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  1. You and I have had this conversation before; My view has not changed, Hamslice
  2. Find your local CVSO, (County Veterans Service Officer). He/she usually has an office in the County Court House. If you have lived in that county your whole life or most of it, they probably have a file on you already. Ask them which VSO they would recommend. They have first hand knowledge of who works best in their county. All of the Service Organizations have VSO's that can help you or your CVSO will route your claim through them. I have actually never met or corresponded with my VSO, Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW, but that is who is my POA, and my local CVSO sends my claims to them, and it's worked out OK so-far. The Service Organizations VSO's actually work in the same location as the VA raters sometimes. For which I have a problem with, but that's an other story all-together. Good Luck, Hamslice
  3. However, There is a time limit to file for SSDI, from the last time you worked. 5 years. And they don't waiver that one. Hamslice
  4. OK, now it makes more sense. Except, you must have committed a crime to be indicted. Whether you knew you were indicted or that there was a felony warrant makes no sense. Did you think the court would just forget about you if you waited them out? What type of crime did you commit and think you were scot-free? As always, there is more to the story, Just sayin, Hamslice We convict people all the time for drunk driving from other states that never show for court. Any reasonable person would know if they got stopped in WI again, they would be held, etc.
  5. You can be "wanted" (but not active) in one place and incarcerated in another at the same time. Counties, States, etc. do this all the time. We had a guy we wanted for shooting a local during a robbery, and after finding him in prison in another state, we waited one month short of 7 years, statute of limitations, before we charged him. I.e., we let the other state pay for his incarceration for the first 7 years of his now 14 year sentence. All comes down to money, Hamslice In this case, I believe its the, incarceration, not the felony warrant, that's his problem. I think you lose your compensation when you are in jail, and they, the VA, want their money back. If he got a sharp VA lawyer, he might be able to turn some of that debt into dependent comp, but that might have flew the coop by now.
  6. Buck, I will agree with you on the 80% and 90% Veterans. I am at 90% and now need a 50% disability to get to 100%. Which doesn't make much sense when a newly disabled Veteran is rated 50%, as in, lost half his ability to work, etc. With that said, I would have to lose half of my abilities, I have left, to get to 100%. Not sure how that works in the real world. I think it should be real hard to get to 50%, than from there, easier to get to 100%, as more disabilities are than contributing to your whole dysfunction. LOL, Hamslice
  7. Ah, the famous Ebenifits jump jump jump. It tells you someone is looking at your claim today. I have had it go both ways. Finalized, and believe it or not, back to Gathering Evidence. The good news is, back to Gathering Evidence, this time should be relatively shorter, less than a week. Looking for someone to clarify if its a 2 or a Z. LOL. I think your going to get a letter in the mail soon, Hamslice
  8. "The VA Needs to change this either let both veterans work or neither, one of the two , but just let a 100 % scheduler veteran work its simply is not fair (jmo)" Buck, I have to respectfully disagree. TDIU, is getting full benefits because you can't work and don't meet the requirements for total disability. 100% scheduler has nothing to do with work, it has to do with disabilities. The VA compensates us for losing the ability to perform certain activities because of disabilities. An simple example would be a 200% (scheduler) rated quadriplegic Combat Veteran, that can make a living using a adaptive keyboard and is a financial wizard. The opposite, would be a 70% (TDIU) rated PTSD Combat Veteran that can not be employed because he has unstable social skills. So, to me there is a big difference, Hamslice
  9. The conundrum is 100% scheduler, VS, TDIU, which is what you are probably alluding too. 100% scheduler is a disability or disabilities that represent a percentage of a whole person, and has nothing to do with needing A&A, but could. So, you can be 100% scheduler and work. However, if you are TDIU, you are not supposed to work. I think your question has some validity, however, you would need evidence to support it. You would need an employer that would support all your home A&A requirements that granted your A&A. And I would think that if you go VA A&A, you probably should be getting SSDI, which would preclude working in itself. I get spousal A&A for my disabled wife. I do not see any employer doing what is required for my wife at home at a job. And I'm sure the employer would have to keep a record of it. Another obstacle an employer would probably shy away from. Probably a VA reg that says no. So there is that. You would need to do some reading. Good luck, Hamslice
  10. Buck, I was surprised myself. I had received the option of attending my physical in person or VVC, and chose VVC. But no such option for the blood draw obviously. So, I went. I pulled into the clinic and thought they were closed. No cars in the parking lot. Went to the door and a person met me at the door in protective garb and took my temp, ask if I had or had not a bunch of stuff. Let me in. I was the only patient in the whole place. They took my blood and ushered me out the door. LOL, Hamslice The bad news is my blood came back and my glucose is 118. She's going to yell at me again!
  11. Well, I went to the VA clinic on Thursday and they took my annual blood sample, and now on Friday, I have my annual VA physical with the new Covid issues, Via, VA Video Connect (VVC) Appointment. Not sure how the prostate exam is going to work, Hamslice Follow up after Friday's appointment..
  12. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, Way to go, Hamslice
  13. They recouped my separation pay from my VA comp. They took all of it from 2008 till 2014, until I had paid back about $47,000.00. I did not have to pay back the taxes that they took out when they paid me my separation pay. However, I did get my taxes back. FWIW, Hamslice
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