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What Is The Evidence Intake Center?

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Is this an old or new way for VA to confuse a veteran?

In order to improve claim processing timeliness, Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) has begun deployment of Centralized Mail Processing (CMP) for compensation claims and claim related documents.

If you have additional evidence to submit to support your claim, please mail or fax your evidence to the applicable CMP location below. Please be sure to put your name and claim number or social security number on every page of documentation you mail or fax to VA and keep a copy of everything for your records.

When submitting claims:
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Claims Intake Center
PO Box 5235
Newnan, GA 30271-0020

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This same thing happened to me some time ago. I sent some documentation to support my claim, but forgot and put the old po box 7000 address and my certified mail was forwarded to Newnan, Ga. Then I changed and am sending mail to po box 1437, at St. Pete. Not sure what this is about either?

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We were instructed to respond to the Evidence Intake Center in Wisconsin. So, I faxed everything in and also sent it via Certified Mail to that location. That was regarding an SSOC related to a pending BVA remand.

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The va is centralizing mail. It goes to scan quicker and uploaded into the new vbms system. There is no need now that the majority is electronic to send mail to ROs. Another va theory.

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Yes, this is a new way for VA to confuse vets :huh:

I received this same notice at the bottom of an IRIS inquiry back in July.

From what I can gather, each VARO has been boxing up and sending every piece of paper that we mail or fax them to a scanning facility. Everything is scanned and associated with our VBMS or electronic C-file there. That process usually takes at least 3 weeks.

Now they are asking vets to mail or fax DIRECTLY to the scanning facility, cutting out the middleman of the VARO. Once the documents are scanned and associated with a vets file, then the folks at the VARO can view them on the computer.

There are 2 scanning facilities. One in Janesville, Wisconsin and the other in Newnan, Georgia.

Might be in response to those 8,000 documents they found sitting in a locked room, of unprocessed mail. http://iava.org/press-room/press-coverage/baltimore-sun-va-document-problems-caused-payment-delays

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you still can use ebenefits to scan documents just not more than 10 pages

also I had a post from iris that it takes at least 75 days for it to get scan in

or something like that they were just getting my lawyer info since 2-14 I hope

its better by now. I live 20 miles from Newnan GA

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