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  1. I read how the VAHC "Diverted $3 Billion Choice Funds for Other Sources" (don't worry I have the Article that quoted it in a letter to Senator Feinstein, Is that why my re authorization for continued care denied by the Director of Spine Clinic??)..this whole Choice Money Story is labeled as a smoke screen for another misappropriation scam, just like building the VA Clinic in Denver, CO. They threw the money at the VAHC to give us a Choice, but that was never the intent. The stats were manipulated to look like all us vets got given Choice, only to be denied after 1-2 visits. I am a living, breathing example!! And I have the recording of the Directors phone conversation with me to prove how he spoke to me about his condescending, disrespectable attitude...I've learned how to keep the evidence.

    1. Buck52


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      At the Dallas VAMC their building 4-  5 story parking garages and only one is in use,  the other three are under construction  they almost had one garage complete but not yet ready for Autos...and the contractor stopped construction because the VA was not paying...but yet there are other contractors building the other garages.  plus adding on to the Hospital

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