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    Becoming proficient at retirement, Assisting Brother Nam Vets, Being a Grand Father X 6, Visual Appreciation of "ALL"
    Women and Increasing Vet Claims knowledge.

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    USMC BLT 1/26 9Th MAB 68/69 18 months & DONE!
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  1. Where you at Gastone.

    1. Buck52


      Unfortunately  I don't think Gastone is with us any longer  IWe use to email each other as we became good friends here on hadit through out the years,.

      Gastone had his S.C. Disabilities and was 100%  P&T With some SMC's Added in.

      He came down with brain cancer last year the type of cancer Senator John Mccain Had.

          Gastone  was having surgery's  and he mention to me in one of his last emails  it don't look good for him and he said if he don't reply  it maybe that   he is taking the old dirt nap...This is the last time I heard back from him.

      ..I tried to email his spouse  but no response, if Gastone is still living  he most likely can't get on the computer /phone.

      ALL I Know is I sure miss him here on hadit  his post was well informed and he used most of the regulations  and he had personality that was just liking   I think everyone like Gastone that posted with him..I know I did.

      * Note I have looked up Obituaries in his Area he lived  SEVERAL TIMES  and always come up with nothing .  so he maybe still living but not know anything?? IDK?  

      God Bless him  and his Family,

    2. Valhalla0321


      Thank you for the update, 


      I kind of got that notion from some posts and replies , you and him both helped me out once upon a time and i wanted to tell him how much i appreciated that as well goes for you.



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