctor says "hell no", that SMC-K is separate from SMC-S, and that I meet the criteria the VA established for being legally blind in one eye. I am confused. Is the SMC-K separate from SMC-S? My eye doctor tells me to go ahead and apply. Thanks Jimmer
  9. Oceanbound, Good idea, I will do that!
  10. Thanks Broncovet, I sure appreciate your help. What is the best way to apply for it? Jimmer
  11. Hi Everyone, I want to thank all of you for the great job, you are doing, and you have done a tremendous job for me, thru the years, which I am most appreciate it. I have a question, and I am quite confused. I receive SMC-S because I do have a rating of 100% (Diaphragmic Paralysis) and 80% (eyes). My eye doctor wanted to know if I was getting all the benefits I am entitled to. He is very familar with the VA, and their rating schedules, etc. He told me the eye doctor. "You are legally blind in your left eye, and meet all the requirements necessary for compensation". He wrote a letter on my behalf as well. When I talked to my VSO, she told me "that is covered by your SMC-S". My eye doctor, said they have a schedule SMC-K for blindness that is SEPERATE from the SMC-S. My VSO tells me "O no that is covered by SMC-S". My eye doctor say a separate SMC-K address legal blindness in one or both eyes. I am confused. The eye doctor tells me I am entitled to additional compensation separate from the SMC-S. Any help would be much appreciated, one again, Thanks guys for the great job you do! Jimmer
  12. Mantana, Sounds like the same examiner I had four years ago for my back and lungs. The examiner told me he was going to deny me, "because that's what I do. Everyone likes me here". Then he said "I would appeal if I were you, because you have a strong case". Appeal I did! I got a DRO hearing in which they agreed totally with me, give me what I was appealing and also several other issues with my back and lower legs. I also filed a complaint on that doctor as well.
  13. armyman 2069, I had the rating from my eyes go from 60% to 80%. I had no idea what happen, if they made a mistake, etc., until I got a BBE. The VA CUE'D themselves, and increased my ratings. This was done about 16 months after I got the 60% ratings. They also gave me retro pay as well. So maybe the made a mistake in you original rating, and caught it and corrected themselves.
  14. paulstrgn, You are spot on! I agree with you 100%!
  15. Paul, Congrats! If your retro is under $25K you should hear real soon. Otherwise you might have to wait a little while. I also had a case before the judge for Diaphragmatic paralysis, and my back, and they ended up giving me the Diaphragmatic paralysis, and found several things, (8) with my back which they rated and awarded me from 10 to 20%, including surgical scar. Mine took nearly six months because my retro was around $50K.
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