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  1. Yes it does, because the VA rarely does anything for you when it comes to claims. I claimed my right shoulder when I left service and was awarded 10%, later increased to 20%. During the C&P for the increase the examiner told me that they did comparison x-rays on my left shoulder and that I had arthritis of my left shoulder. I asked the examiner if I should claim my left shoulder and she said yes. So, right there she could have included in my C&P, but that's not how it works with the VA. So after the increase claim for my right shoulder was complete and in the bank, I did submit a claim for left shoulder condition secondary to my service connected right shoulder and used the VA x-ray's as my evidence and was service connected secondary at 10% for arthritis. Now, I just finished a claim for and increase to my service connected right foot plantar facsiitis, which was denied, however, the rater asked the examiner to opine regards the athritis of the ankle that the radiologist found and to also opine as to whether the arthritis was at least as likely, which she did, and the rater also asked the examiner if they, the plantar facsiitis and arthritis of the ankle, are rated seperately, and the examiner said yes and gave the rationale. However, all that said, there is no mention of that in my denial. I beleive that is because I did not claim it. So, another round of claims will be going down range soon. I use their evidence and have won in the past. You just need to understand that the Va's "Duty to Assist", is actually "Duty to Resist" as in awarding your claims. Again, they are not going to do anything for you, regards claims. FWIW, Hamslice
  2. retired v VA comp in ebenefits ?

    The rub is, if you take the question at proper English, if the Veteran is collecting retirement pay and is 50% or greater disability. If the Veteran says yes, that he would like his VA instead of his retirement pay, the VA/DOD would stop his retirement pay. What the question on the form is for would be were the Veteran can get 600.00 for his Comp and is 1500.00 for his retirement, if he marks yes, he would only get 1500.00 and 600.00 of it would be tax free. That is what this question on the form is about. I he marks no, he still gets the 1500.00 but pays tax on all 1500.00. However, in this Veteran's case, the Veteran says no, then one could assume the Veteran is saying, no, I want both. LOL. That is why the form question is a trick question and should not pertain to Veteran's at 50% or above and collecting a military retirement. It's just a question for those that are under 50% disability. From what I have been reading, for a 50% or above Veteran, he will get both no matter how he marks the question. But, don't go by what I say. Typical VA doublespeak, Hamslice
  3. retired v VA comp in ebenefits ?

    I have seen that question on there when you are filing a claim on eBenifits. I did collect severence pay when I left the service, however, I do not recieve any retirement pay until I turn age 60. That said, the question does not work for me when I answer it correctly as it (the computer) can not comprehend that I have paid back my severence pay already when I first started using the VA compensation, etc,. So, for me, I just file out the VA filable forms and take them to my CVSO and let her file them with my VSO (VFW). I will not use the computer (eBenifits) to file, because I can not answer the questions correctly and make it work and sure as heck don't want any snafu on my part. I think the file on line is for when a Veteran is filing there very first claim. In my case, filing for the first time in 2008, I could have answer yes to the severence question, as they (the VA) had not recouped anything. In your case, they are talking about "concurrent reciept", which at 80%, the computer dose not know what to do about correctly. You will (should) get both your VA comp and your Military retirement. I do read where if you answer that question the wrong way, you may be screwed out of some jack!! Just sayin, Hamslice
  4. C&P Glass is Half Empty

    I have 10 for tinnitus and 0 for hearing. You need to be deaf to get anything higher than 0 for hearing. Not really, but pretty close. Deferred means that they are sending that part out to have experts in that area take a look at it, but wanted to get the results of the other two to you as soon as possible. Both of my claims that were deferred service connected, one at 0 and one at 20%. I too claimed hypertension, but I was service connected at 0%. However, I learned much latter, (8 years) that I should have filed for heart disease. I did just claim heart disease secondary to hypertension and was service connected at 30%. I believe that if I had filed for heart disease at first, I would have been originally service connected at 30%. Remember the VA will not connect the dots for you. Hamslice
  5. Treymon, Thanks for posting the ruling. It was a good read. I learned a lot. How a ruling dated 2017 from a 2009 hearing can be anything by a disgrace is beyond me. Capitol murder cases don't take that long.. Good luck on the remand, Hamslice
  6. OK, I may be dumber than a box of rocks, but here goes, It looks like the service member opted out of his VA comp in leu of his MRP (Military Retirement Pay). That form is used for "Concurrent Receipt" which was not a buzz word back when he signed it. First, that makes no sense, as his VA comp would be higher that his retirement pay? Someone said mark that block, on his way to becoming a Army Recruiter. Second, he didn't get any reitirement pay? See above ^^^^^^, Looks like the service menber got baited into signing something he knew nothing about. Which is par for the course for the Army and the VA. This form reminds me of the form I signed (after 18 years in the reserves) opting out of the GI bill. Which can never be reversed. Then going Active Duty for another 11 years and not being able to use the GI bill. Screw job by the military, same senario as the VA. Run it by a Veteran Lawyer, see what they think, but I think the opting out is going to be the capper. FWIW, Hamslice
  7. jfrei, I got this list of a attorney website, not sure where they got it from? http://defensebaseactlawfirm.com Not sure if it helps or not. I was at at least three of these locations. Enjoy, Hamslice Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq Camp Adder, Talil Air Base, Iraq Al Asad Air Base, Iraq Ali Air Base (formerly Talil Air Base) Al Quo, Iraq Al-Sahra, Iraq aka Camp Speicher Camp Al Taji, IQ (Army Airfield) Al Taqaddum, Iraq (Ridgeway) Camp or LSA Anaconda, Iraq Camp Anderson, Iraq FOB Andrea Camp Arifjan, Kuwait(Camden Yards) Camp Ar Ramadi, Iraq Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), Iraq Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan Balad Air Base, Iraq Baqubah, Iraq (See Warhorse) Camp Bastion Airfield, Afghanistan Camp Bucca, Iraq FOB Caldwell, Kirkuk, Iraq Camp Cedar I and I, Talil Air Base, Iraq Camp Chesty, Iraq Camp Courage, Mosul, Iraq Camp Cropper, Iraq Camp Delta, Al Kut, Iraq FOB Delta, Al Kut, Iraq Diwaniya, Iraq Djibouti, Africa Camp Echo, Diwaynia, Iraq FOB Endurance – Qayyarah Airfield West/Saddam Air Base Fallujah, Iraq FOB Fenty, Jalalabad, Afghanistan FOB Hammer a/k/a Butler Range FOB Freedom, Kirkuk, Iraq FOB Gabe, Baqubah, IraqFormer FOB Gains Mills Camp Geiger, Iraq Green Zone or International Zone, Iraq Jalalabad, Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan Kalsu, Iraq Kandahar, Afghanistan Kirkuk, Iraq Kut Al Hayy Airbase, Iraq Camp Liberty, Iraq (aka Camp Trashcan) Camp Loyalty, Iraq FOB Marez, Mosul, Iraq FOB McHenry COB Meade, Camp Liberty, Iraq Mosul, Iraq Navstar, Iraq Camp Pennsylvania, Kuwait Doha, Qatar Q-West, Iraq – Qayyarah Airfield West/Saddam Air Base Camp Ridgeway, Iraq (Al Taquaddum) Camp Rustamiyah, Iraq FOB Salerno, Afghanistan Camp Scania, Iraq Scania, Iraq Camp Shield, Baghdad, Iraq Camp Speicher, Iraq aka Al Sahra Airfield (formerly FOB) Camp Stryker, Iraq FOB Sykes, Iraq (Tall’ Afar) Taji, Iraq Tall’ Afar, Iraq Talil Air Base, Iraq (now is Ali Air Base) Camp Victory, Iraq FOB Warhorse, Baqubah, Iraq FOB Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq
  8. While I do not have any respiratory issues, I too am in the registry. I suggest every Iraq/Afghan Veteran get in the registry as soon as possible. Ya never know, Hamslice
  9. And, A young 25 year old veteran rated at 100% for PTSD, dies of a heart attack, no DIC Same young 25 year old veteran rated at 100% for PTSD and an addition 0% or heart disease, dies of heart attack, wife gets DIC. A little over $1200 bucks for the rest of her life. Nuff said, Hamslice
  10. The easiest way is to claim your lumbar/thoracic secondary to your cervical. You will not get the earlier date of your cervical claim, but you do not have to prove service connection. How old is you cervical claim? This works for me x3, my lumbar/thoracic is secondary to my service connected cervical spine. Both are rated 20% for "Range of Motion". Also, even though arthritis is only rated 10% it is found by x-ray and it can spread to adjacent joints, etc. So, if there is any mention of arthritis from your injury, you can work that to other joints when they start to give you problems. Arthritis gets you in the door, range of motion gets you the bucks. Hamslice
  11. Rocky, I believe you asked a question and it was answered. There is no code. You can take the advice or leave it. That said, go for it, if you have the time and energy. The only thing that eludes me is your end game. 100% permanent etc., and no need for DIC condition. I do have about 6 conditions rated 0% which could be increased in the future, but can contribute to DIC and I am married. And I am currently rated 80%. So room to improve. I did ask for, and followed broncovet's advice on my last claims and it paid off. I was prescribed a left ankle brace for left ankle pain related to my service connected right foot plantar fasciitis. I claimed left foot problem. I was denied left ankle (because it was stable?), but was service connected for left achiles tendonitis. They also shot a picture of my right foot-ankle for comparison and made comment with opine "greater than 50" connected for right ankle arthritis. Which I will be claiming soon. I believe if I would have claim left ankle pain, it would have been denied and the other issues would not have been found or discussed. I required them to look at a lot more by saying left foot problem instead of left ankle pain. I did tell the examiner, everything that ailed me related to my left foot which probably generated the comparison x-rays etc. Again, if you think it is owed to you and you deserve it, go for it, And good luck, Hamslice
  12. I'm a loser again, Hamslice
  13. 44, Hang in there friend, I don't get it either, you're not alone. It should be up and out, not up and back down, and again, like a yo-yo. Hoping this turns around for you soon, Hamslice
  14. All, It seems I read on here for the last month and now that it was signed the rumors of the bill President Trump signed on Friday. Now, instead of speculation, you can read it here; https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/114/text I did, and don't see anything related to IU or Social Security. Looks like a 2 billion increase in money for Choice and and extension for other things from Sep 2023 to Sep 2027. And a bunch of VA personnel crap. For your pleasure, Hamslice