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  1. I called and talked to Peggy today she said WildBill's PTSD and IU claim had been reviewed to go to the raters. His Nehmer claim went to the rater on May 12th. Maybe we will get some answers. Bill is 70% for prostate cancer and radiation proctitis. On his PTSD exam the examiner said: Axis I : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, not otherwise specified. Axis II: Deferred Axis III: Per Veteran's report hypertension high cholersterol, IHD, prostate cancer, radiation proctitis, joint pain in knees and shoulders. Axis IV: Relationship problems, unemployment. Axis V: A global assessment of functionment score of 54 In terms of his social adaptability and interactions with others, this appears to be moderately to considerably impaired. Overall I would estimate his level of disability to be in the moderate to considerable range and this Veteran appears capable of handling his own funds. He has been seen by two different VA psychiatrist for about five years. Any body have any ideas what they might rate him? He is not working. He was fired last July. He got fired from his job before that. If he had not owned his on business for 35 years, we never would have made it! He really is a nice guy. You just have to know when not to mess with Bill, hence the WildBill. Thanks for any help.
  2. WildBill

    Anybody Know Anything About Ao At Ft Mcclellen?

    Agent Orange was sprayed at Ft Gordon, GA in 1967 by helicopters and sprayed by game warden James Cripps until March 1969. Cripps never served in Vietnam, but was service connected for chloracne, type II diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease. WildBill was stationed at Ft Gordon before going to Vietnam in Oct '67 and again May '69 - Oct '69. I was a sweet young thing still in high school. I would go out to Ft Gordon and watch them march and drill and wait for him to get free. It gets HOT in Georgia. I don't know if it has anything to do it or not, but I have often wondered if that is where my health problems started. I was diagnosed with MS. My problems started shortly after. I have no family history of MS.
  3. WildBill

    Success !

    So happy for you! Relax and enjoy life.
  4. WildBill

    C&p Ptsd And Depression

    On February 24, 2010, we received a "Deferred Rating Decision." He is a 681. E-benefits shows his claim still in development. Berta, I get so tired of fighting to get him 100% disabled. He deserves it. Everytime I see a Vietnam Vet I ask them if they are having any health problems, I tell them to go to the VA and have an Agent Orange Exam, I tell them about the presumtives. The VA surely is not going to help us get the word out.
  5. WildBill

    C&p Ptsd And Depression

    They reduced to 60% because his PSA was normal. I tried to fight it... By that time he had had a heart attack, and the poor guy was still trying to work, had to make that dime. Keep up that insurance.
  6. WildBill

    C&p Ptsd And Depression

    I got a copy of WildBill's PTSD C&P exam. It stated it was the "initial evaluation" for PTSD, it was done by a L.C. S. W. he has been diagnosed by two VA psychiatrist with PTSD. DIAGNOSTIC IMPRESSION: Axis I: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, not otherwise specified. Axis II: Deferred Axis III Per the Veteran's report, hypertention, high cholesterol , coronary artery disease, prostate cancer, joint pain in his kneess and shoulders. Axis IV: Relationship problems, unemployment. Axis V: Global Assessment Functioning score of 54. What do you think? Any ideas? When I read the reports, I know THE REAL STORY, BILL will say WHATEVER HE HAPPENS TO BE THINKING AT THE TIME. He will tell them we have been married 35 years, 34 years, he gets dates for his surgeries all mixed up, job history, who cares? School years? Whatever.... I can't get him to believe that all these things are important. Oh, we have been married 41 years. Along with a lot of other folks we are still waiting to hear about his Nehmer IHD claim. Still waiting after all these years, still waiting after all these years....
  7. We went for his C&P yesterday. We got there early, she took the guy ahead of us .She spent about 30 minutes with the guy, I thought that was really fast. I am WildBill's wife, I thought I would be able to go in with him. Usually his doctors ask that I come with him because his memory is gone. He has taken every anti-depressant, he has had Electro shock therapy. She said only the veteran. She spent about 30 minutes with him. I guess we will just have to wait and see how it comes out. His VA doc says he is "text book" PTSD. He has been 70% SC for a couple of years, and was 100% for 2 years before that. The VA never inferred IU. He filed for TDIU when he got fired in July of this year. He worked a long time after he should have quit just to keep us insured. We are waiting on his IHD claim and PTSD. He also has obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension, dyslipidemia, restless leg syndrome. I guess we file new claims, once we get answers on the claims we have now. We have been married for 41 years, he has been my life. Thanks for listening.
  8. WildBill

    I Guess I Won Something!

    No, you got something you deserved. Enjoy your increase and the sunny weather.
  9. WildBill

    Prostate Cancer

    I hope they warned you about radiation proctitis. The radiation can burn your colon and cause you to have rectal bleeding. My husband was on Plavix (blood thinners) and aspirin, it was 18 months after his radiation therapy, he was at driving an eighteen wheeler, thought he was having gas pains, found out his pants were full of bright red blood. Talk about excited. Somebody should have warned us.
  10. WildBill

    Letter From Vso

    So very happy for you. Merry CHRISTMAS.
  11. WildBill

    Ischemic Heart Disease Award

    PLS , Is yours considered a Nehmer award? Just wondering.... my husband's is a Nehmer award, I called last week they said his private cardiology files are not in his file at this time????? The VA has had them for years. I guess we have a while to wait. He had his C&P in FEB.of this year. Congratulations on your award, Merry Christmas.
  12. WildBill

    December Roll Call

    Present... Ever hopeful that maybe we will finally get WildBill's claims settled. Still hanging on.
  13. WildBill

    Thanks To All

    WildBill had an appointment last month with the psychologist from VocRehab who told him he was unemployable. Got a letter in the mail yesterday saying they want to talk to him. Need additional information. I sure hope things are looking up! Going to call in the AM.
  14. WildBill

    Agent Orang I H D

    If the day ever comes when I get all WildBill's claims settled and I can finally relax and turn my office back into a bedroom, I won't know how to act. Filed for IHD in 2008, reopened PTSD this year, have been fighting depression/anxiety secondary to prostate cancer since 2004 denied X1. I am truly happy when someone wins. It gives me hope. We keep on plugging along......
  15. WildBill

    Ssdi Fully Favorable

    Happy for you.

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