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  1. Should include taxi reimbursement also. Some of us must catch a taxi to appointments and/or Van pickup points. Many times in the dark and inclement weather.
  2. JT24usn: you may be right. I think the word they used was "sensitive". I did carry a Top Secret clearance while active. And they both said security clearance level was a pssbility. But, they should be able to explain why this change in access has taken place. I have been out of the service since 1997.
  3. I went to my County Clerks Office to get my Disability Placard. I asked if there was a discount for Disabled Veterans. I was asked for my 100% P&T Letter. I walked down the sidewalk to request a copy. Was advised they could call for me to get on the phone and request a copy of my Disability Letter be faxed while I wait. So, I get on the phone and the gentleman advises me that my record is "secured" and he can't assist me. I ask why. He states he doesn't know; maybe if I was a POW, had a security clearance. He transfers me. I'm asked the same question, and I ask why is my record "flagged". Same answer. So she gets my basic information: name, social, address. And faxes me my letter. SO WHY AM I "FLAGGED"? Phones extremely busy today. I will be calling Monday morning. Any thoughts? Anyone experience the same when calling the Veterans Administration 800 number?
  4. FULLY APPROVED!!!!!!! Thank God i fired my "attorneys" months ago. ME AND JESUS GOT IT DONE! Received Approval Letter. Awaiting Award Letter. Verified with local SSA office. Trying not to check account daily!!! For you stalking haters. My God knows the plans He has for me and they shall be fulfilled.
  5. I called my local SSA office in March when I saw the news. They weren't aware of new Reg to expedite veteran claims who are 100% P&T. I mailed my Award letter to local office and the ODAR where I was waiting for a hearing. It was expedited. Hearing held April 30th. Awaiting decision.
  6. Been there, done all that, so done............... Craving Serenity.......and working towards it.
  7. I have been denied SSD twice with 50% PTSD. Now 100% P&T. Waiting on Hearing, praying for decision based on 100%. Fired Binder&Binder. Totally worthless in my case.
  8. My dependent claim was completed after my LAST compensation claim was completed. Very low priority. Very stupid policy and/or procedure. IJS......
  9. It only took 23 months! Now to figure out what my college student qualifies for! "Peggy" is no help! is confusing!.......... How do you like that " stalker"? My God knows the plans He has for me. (Period) We stand. We fight. We conquer. HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Our God is awesome! He can move all mountains! He's able, He's able, He's able! Awesome!
  11. Yes. Nashville office. First applied February 2012. Went through lost, didn't receive and need more paperwork cycle. Denied. Reopened April 2013, their date. Increased August 2013, still no decision on dependency. Compensation completed 20 December 2013. Waiting on mail! Dependency moved back to pending decision approval.
  12. EBenefits shows compensation claim complete for GWI. But, doesn't show disability percentage when I try to see in list of disabilities. Got a funny feeling they've denied me again for GWI PRESUMPTIVE illnesses. 2 year dependency claim still awaiting Decision Approval. I want this stage of my life over so that I can move on with healing! But I do believe I meet criteria for Gulf War Illnesses. We will see, I have a call in to "Peggy". Hopefully she will have good news!
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