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Update On Asbestosis Claim

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I got a copy of the C&P exam report for the exam I had last week. Since I don't have a scanner I am posting what it states in the

(Standard Examiners Medical Opinion) as follows:

The condition/disability pleural calcification ( asbestos related lung disease) is as least as likely as not (50/50 Probability) caused by or a result of asbestos exposure based on military occupational specialty.

Rationale for Opinion Given:

The veteran's occupation in the military involved working in areas with high concentration of asbestos. His work in shipyards during this period of time is a documented environmental risk for acquiring asbestos related lung disease. Due to the history of a high risk occupation and the current CT scan findings which are typical of asbestos related lung disease, it is likely that his present chronic disability from lung disease (pleural calcification) is related to his occupation while on active duty.


Speizer,FE. Environmental Lung Disease. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. 15th edition pages. 1469-1470.

Just like to see if anyone has any input as to whether this would help with my claim for asbestosis. I don't know if this would be rateable or if rateable at what percentage. Thanks for any info that you can provide.


I checked Ebenefits on Saturday and my claim was changed from Development to Decision Phase. Just waiting to hear what the decision will be. It has been a on and off long battle since 1989. If denied, I've got everything ready for the next step whatever that may be.


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Don't give up. Keep fighting.


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Good Luck 68. My Uncle died from asbestoes cancers, He was a Chief Petty Officer and retired after 30 years.

Kilo 4/12 VIET NAM
11/67-11/68 (TET)
HQ 1/10 LeJune
C 1/10 LeJune
HQ Marine Security Guard School
Great Lakes Brig - Corrections
11/69 - 3/70
Semper Fi Everything stays the same until it changes

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  • HadIt.com Elder

The C&P exam results are about as positive as the average C&P examiner is likely to write. Equipoise goes to the veteran, unless the VA can try to say (and prove) that your civilian occupation(s) also exposed you to asbestos.

If this is the case, then it starts getting complicated. As always, the devil is in the details. (Which I know nothing about!)

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  • HadIt.com Elder

If you think about it we were all exposed to asbestos, both in the military and as civilians. The barracks I stayed in were WWII era and the ship, I went to Nam on, had all the pipes in our berth area covered, in asbestos insulation. All the schools we went to, as kids, had the same thing and the asbestos companies and government knew about the dangers, then.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

I am going to do a future show about asbestos usage int he Military. I will go into detail as to the locations and systems it was used.

If anyone would be interested, contact me.

Asbestos has killed or is killing more veterans than we know.


A Veteran is a person who served this country. Treat them with respect.

A Disabled Veteran is a person who served this country and bears the scars of that service regardless of when or where they served.

Treat them with the upmost respect. I do. Rejection is not a sign of failure. Failure is not an option, Medical opinions and evidence wins claims. Trust in others is a virtue but you take the T out of Trust and you are left with Rust so be wise about who you are dealing with.

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