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  1. Good deal - Congrats !
  2. Does anyone know how the VA views PDRL (Permanent Disability Retirement) ratings when rendering a rating decision for VA Compensation. ex: If removed from TDRL and placed on PDRL with a 100% disability rating, does VA consider the 100% permanent retirement disability rating in their decision for a VA comp rating?
  3. I recently was awarded a rating and effective date back to when I was receiving retired pay. The VA computed the difference between the retired pay and the VA Comp rates back then, and paid me the difference in the retro award. Don't know it that is an exact situation as yours, but it sounds similar. Hope that helps ....
  4. Thank you Vync..... Just what I was looking for !
  5. Requested the c-file in Sep, 2015 and received on July 7, 2016 (10 months). Found evidence which they never considered in my claim. Was past the one year mark, so I'm requesting to re-open with new and material evidence. The beat continues ....
  6. Does anyone know where to locate SMC historical tables for viewing and/or download, back to 1980, if they exist ?
  7. Separate and distinct means separate body systems, or body parts. I received SMC-S for two hip replacements secondary to 100% back condition. The hips are separate body parts from the back (spine), even though the hip arthritic condition was related to, or secondary to the back arthritic condition ....
  8. I appointed DAV my POA back in 1971 when I filed my first claim. I have never used them for anything since. On my recent decided claim, I filed a CUE and Reconsideration myself. Won both. The only contact with the DAV was the summary decision letters they sent me. Another time I went to see local a VSO. After waiting 2 hours, he gave me the wrong info and made me feel like an ass. Basically told me I was wasting my time. The question I asked regarded the CUE I won for SMC- S. Tried to call them once to ask another question and they never returned the phone call. So I don't have much faith in them. Did I say WORTHLESS !! My opinion. Not to take away from those who have used one successfully, though, I've just had bad experience. I'm sure there are good one's ! Your call ....
  9. Glad you got through it Buck. Good luck with the decision !
  10. I had my CUE decided in less than 2 weeks. Sent directly to VARO ....
  11. Congrats - good deal for you !!
  12. I think you have a good claim, good luck. FYI - I received an award retro to 1980 via a Reconsideration Request for ulcerative- colitis. The past recs in 1980 indicated 'probable ulcerative-colitis. I did not get a formal diagnosis until 2001. Again, good luck ....
  13. I would ask the examiner if the VARO made them available to him/her. If not let him/her know you have them and give to them. Have extra copies available to give them. I wouldn't think they would reject reviewing them !!
  14. If you were injured in service and you currently have diagnosis (arthritis), and doc relates injury to arthritis, you should be good for a sc rating.The range of motion would help determine disability percent ultimately awarded.
  15. If you have the recs, take them. What can this hurt. If you have a briefcase or file box, put you recs in and take with you. I had a C&P for PTSD and the examiner had no mental health recs for me from when I was treated for many years at VAMC in another state. None zilch !! She made the comment that I was never treated at a VA before. Basically called me a liar, and her report reflected it. I had to file a Request for Reconsideration and submit the recs with it. I won an earlier effective date and higher percentage. Don't take for granted that they will have any of your recs. If you have them, take them !!!!