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  1. Thank you all for the insightful discussion....I submitted a Reconsideration vs a NOD as I haven't lost very much time due to this debacle. Hopefully, now that all of the evidence/material was resubmitted, hopefully all of the information can be reviewed appropriately and I can get a better idea of how Dr. Ellis's IMO plays out. I won't lie when I say it's frustrating to put a good package together to later find out somehow the evidence/material never made it to the rater as it should have. I'm still left scratching my head as to how that happened.... ....on a funny note, I left a message with my VSO (First time in a LONG time I decided to seek out a VSO for assistance) about setting up an appointment to discuss my recent denials and maybe get some answers. Before I even had a chance to explain what happened, the VSO left a voice message saying no appointment necessary, get a Nexus Letter first then get back to him ---lol--- I couldn't even explain to him a Nexus Letter was already in the package. Just further solidifies my belief that each veteran is his/her own biggest advocate in the world of VA claims.....
  2. Now that I've read you and Gastone's responses, I probably should've waited and considered a CUE....honestly, I was very upset with what happened and went straight to UPS to fax my reconsideration request....I probably should've waited.
  3. Hey Gastone, It was actually me, not Flores......I submitted my own claim via ebenefits with everything laid out pretty good. The new claim was then rolled up into an existing claim which was deferred from a previous claim. When everything on the new claim came back rejected, I checked the evidence considered and none of the evidence on the new claim (which had been combined with my existing deferred claim) was considered. I double checked everything on ebenefits and the documents are there electronically which is why it was really really frustrating. I called the 800 number and they simply recommended filing a reconsideration. Even called my VSO who initially told me to get an IMO....I told him I submitted an IMO with the initial claim package and it wasn't considered as evidence for some reason----along with 30-50 pages of additional documents lol I already submitted the Reconsideration today but probably should've read up about a CUE as you suggested.....I may have screwed myself on that. The entire situation is frustrating ----none of the new evidence was considered and it's all sitting there on ebenefits ....
  4. Well, got my ratings back---all "denied." I checked to see the "evidence reviewed" part of my letter and saw that the IMO wasn't on there.....couldn't believe it. Now I'll have to re-submit the IMO again as new evidence when it should've been received/considered in the first place....
  5. I have had one from Dr. Anaise....very well written and quick turnaround (2 weeks tops).
  6. can I see a template of what your doctor wrote for sleep apnea so my doctor can write one.  thank you Reddit

  7. I don't know gbat, but I have read Dr. Anaise has helped people on other medical conditions other than Sleep Apnea and PTSD. I would simply give him a call and see what he says, it won't cost anything but a small amount of your time....
  8. Sorry to hear about your delays....I pushed the button and had a decision in 1-2 weeks....but they ended up deferring one of my claims while making a decision on the others. I agree with others on the 800 number issue....called the other day and had a "new employee" who kept putting me on hold to get help from her trainer. Frustrating to say the least....
  9. Received a decision on my sleep apnea as secondary to allergic rhinitis...approved, using Dr. Anaise's nexus letter.
  10. Yes, it's happening to me right now....have a claim in for two increases to existing conditions, PTSD, reconsideration for sleep apnea, and hearing loss......it's in the prep for notification stage and they're scheduling me for a hearing loss C&P ..... I called the VA 800 number and even the individual on the phone seemed "miffed" by it. She said she thought they had deferred the hearing loss portion of the claim....who knows, ebenefits is all over the place.
  11. Thanks Flores....I'm going to submit my claims as a FDC as well. I appreciate your input....he was a very nice person, really knew his stuff. I will definitely update this thread as it has been a LOT of work on my end to get to this point with the VA and hopefully my experiences will help others!
  12. Thanks for the welcome! I have really been researching this forum due to some VA hurdles I've run into.....I've learned that each person is his/her own biggest advocate. Wish I had more success with my VSO, but at least I'm kicking things into gear. I'll definitely follow-thru with the results in this thread in relation to Dr. Ellis's IMOs.....it's good to hear you had good success! Just out of curiosity, did you submit a complete claim since he performs the medical examination or traditional claim?
  13. Ellis Clinic but you have to travel.....$500
  14. Just came back from the Ellis Clinic last week....very thorough and vet-friendly Doctor. I went in for multiple IMOs.....we'll see how the VA responds to these once I receive/submit my claims with his IMOs.
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