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Fiduciary Adjustment

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I just checked ebenefits to see if they were doing anything with my dependency

claim, and as usual everything is still in the development stage. Now this is

even though I submitted the paper work going on 2 months ago, after they kept

asking for documentation on my marriage and son's dependency about 5 times. Last

time I sent the information by my VSO, fax and certified mail.

I also saw that "Fiduciary Adjustment" had been added to claims in the development

stage. Sent in a 4138 disputing the proposal of incompetence and asking for my wife

to be appointed if one was deemed necessary. Sent this in about 2 months ago also.

Still have not heard anything concerning it.

What is this Fiduciary Adjustment crap? Seems like they are up to their old tricks

of assigning a fiduciary without any notification or interview.

Also, if my wife is appointed as my fiduciary, what restrictions are imposed on how

we spend my OWN money?

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Jim Strickland is a great advocate for veterans.


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VAwatchdog.org, Advocates@statesidelegal.org, Jim@Gmail.com or Jim912@gmail.com.

Jim still posts on VAWatchdog and Stateside. 1 of the 2 emails are for him.

Semper Fi

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    Mr. Rosinski. Thank you, Mr. Chairman, Mr. Ranking Member,
and Members of the Subcommittee.
    I want to also join your statements. This is not about the
vast majority of fiduciaries who are struggling to do the best
for their veterans. This is about primarily the veteran--the
Department of Veterans Affairs' individuals. This is not about
VA money, this is about the veterans' money. Every dollar we're
talking about today has already been awarded and provided to
the veteran. VA is spending the veteran's money at a rate--for
the veterans that I represent, at approximately $600 an hour to
write a single check a month. They get $108 and change at four
percent for a hundred percent benefit, that's $108 to write one
check a month.
    These metrics that you've been talking about are
misleading. They are metrics about policies and procedures. We
are talking about people who live day-to-day, dollar-to-dollar,
who have to beg the VA fiduciary because of the policies to buy
new underwear for a Korean War veteran.
    They're about policies and procedures that require and
instruct these fiduciaries to not contact the veteran, to not
answer a veteran, to not respond to their counsel.
    So when you measure how many meetings they have, how long
it takes to meet with a veteran, how many days it takes to cash
a check has nothing to do with what goes on in the field day-
    What my clients want to know is why, when they are living
at home, or under supervised care, their veteran suddenly has
to have a VA fiduciary at all. My veterans have had decades of
family members giving them care, and handling their benefits
without VA interruption.
    Suddenly VA appoints a perfect stranger, perfectly unknown
to the veteran, who has never contacted the veteran, who will
not ever contact the veteran, and is paid money from the
veteran's account to withhold the money from the veteran, to
place it in bank accounts that they will not disclose to the
veteran, and that they will not even disclose under FOIA. They
will redact the veteran's own information about his own money
from the files they give up.
    My clients want to know why that if there is a need for a
VA appointed fiduciary, it has to be this stranger. They want
to know why this stranger is told to take all of the veteran's
finances, all of his bank accounts, and ask questions about his
CDs and his--whether he owns a boat, and what his wife's salary
is, and where is that salary put, and then go into the banks
and take all of it and not tell them where it is.
    They want to know why VA not only will not correct that,
when I've had personal discussions with Members or people
sitting in this hearing today, and then they will not fix that
problem. They want to know why VA defends those practices at
every turn in every court in every discussion.
    This is not about numbers and procedures and policies. My
clients don't care about policies and procedures. They want to
know why they have $100,000 in the bank and they cannot afford
the medicine that the VA doctors prescribed last month.
    They want to know why the power company is in the front
yard, when they have $50,000 in the bank, and it takes an
emergency motion to the Veterans Court before these people will
call a power company and tell them they'll pay $178.
    That's what my clients would like to hear today. And I did
not hear any of that by the prior panel.
    I thank you for the time, and yield back the rest of my

    [The prepared statement of Douglas J. Rosinski appears in
the Appendix]


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Does anyone know if this is TRUE?? and if so Know anyone this has happened to and Signed away their Benefits>> The VA is letting veterans “buy back” their gun rights by voluntarily giving up all other veteran’s benefits.

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