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  1. Do not know the answer. Sorry! Can say that I have not a clue how the VAMC even knew Jimmy had the supplement. Have tried to call but after hours on hold, no answer.
  2. Thanks : ) Yes, that is what we pay for the old red/white/blue Medicare. We also purchased a supplement plan through AARP, I think option F which costs a lot more. With the high costs of Jimmy's care, it was to sorta fix a medical cost per month in a fixed budget. The plan we have covers no prescription drugs. Most meds are through the Va with no charge. About 70 or so dollars a month, maybe more goes to buy meds that are not furnished through VA. Much of his medical care is in home now, as he is too compromised to travel, even to and from appointments. Even his xrays are done at home. I try
  3. That is what we purchased. A Plan F I think? But, when Jimmy's medicare ran out, the VA refused to pay one penny even though they were full. I think if we have to pay for what they should cover anyway, they should stay OUT of our private insurance. I worry about increased premiums, using up benefits, etc. which was one of the reason for buying the private coverage.
  4. Thank you!! It just bothers me that we pay two high premiums monthly for private care so we don't have to depend on the VAMC as much. Jimmy spent a long time hospitalized at OUR expense. VA would not help. Their initial offer was to ship him to another state. Miami or Richmond I told them he was not a package and his needs could be met here. In all the years we have had this coverage, this is the first time I have had an EOB where VA billed for his SC injuries or any treatment. We are also paying for intensive in home care with zero offer to help from VA. He is rated r1 with another incre
  5. Hi all! Sorry if this is wrongly posted. Just got a summary in the mail from Medicare Supplement that we pay DEARLY for...........and the VAMC is getting paid by our insurance for Jimmy's Service Connected Disabilities, etc. This is care provided at the VAMC. Have I missed something? Haven't been able to keep in due to his condition. Thanks to anyone who answers or messages. God Bless all of you!!
  6. Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong area to post. Mods, please move if needed. Hubby got the grant for SAH a few years back. Now, it appears he also qualifies for the other grant of around 15k, for loss of use of hands. Plus the initial grant has increased. We had to go in debt to abide by the VA regs. Since then, have noticed a few things done literally backwards, like the doors opening the wrong way and making it harder to navigate. Has anyone used both grants since this is a new thing, at least to me? If so, any help on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. The one time we tried to use t
  7. Local news station WJHL has numerous recent articles regarding the pain meds for veterans. One is the standard actual guidelines by the American Pain Association (?) which totally goes against the stopping of meds for veterans. Clearly states meds are to be considered on a case by case basis and not everyone should be cut off!!!!! It is all worth reading. I can't link it, but if you google WJHL Johnson City TN, you will be amazed at the information!!! The VAMC is certainly not following the standard of care in the community. I think it is mostly by the investigative community watchdog reporter
  8. Wow is right!! Hubby had type 2 diabetes for years. Also was on crestor. His AIC was so high, the VA doc ordered insulin. Private doc said it would likely kill him as he can't communicate his physical symptoms, like dangerously low blood sugar. I came across a similar article and just took a chance, took him off the statin. IMMEDIATE lowering of his AIC to optimal with regular meds, no insulin. It has stayed under control for the past few years.
  9. In the past, my hubby's meds have went missing three times. Once by UPS, we tracked it, and an arrest was made of a UPS employee who was stealing controlled meds by the bagful. Next was with the postal service. An investigator was called into find out how the meds just went off the radar. Surprise, meds showed up a few days later. Third time, the meds were totally missing. The VAMC can and should be actively tracking this FOR YOU. Turned out that time, the shipping label had came off the the meds went back to the pharmacy. Each time the meds WERE replaced. Stay on this for as long as it takes
  10. Dropping in to hadit in December 2016! It's been a hard year. Jimmy is now having multiple brain stem strokes from his SCI : ( Breaking my heart to see this. His claim is being sent to COVA for effective date. The local VAMC seems even harder to deal with. Glad to have hadit to stop by where no one yells at me. Debbie
  11. Buck, sorry you are having such a frustrating day. I don't have a lot of answers, but totally understand about how your wife feels about sexual activity being private. Hubby used to have Sex Therapy yearly with Dr. Finger (no joke) after he became a quad due to malpractice at VAMC. We both were so embarrassed I used to cry before we went. Just tell that doctor that it is too personal and private to discuss with your wife. Hubby and I would just attend and say nothing. Actually it was nearly a cruel joke to play on my husband, he is paralyzed. Sorry you are having a difficult day. Seems t
  12. The VAMC here in TN does offer a bed bath program. We declined, my husband is very modest, so I do it. He also gets 3 days of 5 hours each when a caregiver comes in. She is amazing! There is one social worker assigned to managing this program. It was not easy to get, but worth every second spent trying. I try and set my doctors appointments during the time she is here. She gives quality companionship, does light housekeeping and is totally awesome. We also hire private caregivers to help.
  13. Just read this post. Hopefully the veteran is ok. My strong suggestion is ANYTIME you have a potentially serious medical problem, please go outside the VA for a second medical opinion. The life you save may be your own. Second opinions are common in the private field. Yes, you may spend money. It is just smart to get a second opinion.
  14. You might consider asking for another CP exam. Jimmy has had those exams with him not present. Usually didn't turn out favorably. That letter from Vocational Rehab, does it clarify which disabilities are blocking rehab? You are already deemed medically disabled, not suitable for rehab, so apply for Independent Living through Voc Rehab. I am not an expert in anything, but do empathize with your situation. If the reason for your medical retirement is your SC conditions, that might help as well.
  15. Hey RUREADY, hoping you are feeling better. Thanks for your input. I have googled every possible way and read the link to the handout. My thinking is the rule is different now, but you know how people interpret things at the VA. If you ever need a friend, message me. Broncovet. Wow. Blown away here. Even as sick as my husband is, I can see the light in his eyes when I talk about Jordan. Jimmy says he can't be the Dad Jordan deserves. Hey, he can be his DAD! Jimmy is an amazing person who inspires everyone who meets him. DCS is not really interested in Jordan now. The only response is when
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