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  1. I have chronic pain and am not prescribed pain meds by the VA. I'm also allergic to NSAIDS *aspirin*. I've taken a ton of tylenol and only take it when my pain levels get damn near unbearable because I'm afraid of the long term effects. I want to knock the hell out of the whole world sometimes. "Take a gun a shoot me" type stuff. I refuse pain meds at virtually all costs. I'd rather die than be addicted to that shit. They want to use the excuse of not using treatment to take benefits and it would be a huge disservice to those who only want to live their lives.
  2. I had the survey also after my last C^P exams. Must be something they are doing now.
  3. Joe Hillbilly


    I was service connected in 2003 for the first time with back. That was 21 years + that I coped with my back injury and if I had known that my PTSD was ruining my life I would have filed for that then too. It's took me 25 years to educate myself about my injuries and try to honestly face them. That's along time for something to fester. You dig a big hole. My life is ruined because of this. This board is a good thing. We can identify on what responsibilities we acquire in our VA quests. I'm still amazed at how someone can be service connected for PTSD in 2013 with the stressor events being 20-30-40+ years prior and they get around paying for those years of known disease? I know this is the fault of the service member for not filing but it is right? My damn life is ruined because of something I knew nothing about. I knew I struggled with sleep, tough recovery from physical activity, couldn't tie my own shoes, couldn't reach around and grab something from the backseat of the car without suffering a day or three of muscle spasms, etc etc but I just done the best I could to deal with life and move on. I wanted out of here as fast as possible. Looking back it would have probably been best. Pure hell since.
  4. Gets a person interviews but not necessarily a job. 20 years experience going for jobs requiring none and interviewed twice to no avail. They manipulate for others. I applied to one position that opened on Dec 24 and closed on Dec 31. Seemed like they were mad at me at the interview. I could tell they were pulling a leg because the interview said there were 7 positions available when the posting said 1 specific position. Whoood and voodoood. USA Jobs went "not selected" within 24 hours of the interview.
  5. Joe Hillbilly

    IRS saying I owe them $$$

    Did you file a return for 2014? If so, get an accountant to file a 1040X for all tax years including the 2013 tax year (also 2015 if you didn't find out about your rating until 2016). You were disabled which allows for additional beneficial provisions. I don't know your 2013 tax status but the offset could be enough to cover you. Talk to a good accountant.
  6. Joe Hillbilly

    Sleep apnea opinion

    I'm also curious how these family lay statements work. My brother, a physician's assistant certified and "subject matter expert", heard that I was in the claims process and sent a letter to the evidence intake center. I don't know what it said because he didn't let me read it but I'm a pretty messed up individual and am certain he put something in there that he thought might set me off. I don't know. He is also a combat veteran and has experienced first hand the issues I deal with. I'm 70% now and can't work due to my issues. I haven't worked since 2009. My work history looks worse than a crack addicts and I have a college degree and have held professional positions. You can't perform the duties required with the stuff we have. I couldn't door greet at Walmart because they would never know when I was going to show or take a bath. Bad thing is, neither would I. This is rough stuff and it makes me numb every damn time I think about how south my life has turned.
  7. I could see where OSA could cause the jerking. That's not what's happening to me. Flashbacks and nightmare like stuff is causing mine. I assumed they were thinking it would occupy my mind or something and help.
  8. I have "hypniptic jerks" really bad and am service connected for PTSD that has (hypniptic jerks) included in parenthesis with the PTSD rating. I was recommended a C-PaP to try to help with these and then they sent me for the 2nd sleep study that said I had "mild SA". The VA has taken the SA as a non service connected condition and attached the CPAP to that instead of for the treatment of the Hypniptic jerks that I'm service connected for. What would you guys do here? My medical record seems plain to me that the CPAP was prescribed for the PTSD "hypniptic jerks" but is clouded by the SA diagnosis. We are talking about something here that destroys your quality of life. You can't sleep with your wife or nothing due to this issue. Well, frankly you can't sleep when you need too. Has absolutely destroyed my life. I probably should have started a new thread. Didn't mean to hijack.
  9. Joe Hillbilly


    I'm allergic to aspirin and can't take Aleve or most of those meds. Just tylenol mainly. Real conundrum. I'll die before I let them hook me on dope.
  10. Joe Hillbilly

    Anthrax Shots

    I was lined up above MSR black somewhere and given a shot. I know it was clear in color. The record was being kept on a piece of spiral notebook paper with our list of names. I ate the damn nerve pills too. I've been allergic to everything under the sun since. I know there was something in that stuff that had some serious side effects.
  11. Write a note with a copy of the death certificate to the ambulance service stating that there are no assets. They should get the picture.
  12. Joe Hillbilly

    The Change In Ebenefits Today

    You looking for miracles SeattleShay?
  13. Joe Hillbilly

    The Change In Ebenefits Today

    I noticed they made significant changes to the user interface. I think it could be something for the better?
  14. Joe Hillbilly

    Ab8 Timeline

    Yes. It's under VA Letters

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