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Iris Response

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I am going to change my name to Naive :rolleyes:. When I sent the IRIS out I thought that I had sent it to the Houston RO. But, apparently not :excl:. In this response they seem to think that the Oct 6th exam was only an initial exam, and I'm asking about future exams. I told them that this was the future or second exam for PTSD. My Attorney does not have anything on this, but is checking. According to the response I should have been notified. I love the part about the RO initiating a claim for me. God help me. I believe the only way they will do this is by someone forcing them to do so. If, they compare my twp PTSD reports it should be incresed from 30 to at least 70% JMHO. BTW, Houston rarely answers back.


This is in response to your inquiry to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) dated November 10, 2011.

VA will sometimes order a routine future exam to evaluate one or more of a Veteran's service connected conditions. This is generally done to ensure we have a current assessment of the disabilities, and the Veteran is receiving the proper amount of compensation. Upon completion of such an exam, a Veteran's disability percentage may be upheld, or it could be decreased or increased depending on the results of the exams. When VA initiates a routine future exam, the Veteran does not need to file a claim, as a claim will be initiated by the regional office.

In researching your records, we determined you were examined on October 6, 2010, for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The results were released to your regional office on December 5, 2010. However, with the information available to us, we were not able to locate information to indicate a routine future exam for PTSD was ordered. Therefore, we have forwarded a request for information to your regional office in Houston. Once we receive a reply to our request, we will contact you via this inquiry system to advise our findings.

Our records also indicate you have two claims and two appeals in process at this time. We have provided the status of each below, for your information.

We received your claim for increase on February 16, 2010, for multiple conditions. We received correspondence on August 26, 2011, for Parkinson's disease. However, we are not able to determine the status of your claims with the information available to us. Therefore, we have requested this information in our correspondence to your regional office.

We apologize we are unable to provide you with an immediate answer to your question, and appreciate your patience as we research these matters.

We received your Notice of Disagreement for an earlier effective date for Diabetes Mellitus II, on February 16, 2010. We received your Notice of Disagreement for Parkinson's disease on October 2, 2011. Our records indicate you elected to have your appeals reviewed by a Decision Review Officer at the regional office. Right now, your appeal is awaiting that review.

If we need additional information, we’ll notify you. If we don’t need any additional information, the Decision Review Officer will make a decision, and you’ll receive written notification.

Appeals are generally processed in the order received and are many in number. Additionally, an appeal may be delayed if there is a claim in process. As such, we are not able to advise when your appeals will be reviewed. We apologize.

Thank you for contacting us. If you have questions or need additional help with the information in our reply, please respond to this message or see our other contact information below.

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My latest response referred to a condition that I didn't even have. I think as agencies downsize/rightsize, we're going to see more of mis-distribution of services, lower paid, untrained/experienced employees, etc.

Limbo is status quo for the VARO.

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I was told on an IRIS email response that I had to re-respond to that a message would be sent to my VARO for additional information. So, I'm surmising that just as the 800#, the IRIS go anywhere, then, if they can't find the information on the computer, they may or may not, contact VARO for further questions. That's the way it's been for me, but it doesn't really matter too much...still get the we're sorry this has taken so long (2 years now), but your appeal is awaiting an SSOC. LOL!! I have had to start laughing at this craziness because, otherwise, I must be the one losing it about this whole VA stuff, but it's not me!

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800 # e-benefits and Iris have been no help to me either. This is used as a method for the Veteran to contact someone to get a status, but in reality neither of them are no help because they do not have a" hands on " regarding any of your information. They can't see your file, locate it, and basically have no knowledge what it is you are really asking.

Most of there responses are a copy and paste variety-all a quick and easy response.

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I was called by Iris the other day and was informed that the rater looked up my claim for Increase and TDIU and Quoted "I was on Track" been almost 6 months in the Decision phase, time for me to stop

thinking about the claim and move on it will drive you crazy waiting. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Families!


"Hang in there and Fight"

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  • HadIt.com Elder

If you are on track make sure that the train is cominhg

Veterans deserve real choice for their health care.

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