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PTSD DBQ opinion

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Hello HADIT Community, I have an Intent to file in for a while now and I am finally got all the evidence I have been waiting for. I would like your opinion on the following DBQ. My concerns are that the I had I GAF score of 53 and that this was filled out by a psychologist and not a psychiatrist. My psychiatrist did not want to fill out any VA forms but he did write me a letter stated in his opinion that I was unemployable and the reasons he thought that.


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So, very importantly. If that Psychologist was NOT employed by the VA, you are already looking at an automatic denial. P.TS.D. is LITERALLY,  the only disease that the VA Claim system has this rule for. Sorry, facts is facts. Here's what you do, go to your closest VA Hospital, and get on a list to see a VA Psychologist, no outside contractor, don't settle for a "Counselor" or even a PSYCHIATRIST unless he also has a PhD in Psychology. Take the work you have now, read it, make sure you feel as both those reports accurately portray you, memorize it, then sit on it. It's worthless, never give the VA more than they ask for per Each single claim. What you do is get inside the system, be honest, don't lie to your VA Psychologist about those other Rex, but tell him you have a Psy Dx, but it's worthless for reasons of getting you yourr lawful compensation. If you are straight up with him in the front, he will remember, but now tou have to move on. Get your help from him, do as he asks.because not only are you fighting to get your Claim done correctly, but also the MAIN goal is to you better brother, Not PERFECT, but we are all here with you in the trenches.

Good Luck

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Thanks, Inarticulate&distorted. My main goal is to get better but it seems it is just getting worse. I Tried to get my VA doctors to do this but they will not even touch it.  They told me they are not allowed to fill out this form. I have gotten letters from 4 private doctors that I have been seeing. I read my VA notes and it seems like they alway try to marginalize my condition. I do not trust them anymore and have been seeing private doctors. I just recently lost my government job because they though my symptom of my PTSD made me unfit to serve as a White Sands Security guard. I did leave on good terms and was able to get a letter from my director explaining why I could not work their anymore. I admitted to behavioral health hospital and the VA inpatient PTSD program. These programs are good but have a long term effect. I feel worse now than before I went to these programs. They only make you feel better temporary.  Thanks

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VHA Directive 2013-002

Quote from the directive:

"(a) A “no wrong door” philosophy must be adopted to accommodate Veterans bringing a DBQ to a VHA facility. Veterans may ask their Primary Care Providers (PCPs) and Specialists to complete a DBQ for conditions which are already diagnosed and documented and for which the PCP or Specialist is treating the Veteran. DBQs can be completed during a routine office visit when there is sufficient time and the medical information is available. DBQs can also be completed outside of an office visit, or an appointment can be scheduled for completion. A DBQ completed by a PCP or Specialist is considered by VBA as medical evidence to support the Veteran’s claim. VHA DIRECTIVE 2013-002 January 14, 2013 3

(b) If the VHA clinician is not confident completing a DBQ or finds the DBQ requires diagnostic testing not indicated in the history or current symptoms, or would otherwise be inappropriate to complete, the VHA clinician must not complete the DBQ but assist the Veteran in filing a claim for disability benefits. Depending on local processes, this may include directing the Veteran to the Veterans On-Line Application (VONAPP); to the VA benefits call center at 1-800-827-1000; to a Veterans Service Organization representative; or to other local resources.

(c) VHA clinicians who are not disability examiners may complete DBQs via the CAPRI or SMART programs, when available. DBQs may also be completed through the Web site: http://www.benefits.va.gov/TRANSFORMATION/disabilityexams/. If a paper version of a DBQ is presented by a Veteran for completion, staff must copy the completed form to scan into the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS). The original DBQ form must be returned to the Veteran so that the Veteran can submit it to VBA.

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All non VA C & P  PTSD DBQ's, are Trumped by the C & P DBQ. The C & P Exam is "Forensic" in nature, Could you see your Private Dr, Psychiatrist or Psychologist, indicating that they think your over reporting your symptoms.

Even with the VA, your treating MH Dr is required by VA Reg, to hand off your request for a PTSD DBQ to another MH Dr that is and has not been directly involved in your treatment. The whole Dr/Patient Trust thing comes in to play, they don't want you pissed at your treating Dr because of an unfavorable DBQ.

As to your mentioned GAF Score of 53. 5 different MH Clinician's could come up with a wide ranging GAF Score, on the same day. That's why, the VA now uses the DSM V in DXing of PTSD. GAF scores are now of little or no significance. I can't recall seeing the GAF Score mentioned on any recent VA PTSD DBQ's postings here on Hadit. The old DSM-IV, used by the VA pre 2014, actually requested the GAF estimate for PTSD (other MH conditions also) be listed.

Keep in mind, your PTSD C & P Exam is FORENSIC, nothing to do with treatment. Tell the Truth, be yourself, don't attempt to present yourself as any better or worse than you actually are, on a daily basis. Not unusual to have the Dr asked the same question 3 or more different ways.

At the very end of the C & P exam, ask the Dr what his opinion of your condition is. If he's a VA VMC Dr, your C & P DBQ should be available from the VMC Med Records Dept and actually on your MHV Med Records in about 4- 5 days.

Semper Fi

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Not sure if you have filed yet or not, but the DBQ will definitely trigger the VA to complete a C&P exam.  Its been my experience after filing with documentation from an outside provider I was scheduled within a month or two after submitting the evidence. Along with your DBQ and the letter if you were deployed you should highlight your campaign medals and expeditionary medals on your 214. it wouldn't hurt to have the orders and order your LESs from DFAS showing you were receiving hazardous duty and or hostile fire pay. 

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Veterans don't necessary need a DBQ to file a PTSD Claim, it may help but its not necessary.

First thing I did was request my C-File and STR'S from St Louis...this was after my VA PTSD DSM-5 Diagnose  and started treatment, then after 3 months or so I filed ITF...

Received letter from RO and they mention what I need to send them, I did this via ebenny's.

Since the change in the PTSD Regulation in 2010 about proving stressors.

I filed my PTSD Claim without submitting the PTSD DBQ  

I file the statement in support of claim and used my lay statements, (8 extra pages) and what Notes I had from MH, THE VA Phyistrist that diagnosed me and treatment records,& my reason for waiting so long to file, lay statement from spouse change in behavior after military service, and submitted my lay statements about stressors with records of vietnam service DD 214 Medals ect,,,ect,,, in  enemy hostile territory in fear for my life.''.you need  military documents to back you up'' combat pay, CIB ,change in Primary MOS to Selected Duty MOS. (if you never did your primary MOS) while in a enemy hostile territory?)

file your claim in a way it makes it eazy for them to compute in there heads....organize your claim  eiter alphabetically or in Number form...and in sequence  and when your describing issues  just put   ''see Exhibit'' (A) or see''No. 3''  ect,,,,ect,,...some hi-lite what they think is important  but I never did that because its to conspicuous.(jmo) you can if you like.

I had a letter from my commanding officer that attest to my Character of service...not sure that helps but I submitted it with my claim, I submitted anything of records that was substantial to my claim.

the MH Notes had my DSM 5 Symptoms that meet the PTSD Criteria , (only 3 required) once you have that from  a  VADr Opinion, then its up to the rater to read all your evidence  and what your C&P Examiner mention in his/her report.

I never had a Private Dr for a nexus  NOR did I see a private Dr..ONLY VA MH and LCSW,

RO sent me to a QTC C&P...After the C&P I had my decision in 4 weeks.

I had figured to get denied  because no DBQ or a Nexus from a Qualified Dr (, thats what I was told).and I was already thinking about plan B and NOD...I never had to do that  my decision was Awarded 70%


It takes credible evidence to win your claim  and a good explanation from veteran.

Always be open & Honest when you submit your statement in support of claim  that's a biggie.

I may have left out a few things but this is the basics for when I filed my PTSD Claim.


Although I'm a older  Vietnam Veteran, this holds true for you gulf war Veterans as well.

 wishing you all the best.


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