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  1. Today I made it to 20 years with 80% VA disability. Thanks to Hadit and its contributors!
  2. I have a question that perplexes me. I am 100% Permanent and Total for a total of 13 disabilities. I had a total knee replacement after many years of dealing with my arthritic 10% rated knee. i had the TKR in January 2020. I didn't tell regional office anything because I believe in let sleeping dogs lie quietly. However I do know that the VA hospital where I had surgery let the regional office know I had surgery for a service connected knee. I understand that the minimum rating after being reevaluated is 30%. Will they automatically contact me at the 13 month mark for a C&P exam? If so, are they limited to look at the knee only? Will they service connect for the TKR related scar? Just curious! I was already 100% so nothing changed after the surgery although if rated different I could have 100% total temporary perhaps given. I do not want to screw what I already have so any advice what or how this works will help me.
  3. I just had a total knee replacement 3 weeks ago. I had 2 weeks in home physical therapy. I finished the in home physical therapy and today started physical therapy at VA. Just wondered how long you guys who had total knee replacement went to VA physical therapy before they were released after maximum treatment? I will be going twice a week.
  4. Thanks BRONCOVET for all your help! I finally (thanks to you) have it figured out!

  5. I am 100% p&t and just had a knee replacement on previous 10% service connected right knee that has service connection of 23 years. I also have one disability rated 70% and another rated 60% as well as others at lower amounts. I looked on ebenefits and it says I have a claim in for review of hospitalization that I didn't initiate. Do I now qualify for SMC S or another SMC? Should I be worried about my 100% p&t? Do I need to be doing something? Thoughts? Advice? Game plans? Help?!!? It was total knee replacement.
  6. Thank you GBArmy and Broncovet! You have taken a load of worry off of my mind! My wife will be with me to take care of me (God Bless Her) for the next couple of months and I know to really do those exercises. The doctor who is doing my surgery is supposed to be very good. I will be glad when this is behind me. I have tried to set up as much as possible to be taken care of for me temporarily.
  7. I am having a total knee replacement of my service connected right knee which has been rated at 10% for more than 20 years. I am currently 100% permanent and total. I have no desire to put in for an increase but I am curious if anyone knows if the VA hospital contacts the VA regional office every time you have surgery for a service connected injury to let them know of the change in physical condition of disability. I still have 13 years to go to have my 100% rating for the 20 year rule. Can everyone bounce back to me what exactly I should be thinking about or am I concerned about nothing? Thanks!
  8. My claim went back and forth, back and forth. Almost everyday it changes but I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. I agree with this totally. In my twenty plus years dealing with the VA I have found being mean almost always hurts you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be assertive. Be assertive. An air of confidence doesn't hurt either.
  10. I won a service connected 70% disability for a single injury. I won a DRO review. As long as your evidence is strong you will win. You lose appeal to BVA. One more chance to bite the apple.
  11. Yeah I have been 100% Permanent and Total for two years. It took 25 years to get there. I fought with the VA constantly.
  12. When it gets to this point and I have definitely been in your shoes I would write to my congressman and ask if they would submit your evidence that they say they don't have or that they ignore. It worked for me for my Bipolar Disorder and I got a high rating through a Decision Review Officer appeal.
  13. Today I hit exactly 20 years rule for my disabilities for a total of 70% service connection. I was sweating it the last few months. Glad that milestone has been reached. I have 17 years to go to be at 20 year rule for 100%. Thanks Hadit for all the good info and advice.
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