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Question On Ptsd Claim, Got C & P Results Back, Curious What Others Think...

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1. What does this mean?

"responses to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 suggested a valid profile overall, with possible efforts to both present in a virtuous/positive manner and to emphasize psychiatric concerns." (Is this saying I'm trying to look better and worse at the same time?)

2. Also, I think I'm in the 30% range, because it states this " Based on this Veteran's noted mental health symptomatology, it is this
writer's opinion that he experiences occupational and social impairment with occational decrease in work efficiency and intermittent periods of inability to perform occupational tasks." which is also what x'd off in the beginning.

However, right before this line, in the paragraph above, the examiner states " Such
individuals often struggle with social isolation, decreased energy, and difficulty forming or maintaining positive interpersonal relationships." (this is under the 50% category, right?)

3. One last thing, I told this examiner several other things, such as panic attacks in grocery stores or crowded areas, and there is no mention of this at all, along with some other stuff, like my nightmares, which are not mentioned at all. My memory is not so good, on everything that happened, but i did write down everything in notebook as soon as i got in my car so could reference it, and it seems a lot of stuff was left out. Any suggestions?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

It is common for these C&P doctors to contradict themselves. How is the VARO supposed to interpret this? They go by regulations and have no expertise in medical or legal issues. The VARO usually gives the lowest rating they can justify. This is why there are thousands of appeals in the system.

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It looks like 30-50% bud, but as Mike stated above you can always put in for an increase down the road if your conditions worsen. When I was retired last year my PTSD was rated at 30% then a year later it was upped to 70% per the VA Psych Docs. Good luck and keep us posted

100% PTSD

100% Back

60% Bladder Issues

50% Migraines 
30% Crohn's Disease

30% R Shoulder

20% Radiculopathy, Left lower    10% Radiculopathy, Right lower 
10% L Knee  10% R Knee Surgery 2005&2007
10% Asthma
10% Tinnitus
10% Damage of Cranial Nerve II

10% Scars



OEF/OIF VET     100% VA P&T, Post 911 Caregiver, SSDI



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