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Va Bonuses

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The VA established in a "mission statement" that it would act on claims applications within 125 days and with a 98 percent accuracy rate.

What world are they in, I'm 180 days in the decision phase for an Increase for TDIU. Iris called me yesterday and stated "Your on Track",

It's just a waiting game, but can get frustrating.


"Hang in there and Fight"

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Hello All ,,,,,YES 111 MILLION DOLLARS IN BONUSES........ This was on VA Watchdog site and of course Jim is got it up this past week. Now this should really be interesting if it was not so sick. When will this insanity stop. Sounds like Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae Execs are running the VA. NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

Report Highlights: Audit of RetentionIncentives For Veterans HealthAdministration and VA Central OfficeEmployeesWhy We Did This AuditVA uses retention incentives to retainemployees in hard-to-fill positions andemployees who possess high-level or uniquequalifications the Department does not want tolose. In FY 2010, VA paid nearly $111 millionin retention incentives to 16,487 employees.We conducted this audit to determine theadequacy of Veterans Health Administration(VHA) and VA Central Office (VACO)processes for awarding retention incentives.What We FoundVHA and VACO approving officials did notadequately justify and document retentionincentive awards in accordance with VApolicy. VA lacked clear guidance, oversight,and training to effectively support the program.VA officials did not effectively use thePersonnel and Accounting Integrated Datasystem to generate timely review notices. VAofficials also did not always stop retentionincentives at the end of set payment periods.Based on these findings, we questioned theappropriateness of 96 (80 percent) of 120 VHAincentives and 30 (79 percent) of 38 VACOincentives we reviewed. These incentivestotaled about $1.06 million in FY 2010.What We RecommendWe recommend the Assistant Secretary forHuman Resources and Administration, incoordination with the Under Secretary forHealth and the Deputy Assistant Secretary forthe Corporate Senior Executive ManagementOffice, revise and clarify guidance governingthe retention incentive program. Werecommend the Assistant Secretary forHuman Resources and Administrationinstitute controls to ensure that VA officialseffectively stop benefits at the end of established payment periods, and notifyresponsible officials regarding awardspending review.We recommend the Under Secretary forHealth, the Assistant Secretary for HumanResources and Administration, and theDeputy Assistant Secretary for theCorporate Senior Executive ManagementOffice conduct 100 percent reviews of retention incentives under their purviewand stop unnecessary payments. Theseofficials should provide the oversight andtraining needed to ensure responsibleofficials properly justify and documentretention incentives awards.Agency CommentsVA senior officials concurred with ourreport recommendations and providedacceptable corrective action plans. We willfollow up on implementation of theinitiated and planned corrective actions.BELINDA J. FINNAssistant Inspector Generalfor Audits and Evaluationsi3-5b3c5d5f86.jpg3-5b3c5d5f86.jpg

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This is very sad. They will spend money to send us off to war of country we never heard of, but when we get home they don't remember us or the war!

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

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I agree. We Vets were asked to "tighten our belt because of the economy" and accept a zero Cola for 2 years,

while VA execs collected an average extra $14 grand while the VA worsened the backlog.

Just for clarification -

The VA doesn't decide whether VBA beneficiaries receive a COLA or not.

Some people understand this and some continue to post and insinuate that this is

an issue under VA's control.

There is plenty of REAL reasons to not be content with the VA -

COLA's - are not one of them.

Carlie passed away in November 2015 she is missed.

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