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Update on Buck's wife



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from Buck:

"She has Double Pneaumonia  and her lungs are both filled  as they hope the antionbiotics /durritics start to work she been under the ventilator noe 3 days.  with no sign of improvement  so prayers are certainly welcome.

I can go up there and see her but she is sleep and unresponsevive  its sad to see her this way, she was tested 3 times for covid and was all negitive..Thank God,

Dr's say she should start showing improvment soon if not they are going to try some other type of antibiotics,,,,we'll see

she was scheduled fore her gallbaldder today 9/16/21   but thats all canceled   they did remove her drain bag and tubes  MRI shows no infection in her gallbladder  and its of normal size and the Dr said she can have that surgery at a later date  right now they care concerend about the pneaumonia."

It is good news that the gallblader infection i gone.But this is a very serious situation.

They need many prayers and her doctors should be prayed for too. A friend of mine (Veteran)was in critical condition the last 2 weeks with pneumonia but the doctors are trying a different antibiotic on him, and the news yesterday was that he was imroving a lot.

I get the pneumonia shot every year but I understand it does not prevent some types of pneumonia. Still it is protection from some of it- and I ALWAYS get the Flu shot-(but I did get the 4th Quadrant of flu a year ago- that the flu shot did not protect us from.

I have a few friends who refuse the COVID Vaccine. Covid is still in this area of NY. They stay at home most of the time. 



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Thanks everyone for your prayers special thanks to  Ms Tbird &Ms Berta and broncovet  for their encouraging words and information &support.

my wife has had it bad these last couple of weeks , unfortunately her lungs is not getting better they are no improvement what so ever, they put the trach tube in to basically buy more time for her lungs to heal  but doing so they have to keep her heavly sedated and keep her vitals stable and her organs working...this morning they called and said her blood pressure was falling fast and the medications they were giving her were not working,  so the only other possible thing to do was put another line in her artery  to get more accrete  information  that could help then determine what medications work and what don't  ect,,ect,,,

 They said  after this there's nothing left they can do  her body is just stopping.

so I now have to prepare for the worst. & start making arrangements.

48 years of a wonderful marriage is what we had together she is my best friend she did everything for me cooked clean went to the grocery store on her own helped me when I was sick paid bills even helped me deal with the VA at times and she never once complained,  I use to say to her Babe you don't need to cook  or whatever it was she was doing at the time that took a lot of work  but she would just say I don't mine I Love you and always will, she hardly ever got mad, we had arguments sometimes but they were always solved in a kind and caring way and we would make up.

This is all is upsetting, but I must  Place my trust in God Hand's and accept what happens.  were all going to be there sooner or later.

I wanted to thank each and everyone of you guys  for your support during this dark time in my life y'all are like family to me and your friendship means everything to me ,MY TWO SONS HELP ME TREMENDOUSLY   without them I'd be lost... I have no close friends here at home, I go to church and that helps me, but coping with this is very hard, but  with all y 'all's help support  and prayers  it makes it somewhat easier to cope with but its never ease ....I am numb and afraid. Afraid living by myself.

I don't know when I will get back on hadit but I certainly will  it just maybe a while.

I need to grieve in my own way and just keep on living out my life. 

Thank you all from the bottom of my Heart

God Bless Everyone

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Buck I think I can speak for all: our thoughts and prayers are with you two. You comeback when you think it is what you want to do again. God bless.

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My wife passed away peacefully on 10/06/21 @ 3:40 pm

services are pending.

I will try my best to get back on hadit  but right now I have a lot on my plate,  her mom is staying with us and is not in her right mind and she is prone to falls  it's hard for me to go anywhere  I can't take her with me  and I am afraid she will fall   she 83 and feable.

Thanks to everyone  that sent prayers and for your support during this rough time in my life.

Blessings to All.

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@Buck52Prayers and deepest condolences from Vync and family  

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