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  1. I haven't been here in a while.I just wanted to share my success story. In 2010 when I found this wonderful website I was rated at 10 percent and had almost given up.Using this site by reading tips, other peoples battles and using the CFR I successfully went from 10 percent to 100 percent .It took me a few years, first up to 70%, then 90% and finally up to 100%.... I am rated at 70 for PTSD with major Depressive Disorder, 10 for Degenerative Arthritis right wrist,50 for bilateral ples planus (flat feet), 10 for right knee, 10 for left knee, 10 for tinnitus, 30 for sleep apnea and 20 for Diabetes Melilitus ... I did this completely by myself using this site.. I do have the DAV as a representative but the only thing they have ever done for me is send me a letter telling me that I recieved a rating . I recieved it after I received the Official Notification Letter from the VA...I wholeheartedly endorse Hadit.com. in my honest opinion it is the best thing I have ever found.. So hang in there, read and research... Thank You , Hadit.com for a wonderful informative site....
  2. Gridsmasher11

    Getting Seen For Ptsd?

    You need to get a primary care doctor ASAP and get them to refer you to mental health as soon as they can.....If symptoms are severe especially the ones about self harm you need to go to the VAMC emergency room or mental health clinic before you do harm to yourself or others..You need to get in the system as soon as you can so that you can get treatment and then an evaluation.......it took a couple of months of me seeing my shrink at the VA for her to decide that i did indeed have PTSD...At a minimum you are displaying signs of serious depression and most probably PTSD....Good luck and remember that you have to make this your priority as it is not the VAs..They just want you to go away and hope that you give up...
  3. Gridsmasher11

    Got The Big White Envelope.

    Doc, congratulations, great news....Isn't the Fully Developed Claim Program great..I used it for my PTSD claim and it took them about 4 months for me also..Enjoy the award and relax a bit now.I'm sure that some of the stress will go away now..It's true that money cannot replace your health but it sure helps to know that you have something coming to help with the family and expenses....If you haven't done so consider applying if not able to work...Also don't forget to change your percentage here on Hadit..................................................Grid
  4. Gridsmasher11

    Any Advice?

    Welcome, I wish you luck I've been where you are...You need to make sure you have and keep copies of your mental health treatment....Also for the VA to recognize your PTSD it MUST be diagnosed by a VA Psychiatist or Psycologist....I know it is a PITB but you really need to get back into the VA mental health system and see their docs and recieve medication from them...It took a years worth of Mental Health notes from my VA psychriatist with a diagnosis of PTSD/MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and the records that I was attending a VA PTSD group at my local clinic for them to finally approve my claim..Previously they had consistently denied it stating that I did not have PTSD..Now the VA provides me with 3 antidepressants (one of which helps me sleep) and I see my shrink about every 3 months........To me the Mental Health side of the VA is probably the only thing with them that I think they are doing a really good job with, especially for me.......Also if you can get buddy statements from friends and family that state the difference from before you deployed and after your deployment to submit that will help also....I got one from my sister who is a nurse that I think really helped a lot...........Also try to get some from people that were deployed with you if you can testifying about your base getting hit a lot............These items will really help your claim.....................Good luck and I hope your claim comes out well, and Thank You for Your Service..................................Grid
  5. Dearman, from what I have heard the TVC is really good in helping Texas Vets with their claims and other Veteran related items such as employment...I wish now that I had used them as my POA instead of DAV..The DAV has done nothing to help my claims, the claims were approved because of what I learned hear on hadit and applied to the process..All the DAV has done was send a letter when my 70% PTSD was approved and ask me for money.........TVC has a web site that is pretty good.Don't know the URL, just search Texas Vets and it will pop up........Hopefully they can help you out..It is a long hard process and the RO (especially WACO) will try to do anything they can to be able to deny your claim.....................................Grid
  6. Gridsmasher11

    Finally My Turn For Good News!

    Papa, congratulations It sure does feel good when they finally get it right..thank for your service..
  7. Gridsmasher11

    4 Months After Initial Claim. 70 Ptsd

    WooHoo, great news..So happy it went so fast..Enjoy and good luck on the new contentions...............................Grid
  8. Gridsmasher11

    C&p 10/27/12

    maine2000, I went through something similar during my recent awarded claims for Ples Planus (bilateral) and knee pain/problems.the Va had consistently denied these items as service related or stated that I didn't have the claimed problems currently.I had a C&P exam that was a sham about 2 years ago where the C&P doc stated that there was nothing wrong with my knees......Fast forward 2 years, I resubmitted the claim with a copy of my MEB/PEB board results that list these items on the MEB exam conducted by my Orthepedic surgeon (which also served as my exit exam).The VA sent me to 2 C&P exams for these items, first with a contract doctor that said YES I did have Ples Planus and even had Hammer Toe caused by it.The second exam was done at my VAMC by the same doc from 2 years ago.She asked me some questions, referenced my medical records which she had and then examined both my feet and had me do range of motion tests on my knees (during which one of them loudly popped and she noticed it).Also sent me for Xrays for both feet and knees..In the time between exams EVERY TIME I saw my PC doc I complained about my flat feet and knee pain so that it was on my VA treatment record.About 6 weeks after the last C&P I was awarded 50% for ples planus bilateral and 10% for each knee for chondromalasia ( which was in my SMR's numerous times).They also rated me for 10% tinnitus which was also on my med board physical (and I hadn't even included it in the latest claim) and when I was sent to a contract audiologist I had some high range hearing loss.................. Important thing is to get a copy of your exit physical or MEB/PEB board results if you went through one.DO NOT assume that these are in your medical records even if you know they were when you turned over your records when getting out..Mine were in my medical records but when I requested a copy of my SMR from the VA they had magically disappeared.Once you have these records go through them and highlite every single time you went to sick call or sought medical help for the claimed issues,make copies of these highlited pages and send them in to support your claim (certified,return reciept)..Also VERY TIME you are seen by your VA PC doc complain about pain and problems from these issues.They WILL check your treatment records.........About the Insomnia they did the same thing with mine connected it with my PTSD, but part of my PTSD treatment includes meds for the insomnia and sleep problems.That is one of the reasons I think that my PTSD was awarded at 70%............If you get a denial letter for these items be sure to submit a NOD within the required time limit.Then get the documentation you need sent in ASAP............And always remember that the VA docs have the VA's interest first and foremost in their mind and not yours.And you will have to lay it out clearly and without doubt for the rater or they will overlook it...........................Good Luck and don't give up.They want you to give up.I gave up in the 90s and then started again about 4 years ago then stumbled on this site and learned sooo very much.I didn't even get a GULF WAR physical until 2008..............Keep fighting....................Grid
  9. Gridsmasher11

    Exit Examination

    Dearman, were you medically discharged due to the medically problems relating to the accident you were in or did you ETS normally as a result of your decision not to reenlist?If you were medically discharged then you had to go through Med Board proceedings.This is what a MEB is and turns into a PEB if used to discharge you.Also did you have a permanent profile .My profile in the events leading up to my discharge went from a normal profile to a P3 from hell.Based on my profile I couldn't do the physical aspects of my job, couldn't wear a kevlar (so couldn't go to range to qualify),no running , no standing more than 20 minutes or sitting more than 20 minutes etc.In my Army of the 80s and 90s if you became injured or had a permanent profile all of a sudden you were a worthless, lazy,slacker..It didn't matter that previously you were an outstanding,competent and well respected NCO...I was accused of malingering, lying and being lazy.I even had my Platoon Sgt show up at 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt Germany to see if I really had an appointment or if I was shamming..He SAID that he had an appointment but we really knew what was really going on..I spent the last year and a half of my Army working outside of my unit and MOS.I was first a building coordinator and then worked at the bases post office until I started clearing.The Army then had a bad habit of treating their injured soldiers as worthless trash..I understand that today they do a better job.I sure hope so........................................When did you get out? Like I said previously if it under a year then the VA is supposed to consider claims as service related...........Good luck and don't give up no matter what.That is what they want you to do....................Grid
  10. Gridsmasher11

    Exit Examination

    When I was medically discharged in 1994 my medical exam consisted of the exam that was sent to the MEB/PEB board.It was a decent and thorough exam and listed all the concerns that I knew of at the time.Of the 4 items listed on it that went to the board the Army only rated one.But having these items listed on that exam helped me win my recent claims for Ples Planus and Knee issues plus Tennitis.....I was told that I could have another exam but that it would delay me getting out.By that time I was burnt out,treated as a Leper by my unit, and nearly a year over the time I would normally have PCS'd from Germany.I just wanted to go home and get started on my new life......Also how long have you been out.If it has been less than a year my understanding is that it is a lot easier to service connect with the VA....When you requested you exit physical did you request a copy of your MEB/PEB board proceedings.That will help you a lot.It was what helped me win my case and is a very important set of documents as it will show why you were medically discharged............Good Luck.....Grid
  11. Gridsmasher11

    Ptsd Cure?

    Good article,but not for me.And it sounds awful fishy that it could work in as little as 30 minutes.It probably just makes them more numb than they already are.And no one knows the long term affects of this.My meds have leveled me out and I am functioning much better as long as I take them.I guess if the meds and nothing else worked I might consider trying this.But, the VA doesn't recognize this therapy......................Mike
  12. Gridsmasher11

    Been Away For A While Have Good News!

    Congratulations Mike, hopefully they will give you your rating quickly and fairly.Hang in there.........Grid
  13. Gridsmasher11


    Hello and Welcome to Hadit.I can't help you out any.I am sure that someone that can will come along soon.The site seems to be not as active as normal due to the holiday.You can learn a lot of info here,the site has helped me immensly in my claims.In 3 years I have gone from 10% to 90% most of it by using what I have learned on here, a lot just by reading threads.Good luck and keep up the fight...........Grid
  14. LivingInPain, the name is Arty related.Its what I used to do.I took out gridsquares..I was an MLRS launcher chief during the Gulf War and my track was C11.Funny I can't remember my wifes birthday from year to year but I can still qoute the serial number of the weapon I used in war. Have you been diagnosed with PTSD by the VA.If not you really need to get there.Also if you have been diagnosed by them they really should be treating you with some form of antidepressant.The depression and PTSD can get very much worse very quickly.When I was finally able to get a mental health appt. and diagnosed with PTSD/Depression I was very down,always in a rage and was having suicidal identations..So get help for that.....And it looks like that you must have a really bad PC doc.Mine is pretty good.If I go in and tell her that something is not working she has no problem recommending an alternate scrip.When I told her that 800mg motrin did nothing for my constant knee and wrist pain anymore she changed me to Tramadol.I would have preferred Celebrex (works really well for me) but it is not in the VA formulary.She has also offered to get me shots in my knees for the constant pain which I have yet to take her up on......I know you probably don't want to take more meds but you will have to face the facts that with your injuries and health problems you are going to have to take some.I know it is a pain but it will greatly improve your quality of life and making living with these more bareable. Good luck........................grid
  15. Welcome and thank you for you service...You might see if your Doc will prescribe you Diclofenac.I take it once a day and it helps with pain Doesn't kill it but dulls it to a manageble level.Plus it is not an Opiate.I also have Tramadol avaliable but very seldom use it anymore...And as was previously pointed out see if you can go to the pain clinic.. Also see if they will switch you Trazadone for your sleep.They switched me from Mirtazipine to Trazadone a few months ago to try to see if it would bring my Glucose reading down.I don't really think it has done much there but I am sleeping much better and wake up much more rested.And don't worry too much if you are taking other antidepressants as I take the generic forms of Effexor and Prozac plus the Trazadone.All prescribed by my VA shrink and have no reaction to taking all three together other than my Depression is the under the best control it has been in years. For what it is worth Depression can make your Pain seem more intense anf the Pain adds to the Depression.It is a really vicious circle.But saying that I do not seem to hurt (or notice it) as much now that my Depression is being controlled.So there is a good possibility that you are experiencing some of this.And the VA will try to blame a problem on something else if they can think get away with it...I am extremely fortunate in that I have a decent PC doc and an EXCELLENT Psychiatrist. Good luck and keep pushing back......................................Grid

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