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Va Therapist Forced To Resign... Don't Know Why :(



Hi, everyone. I hope this isn't something that many people have experience because it's been hell, but maybe someone can say something that will help.

I had been seeing the same VA therapist for years. I was among the first patients they had when they came to the VA, so we sort of "grew up" together - I mean a lot of our sessions were full of "isn't the VA crazy the way they do things?" Went every week and very rarely missed an appointment.

So a couple of months ago I went to a session, all was as usual. Then I called scheduling the next day to change the next appointment because spouse had a conflicting appointment. Was told that my Therapist was on Admninstrative Leave.

After weeks of asking questions and getting no answers, I was finally told at the beginning of the month that Therapist had resigned (been forced!). My VA psychiatrist can only say that she doesn't know anything about what happened, only that Therapist surely would not have left patients high and dry if there had been any alternative. Privacy & confidentiality prevent the VA from saying anything about the circumstances.

So WTF. I was such a fool, wasn't I? I actually allowed myself to open up to someone, to reveal a lot of myself to someone, and the VA just steps in and they're gone.

Yes, I know that this must be the same thing regardless of whether it's the VA or a private provider. I'm just lost and so damned depressed.

I have a C&P next week and I don't give a flying fish about it. Do for a minute, get mad at the VA and want to rail and gnash my teeth and jump up and down. Then deflate and just don't care.

The VA is supposed to fix me up with another therapist, but in this area they're severely short-staffed (good time to fire a provider - oops, I mean accept the resignation of a provider) and it will be weeks before I can see someone, unless I want to travel to the VAMC. Not.

Sorry. I'm rambling. Thanks for reading. I'd say I'll be okay, but I'm starting to think that maybe I won't.

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Yep - none of us like when we loose a therapist that we have developed a good relationship

with over the years.

Sorry - but it happens on a regular basis.

I had the same one - top of the line for eight years - she left the Vet Center to go to DOD

in Germany - to help the newbies coming back from Iraq/Afghanistan.

As already posted - DO NOT MISS YOUR C&P.

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< The VA is supposed to fix me up with another therapist, but in this area they're severely short-staffed >

Then they should refer you to a specialist in private practice via the Non-VA Healthcare Office, i.e., VA pays for it since they can't provide it for you at the VA facility. That is part of the new law Congress just passed and the President signed. IMHO vets need to hold VA's feet to the fire on this one. If the local VA can't/won't provide the care a vet needs, then the VA has an obligation to find the vet that care in the community and VA foots the bill.

Regarding the loss of your long-time therapist, my heart goes out to you. That is a major loss and you have a right to grieve--and anger is part of the grieving process!

On the one hand it is true that it is hard for VA to hire bad employees. In fact, I understand it's one of the top vote getters in VA surveys--VA employees see it as a problem and say "we need to be able to get rid of the deadwood!"

On the other hand, there are a lot of highly skilled, compassionate, hard-working healthcare professionals who do get fired (or forced to resign) because they won't go along with management b.s., or the won't kiss the derrierre of a power-hungry, narcissistic boss; or they are a whilstleblower, and we all know how VA management deals with whistleblowers; etc., etc. So I bet your therapist pissed off some tyranical manager and they made her life hell for a long time and found nit picky reasons to force her out (kind of like Chinese water torture is a typical M.O.).

Maybe your therapist will go into private practice in your community. Look on the Psychology Today therapist finder website, Google/Bing her name, check on Facebook - maybe you can find her and she can give you the scoop. There might be legal issues that prevent her from talking about it, but maybe not.

Hang in there. And, yes, do go to the C&P exam. Don't shoot yourself in the foot. VA screwed up (probably)--don't let their mistake hurt you. And if you get a good C&P doc, they might be sympathetic to what happened to you.

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