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  1. Congrats !!! Amazing determination.... Stay focused
  2. Anything that was listed at 0 percent or you felt you were low balled on you can always do a NOD. Notice of Disagreement. List all documentation that you have that supports your claim and you should be fine. Congrats on your positive adjudication. Thank you for sharing. One step at a time
  3. SSG O Congrats man what a blessing thanks for sharing your wonderful victory with us here If you're at 80% now and you are still suffering from Panic Attacks Then file for TDIU and you should be fine keep seeking treatment and it will be as it should. Congrats again
  4. What an amazing and blessed adjudication !!!! Thank you for your service and Thank you for sharing !!! 23 year is a long time but your hard work paid off Congrats !!!!!
  5. Congrats on your awesome win thank you for your service and thank you for sharing !!! Simply Amazing
  6. What a wonderful piece of news Congrats !!!!
  7. Thanks Joe for all that you do for the Men and Women of this country. Keep up the good work
  8. What an amazing story thank you for sharing and thank you for your service. You deserve it now have a great vacation
  9. What an amazing read !! Congrats on your victory I'm too am waiting for the ED to be decided upon, once you do your sleep study have your VSO submit the results if you have to use a cpap machine submit that paper work as well and that should put you over the top Thank you for your service and Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us all
  10. Congrats on your win. You deserve it all. Thank you for your service and thank you for sharing Welcome to hadit.com
  11. Congrats on the win I was in the same boat on my last win but the DRO didn't go with my VA form 9 so I am in wait and see on that appeal. Keep taking it one day at a time. Take the spouse on a vacation and I look forward to more positive news from you soon
  12. I was able to get my OPM Disability approved but it was a headache seeing how the Dept of Homeland didn't want to allow me to medically retire but once you file with FERS your medical documentation will speak where others can not. Good Luck my friend
  13. Happy New Years Everyone. I have been away getting my mind right and focused on two upcoming surgeries sorry I haven't been on. I am still dealing with the VA but I am using the eBenefits system to just monitor the situation and now allow it to stress me any further. I have been so happy to read of everyone's success with so much positive adjudication and for those still waiting keep your heads up and know that you are not forgotten. Again Happy New Years Family
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