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Another day and still nothing. This is so depressing dont know how long I am gonna be able to deal with this. How long once you submit you TDIU claim does it take for that to get processed I have not filed for that yet as I am still waiting for my claim to get rated but it shouldnt be much longer before I get my rating back I think it should be high enough for me to submit my TDIU claim I am just wondering how long that takes and how that works. Just trying to get a little info on TDIU.

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Guest terrysturgis

Moody, during the Holiday season not much claims work gets done at the VA. After the new year you will see more postings on winning or loosing claims. The VA employees need to use up their vacatation, comp and sick time. In an effort to not be a smart a**, they need time off too.

If I were you I would not spend too much time at the mail box till after January 4, 2012. Take care.

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Moody, it also depends on what Region you are in. How long has it been? Like Sturgis said, the holidays are slow. It will take just as TDIU long if not longer for them to make a decision. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we are at their mercy. We have deadlines and they have none!

s/ Mags

We kept our promise and served honorably. Now it is time for the VA to keep their's!

I am not an attorney or VSO and offer my opinions free of charge. Any advice I provide in my posts is from experiences I have had with the VA or I have the knowledge that others have encoutered. I accept no liability for this advice should you chose to follow it.

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Moody, From what I know it could be 6 months to 15 months depending on how many claims you have in,

but nobody really knows the time limit on claims, it is all about sending in the correct evidence, like mags

asked what region are you in and how long has your claim been in, when was you C&P done.


"Hang in there and Fight"

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Moody, take a moment to take a deep breath. Things move very slow in the VA system, and that's the way it is. Unfortunately, unless you are coming out of military from a hospital then you may have to bit for a rating. I am not an expert in anything, but I know the VA moves pretty snail's pace everyday of the year, except during Christmas time and then they move at a sloth's.

The key is not to be discouraged due to their slowness.

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It is very tough waiting and waiting, especially in a dire situation. We too went through a horrible wait for eventual service connection and all cases are different.

Still, it doesn't feel good to hear "be patient" when it seems like the only thing left is patience......BUT, patience is what you need right now, reaching out to others on this board, whether they are veterans or their spouses.

Know that you are not alone and in the comfort of many, those who have gone through this process before and who are still in the midst of the whole shebang. You too one day will be offering words of strength to veterans waiting for their decision.... I know too well how hard it is to wait, be patient and let the VA do their part while at the same time taking care of a gravely ill person not knowing where the next meal is coming from.

All I can offer to you is the same advice the others have, plus I would add: try to find something, perhaps a writing journal, writing freely about whatever and however you feel at any moment or, one thing I did was to visit bookstores and look through the travel section dreaming of places I have always wanted to travel to ---- I also set aside and made myself stick to it a certain amount of time to deal with VA crap each day. When the clock signaled my "VA time" was over for the day, I set it aside. It helped. I also set time aside each day for meditation or, just sitting quite for 5 or 10 minutes if my mind was running rampant on any given day. Doing mindless projects helped also as I was taking care of my husband at the same time (and still am).......and, proudly do so. For me, cleaning was a great escape.

If we had a crystal ball the despair of the waiting game wouldn't exist. I do understand how a claim can overpower your life, if you let it.

As you know, you are part of a great group of people who care......

I hope you receive your decision very soon.

Edited by VetsLady

VetsLady and, Proud to Be

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Thanks for all the responses and the ideas so I take it I takes as long to process a TDIU claim as a regular claim. And that u can't work during that time so I may have to wait 16 months for a TDIU claim to process all while I am losing everything that I work for. Well thanks for the help but I won't be filing a TDIU claim when that time comes.

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