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  1. id_firefighter30

    Really 100% P&t I Cant Believe It.

    The best thing to do is wait for the packet in the mail i took all the forms i got off Ebenefits to get my ID at the local airforce base and had to wait for the decision letter congrats
  2. try calling both Hospitals and when you get a hold of the operator ask to speak to the fee basis office
  3. id_firefighter30

    Not Sure If Iu/pt Or Tdiu

    From the info you have furnished regarding effective date and the date of the future exams i would say you are not P&T the Rep from the VA on the phone sent you the letter for the ID card sent the wrong one you are entitled to card being IU but it should have an expiration date around your future reeval time as for getting the CH 35 info not sure what that's from could have been from the letter being sent out for ID cards
  4. id_firefighter30

    Fill In Nurse Kept All Correspondence For Meds Refill From Doctor

    go to the er at your va hosp or call to get approval to go to the local er i dont know if it will help but at least they will get something for the pain
  5. id_firefighter30

    100% Pt

    Well I got my BBE last week and have been busy reading and just trying to soak all of this information in and getting my ducks in a row so to say. So I will go into the claim I applied in April of 2014 for IU for Severe Depression, L knee, right knee, and both ankles and temp 100% for L ankle surgery well by the time the C&P came around I had had a second ankle surgery on the right ankle so I had my C&P done the DR just did the DBQ for both ankles and the knees and then a second for the depression the next day. Two weeks later the claim moved to prep for decision I contacted my VSO found out I was awarded IU and P&T I waited to for the letter and My last day at work was the 15th of Dec 2013 the IU was approved from DEC 16th 2013 until march for the temp 100 then back to IU until Sept for the R ankle and then to 100% after the DBQ for the scars So this was a rather short claim compared to most peoples around here but i know its done and i have no plans to make anymore claims unless absolutely necessary but I will be around to help if i can good luck to all and listen to the advise given on here good people here.
  6. id_firefighter30

    Wife Applied For The Caregiver Program

    My wife applied last july she had the phone interview my PCP had to fill out a form then she waited they went over everything then they let her know that she needed to complete the CG training after she passed we had in home visit then got the acceptance letter and recieved first stipend payment in oct and had 2nd in home visit in Dec home that helps some
  7. I am also on oxycodone and i have to keep the refill date in mind every month to send a message to my pcp to ask for the refill it usually takes a day or two for it to show wait for yor DR to get back in touch and good luck
  8. If you have access to MYhealthyvet you can go to the blue button download your VA APT notes and look for the forms filled out about it you should see what tier you are at
  9. id_firefighter30

    Base Privileges For 70% Tdiu?

    The letter she is sending will get you the brown ID card with that you have access to all MWR and commissary the PX and class six stores
  10. id_firefighter30

    Va Choice Cards

    Georgiapapa I am in the same boat as you Iwent to the web site and answered the questions was told no dont qualify i then called the 1-866-606-8198 and asked the same question was told i do qualify as the VA MED center is more then 40 miles away my clinic is 35 miles away i would suggest calling see what they say
  11. id_firefighter30

    Over, I Won

    the only time i know that you are classified as P&T is when you are rated 100% or are rated IU and even those dont always have P&T only when the records show that your disability will not improve are you classified P&T Like many on here we are not P&T even though are disabilities will never impvove we just dont have the 100% rating or the IU classification
  12. id_firefighter30

    Over, I Won

    When did you put your claim in the date shown is the last cola increase if you put your claim in in Oct then the pay would start on Nov they always pay a month behind like the payment on Aug 30 will be for Aug because the first falls on a weekend
  13. id_firefighter30

    Wife As Caregiver..how?

    I dont know the process for the AA my wife and I just started the Caregiver process and I know that is for vets that served after 9/11 here is a site that can give you info on the care giver program http://www.familyofavet.com/va_caregiver_program.html
  14. id_firefighter30

    Va Burials

    When My Mom Died back in 94 the VA didnt do any transportation that fell on my brother and I the rest of the burial benefits were through the VA She had purchased her plot next to Dad when he passed in the early 70s
  15. id_firefighter30

    Dental Base Privileges Tdiu?

    The ChampVA and educational benefits are available but you have to have the P&T designation I would go on to Ebenefits and look at your letters and see if you have a commissary letter also look at your benefits verification letter and see if you have a reduction date it doesn't mean you will be reduced its just the way the VA states that you are scheduled for a future exam to check your disabilities to see if they have gotten better

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