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Need Advice On My Situation. Any Help Appreciated.

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Here is my situation -

I went through a 2 year medical board process via the army through the DES Pilot Program. I was sent proposed ratings of 60% TDRL (army) and 60% VA for the same disabilties. I retire out in late may.

I was trying to figure out the process for getting other things added, was confused big time and got help @ my local DAV. The VSO there had me add conditions that were in my medical file.

New claims put in for the following:

1. Sleep Apnea w/ Cpap: I was given 5 sheets of paperwork stating that I was compliant with the machine etc and that I have severe sleep apnea blah blah. This paperwork was sent in with the claim.

2. Tinnitus: I originally said i didn't have it. hell I didnt even know what it was. I thought it was some disease of the ears. On my C&P is stated I denied tinnitius but no one ever explained to me what it was. Its in my med file, so he had me claim it.

3. Major depression: This is in my med file as well, so he had me add it. I dont know why he had me add it, cause they can only rate 1 phyc condition.

4. Rhinitis: Was in my med file so he had me add it. Went in a few times for it cause I always got sinnus sickness down here.

5. Gastro Entritis: Have some stomach issues etc from time to time and its in my medical file so he had me add it.

6. Migranes: I got with my PCM for another issue. he just mentioned a med I should take over the counter for it. Said it sounds like auora headaches or something like that. I went to sick call for it a day later and they put me on caffergot. I basically see squigly lines etc right before I get a huge arse headache where I have to lay down for about an hour. No bright lights or anything.... it kills me. I havent gone to see a doc for this cept for that sick call visit because it takes 3 months just to get an appt set up around here and I just bite the bullet most of the time even though it sucks. I usually get about 2 a week depending on the week. I will probably bring this up with the VA docs once retired and try to get this fixed. Though I dont know how they would rate it based on one doc visit.

7. TDIU: He had me apply for this, because for the last 8 months I have not been working in my MOS or working at all. I went from a 40 hour work week down to 8 hours which was basically showing up for formations. I was awarded SSDI for PTSD which is one of my boarded unfit conditions that I am on TDRL for and have been on that for the last 7 months or so. he had me fill out the TDIU form and we put the SSDI award letter in with it. I have no doc statement that says I cant work. Only the award letter from SSDI.


Here is the sceneraio: I should ahve been rate 70% for my PTSD, btu the doc here on post was very tight when it came to anything. I saw the guy 2 x over 2 years. I saw my therapist once a week, and group 2x a week for therapy for PTSD. Not worried about it, as they will up it at some point.

Anyways, I am looking at about 80% + when all is siad and done. Sleep apnea if the only thing they rate percent wise would be 50% to my 60%, which would be 80% meanign I meet the TDIU Criteria.

Anywho, could someone experience please tell me how all of this may or may not play out? What I should prepare myself for and will I need to fight the piss out of TDIU to get awarded for it? I cant work because of my back, PTSD, sleep apnea and my headaches. I am worried and I dont know who to turn to. I feel as if the government doesnt care and just want to get rid of me as quickly as they can.

How will this play out and what will I need to do or prepare for in the future? Could someone please give me a walkthrough on possibilities on this.

Thanks so much.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I think you should be able to get TDIU or even 100% schedular when all is said and done. Get copies of all records and keep them safe. The trasition between military disability and VA disability is something I don't know that much about but others here do. Keep posting.

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