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Should I Feel Bad

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Should I feel bad about getting discounts and applying forprograms?

I’m in my earlier 30’s and if you look at me you may notthink that I have a disability. I am a mom of 2 and I am now rated at 60% andeven when my payments start coming. Funds will still be very tight and we needall the monies we can get. I see that I may be entitled to discounts very similarto seniors or people that have visible physical disabilities. Should I feel badfor taken them?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

No you should not feel bad. Discounts and benefits are awarded due to your service and sacrifice.

Veterans deserve real choice for their health care.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I would not feel bad, if I were you, as most of those benefits are given "to you" in thanks for your sacrifice, both prior and on-going! Just appreciate them!!! You may want to up-grade your profile disability status, from "0%" to "60%," to reflect your current disability rating(s). jmo


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Absolutely NOT. Don't feel bad about receiving a discount and apply for every discount you can. Just because a disability isn't visible doesn't mean it isn't disabling or pernicious or deleterious or any of the other fancy words to mean destructive.

Take the discounts, make ends meet., get through today and maybe someday you'll be in a position to pay it forward. But. don't feel bad.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Here is the point. Your benefits are your benefits to use. These are not a gift to you. These are an earned benefit that you have already paid for. Many of us pay with our bodies, many of us pay for it with our minds.

One should not feel guilty or bad about using it. That is what they are intended to for. Use them and Smile when you do. I do.


A Veteran is a person who served this country. Treat them with respect.

A Disabled Veteran is a person who served this country and bears the scars of that service regardless of when or where they served.

Treat them with the upmost respect. I do. Rejection is not a sign of failure. Failure is not an option, Medical opinions and evidence wins claims. Trust in others is a virtue but you take the T out of Trust and you are left with Rust so be wise about who you are dealing with.

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Hell no, airman!

There are scores of people far less entitled than you who feed on the federal teat their whole lives.

You are in competition with them for your families, so look at it that way.

One time at Walmart this elderly greeter scoffed at me using an electric cart; she's lucky I didn't unleash a barrage of profanities at her. :angry:

Never feel guilty for anything you're eligible for and have a diplomatic, barbed response prepared for anyone who might call you on it.


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Don't feel bad for getting what you're getting, you've earned and paid for everything that your getting. Take advantage of all the discounts that you can. Like to others have said, not all disabilities are visible.


Take nothing but pictures Leave nothing but footprints

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