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VA Compensation/Social Security

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Good Afternoon,

My wife and I were discussing what I should do when I hit 62, file for SS or not. Although I have over a year to go, I plan on filing as soon as possible. I'm surprised I have been on this side of the dirt for this long, I want to receive some of what I'm entitled to.

She asked if my VA compensation (100%) would be offset by SS or vice versa. I don't think it will be, but the only information I can gather deals with SS disability and VA compensation.

Any knowledge you folks have would be appreciated.




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Check the Sku on the back of your neck, any indication of your immanent Demise within say the next 20 Yrs, DXs of current Heart Disease, Cancer or immediate Family History?

You take early retirement at 62, you lose about 20/25% of your Full Retirement Age Benefit. That affects the Survivors Benefit available to your wife. Then there's also the Earning limitations and $1 back for every $2 earned.

Do the math and talk to a Financial Planner before you pull the trigger.

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Good advice from Gastone.  You are in a better position to know how long you would live, much better than we are.  You also know your finances better than we do.  

Currently, you can collect full social security disability and VA compensation.  So, why would you want to take retirement, when you could (almost certainly) get SS disability since you have already established you meet the defination of disabled for the VA.  

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It also depends on if you are going to be working till age 66 if you wait?

In my case, I do not plan on working after age 60, so, if I waited until age 66 to get more money, it will take me until age 78 to break even on the money I lost from the 4 years waiting to collect.

In other words, I would only see a net return, by waiting until age 66, after I turned 78.

Heredity has a lot to play also.  My dad died at 81 and his dad died at 80, so there is that.

There are a bunch of calculators on the innerweb that will show you the differences of taking earlier or later.  Just don't leave the suggested 3% annual increase in the calculator as we all know its been 0 or 1% lately.

Just sayin,



“There is no hook my friend. There's only what we do.”  Doc Holiday 

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I took the age 62 SS because I didn't have enough work credits through the years because I had to stop working at age 50  I am now 65...but I took the SS At age 62 because we needed the extra to help with mortgage payments...and to help make ends meet.

If I had waited we would probably be homeless/and another reason I took it I wanted something back that I pain into for few years  and  what if SSA goes broke?

I Think the norm is when a Veteran gets award of 100% he can file SSD and get more $$ up until 62  or 66?  but for me my situation was different they said I didn't have enough work credits...and that is probably true I had work on and off the last 10/15 before I turn 50 because of my Disability and fighting with the VA  & at age 50 I won my claims.TDIU P&T and some newer claims/Conditions S.C. since then  and got the SMC S 1 H.B.

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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Yes, you can collect VA disability and Social Security without any penalties.  Is it double dipping, no.  You paid into your social security retirement plan by working and you paid for your VA disability by serving your country.

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