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  1. Facing your demons in a military environment might make your PTSD worse. I would suggest you face your demons with good therapy so you can express your feelings and emotions. If you're not happy with your current psychologist seek out another until you find one you can trust and feel comfortable with. jerr I am not sure how to deal with this PTSD, The only way I can see me beating this is by facing my demons and trying to get back over there. Anyone ever feel this way? I have been seeing a Psychologist for almost a year now and honestly, hasn't helped one damn bit. I am sure its because she has no idea what she is doing since she is fresh out of school (although a very older women). Last week she suggested to me that there isn't much she can do for me and I should only see her once a month for a check-up, does this sound right to you guys, ever experienced this? (leads to 4th question).
  2. Thanks Jack, the main thing that's worrisome for me is what if the person that you propose to be you fiduciary ends up being reckless with your money. When it comes to money the only person I would trust is my mother but she's having troubles of her own. We'll see, I have always been declared competent but it only takes one exam for this to change everything. jerr
  3. The polls already predict the colts to win the big one in 2011. Go figure
  4. No problem halo. Looks like you have all your ducks in a row on this one. Good luck
  5. I agree, Overall my experience was a good one. And we have to figure the majority of vets that get out or retire aren't disabled.
  6. I think many of us have had those same thoughts Hedge. I have a recruiters office just three blocks east and I see young guys and gals walking in all the time. I am glad for them but I also want to shout out, "make sure you get any health issues documented." "You will thank me if you do" Like you said though hedge, we would come across as crazies.
  7. Welcome to HADITville slang. These records will be huge for your claim. jerr
  8. If you're rated 50% for any condition you can work all you wanta.
  9. According to this, part-time work is ok as long as it's under the poverty threshold. Not sure if I would take the risk though...Which VBM edition is this? Nice post In Roberson v. Principi,18 the Federal Circuit held that the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims misconstrued the term “substantially gainful occupation” to mean that the veteran had to prove that he was “100% unemployable.” The Court concluded that the plain language of the regulation does not require such a showing.19 The Court stated that: [r]equiring a veteran to prove that he is 100 percent unemployable is different than requiring the veteran to prove that he cannot maintain substantially gainful employment. The use of the word “substantially” suggests an intent to impart flexibility into a determination of the veteran’s overall employability, whereas a requirement that the veteran prove 100 percent unemployability leaves no flexibility. While the term “substantially gainful occupation” may not set a clear numerical standard for determining TDIU, it does indicate an amount less than 100 percent.
  10. I can't even imagine the feeling of relief you have getting a new exam. Hopefully, you will get a fair and honest examiner. I have a good feeling things will turn out a lot better for your claim this time around. jerr
  11. Prietosky, it can vary. I received my official letter the first time in about two months after I found out it was being rated. The other only took about 45 days. To be safe I would put a timeline between one month and two months before the official letter but i'm only basing this from my claims. Good luck
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