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  1. Hamslice

    C and P hypeetension

    I just had a hypertension increase C&P on Friday. I know I will not get an increase, but I wanted to get in the record my original readings from 2004 when I had an LOD (line of duty) while on active duty which led to my service connection for HBP. With that said, I had quite a discussion with the examiner. My issue is, while the VA might do it, medical facilities, both military and civilian do not take your blood pressure three time on two separate occasions as stated in the rating reg. When I had my first high reading in 04, the Army nurse had me rest for 5 minutes and took again, still high and recorded it, once. Then the LOD. I was sent to a civilian doc, who's nurse took my BP with a high reading and then took it again on the other arm, and then documented my BP once. The doc came in and he took my BP and it was high. The bottom line is I may have had my BP checked more that once (3 times at one location), but they only record the one reading for the visit. So, again, it is unreal to expect anyone other than the VA to check 3 BP times in a row and record it accordingly. I did claim HBP and at the C&P exam in 04, the examiner did take my BP three times in a row, however, this was after taking medicine for 3 months and so by then it was good. Now, on Friday, the examiner did take my blood pressure at least three times, once before and once after the exam and with both arms both times. It was mildly high, but not enough for compensation. I did tell her, that the way the VA plays, I should just stop taking my meds for a couple months and get readings 3 times on 2 seperate days to meet the requirements and she said don't do that. I told her I was kidding, but she did see my point. She did tell me she had a diabetic not take his meds to get a more favorable rating. She did not tell me how that panned out for that Veteran. Just a stupid rule, Hamslice
  2. Hamslice

    What to do?

    I second the patient advocate, While she/he may not help in your case, they will eventually get rid of the bad people over time. If they get 1-20-30-whatever number it takes, complaints then they have the requisite number to fire or more likely move the person. If you don't say anything, know one will know. Just don't expect any action specific to you(r) instance immediately, there is a shortage of good doctors and good nurses. Just sayin, Hamslice
  3. UPDATE Went to my C&P today. Some anomalies from past practices, First, the examiner spent 2 hours 45 minutes and we went through all six claims until she was comfortable with what I my problem(s) were and she did go through my medical records I brought with. It was very informative. Second, she did not speak ratings, however, in the case of my hypertension, she, and I agreed, that my rating would probably not change, but she did agree with me to get my evidence in the record. Which is what I wanted. For the future if I pursue a different angle on that issue. Third, determined that all my claims where already SC'd (increases) or secondary and therefore I didn't have to have (prove) service connection. Fourth, she read and is using my medical records for x-ray arthritis evidence and did not send me for x-rays, which has always been the practice in the past. I the past, I had the exam and then I had x-rays on my way out. Lastly, she spent about 10 minutes max examining my feet, ankles, heart and HBP. She did use a goniometer, however, she was very sympathetic to my ailments and did not let me extend my ROM. In other words, she shut me down when she thought I was exerting myself and use a smaller measurement. Basically, she stopped me at pain, where they should, but I could still move my foot some more. So, I will be waiting to see how the ROM reading come out. I know they will be more favorable than last time. Anyway, this was the best C&P exam I have had yet. I did have her before in 2012 and I think that C&P was a good one also, so there is that. I think I will prevail in 4 out of the 6, but most likely get 3. I will be happy with 2 if one is bilateral. LOL.. More to come, Hamslice As an aside, she did go and check that my claims did not prevent me from doing my job and I did correct her and tell her that I will be unemployed as of February of 2019 as I am unable to pass the physical (exercise) exam of the police department where I am employed and she did correct that on the DQB and did state that I am unable to run and therefore unable to maintain my employment. She did tell me to get letters from my Orthopedic Surgeon and my Cardiologist supporting that. That may be my next move.
  4. Sometimes you should just leave barking dogs sleep, LOL, Hamslice VA=barking dogs............
  5. Or, did you get a letter telling you to come to a C&P exam? If not, it could be a paper C&P and you are not required to be there. But I would definitely check that out. I have, according to eBenifits, two C&P exams on Friday this week. One a 730 and the other at 1230. I did receive a letter in the mail saying I had a C&P exam on Friday for both times. I also received 4 texts confirming the same times, etc. And a voice message today too. However, the C&P examiner called me yesterday at around 8, but because I work nights and sleep until 2 in the afternoons, I didn't get the message until then, to call her back. Which I did. She stated that they had a cancellation and that I could have come at that time, but now too late, etc. So, while I had her on the phone, I did ask why one at 730 and one at 1230, and she said that I would probably be done in the morning and that the afternoon one is for her to do her paperwork on my claim(s). So, you should probably call and find out. But, you could also look at your disabilities on eBenifits and check at the bottom as it will list your pending claims and what the claims are for. So there is that. Lastly, your C&P letter, if you got one, will have a phone number for the C&P scheduler, who will help you figure this out. I have had three "paper" C&P's in the past where my attendance was not required. All I got, Hamslice
  6. Its just not the "stolen valor" people, its the general population too. One of my frequent flyers went from jail to court last month with 15 felony charges and came out with one misdemeanor conviction. All the DA's do anymore is make deals. That way they can claim 99% success rate for their next election. Just sayin, Hamslice
  7. Well let me just say this. I know of one Vietnam Veteran (Marine, boots on ground) that has a whole bunch of health conditions, some of which are slam dunks regards agent orange, etc. Diabetes, etc. Has never been to the VA. Didn't know he could go. No kidding. His wife made him go to a CVSO community meeting 3 months ago so she could find out what is available for her when he dies. LOL. Nothing right now, except the $200 +/- burial stipend. Boy do they have a bunch of things to get done with the VA in a hurry. Do you think the VA is going to infer everything that is this guy could possibly get. Fat chance. The CVSO and I talked afterwards that there walked out about $500,000.00 the VA saved over the years. And, there are hundreds more like that. Duty to assist, to infer, is just that. Good for you if you can hold their feet to the fire, but they usually wiggle out. So, there is a lot the VA will not do on its own. All my claims have been simple and straight forward. I have not fought the battles many of you have. I do appreciate your efforts and I do like to read your war stories with the VA. Just keep it civil. Don't stop the learning. Hamslice
  8. I did this, but it was called a re-open. And with new evidence. Not a new claim. Not sure what the deal is, but with the VA, if you don't spell it out for them, they will use the easiest path of least resistance to out maneuver you. And if you do spell it out for the VA, they will put on the blinders and not look past what you ask for. I would do a re-open. What is required is new evidence. And you have that. And, just so you know, your EED will be the date of your re-open claim. Not your denied claim(s). But at least it will be service connected if you win. That's the most important thing.. Happy Turkey Day, And I get to work it. Again, Hamslice
  9. Print the CD twice and put one copy away in a safe, fireproof. Then use the other copy to parse and send in pertinent records. Or, send in the whole thing and they will add to your VA med record. But, but, but, always keep that one copy complete. Twenty years from now you will know why.. Hamslice
  10. GeekySquid and Buck, I must stand corrected, I just got a call today from the VA medical hospital that I usually go to for my C&P. Bear in mind, I have never received a call from anyone regards my C&P exams in the past. "Hello, this is Dr. xxxxx (yes I said Doctor). I will be doing a C&P exam in the near future as we are opening your heart and did I ever have an echo". I told her that I did have one with my cardiologist and then again with the VA at her location back in 2016 for my claim back then. She stated "I don't have them" and if I could get them and bring them with. I told her I had them and that I would bring them. I will also bring my Holter monitor results, now that I know she, the examiner, may not have my information that is right there in her building. And I will be bringing all of my information regards the other 4 or 5 claims I just made, because this C&P may be one of those all in one jobs.. So, again, I stand corrected.... Hamslice
  11. Pending Disabilities Disability Submitted Type Actions Hypertension 11/05/2018 INC View Pending Claim Irregular Heartbeats 11/05/2018 NEW View Pending Claim Rt Ankle Arthritis 11/05/2018 SEC View Pending Claim Lt Foot Plantar Fasciitis 11/05/2018 SEC View Pending Claim Left Ankle Achilles Tendonitis (claimed As Left Ankle Pain) 11/05/2018 INC View Pending Claim Lt Ankle Arthritis 11/05/2018 SEC View Pending Claim Posted today Nov 14, 2018 They changed it up a bit today. And we moved from review to gathering of evidence. Estimated Completion: 01/24/2019 - 03/23/2019 I also got a call earlier Tuesday afternoon from a Doctor, yes I said Doctor telling me that I will be scheduled for a C&P shortly and asked me if I have had an "echo" because they are reopening my heart. I did tell her that I did and that the its in my VA medical record and she told me to bring it with. This is the first time I have received a phone call regards a C&P exam, much less from a doctor. All for now, Hamslice
  12. Right back at you and all the other Veteran's Hamslice
  13. Thanks Berta, This is my last Veterans day that I will have had to work. For the last 10 years, and many before that, I have worked every 4th of July, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and most if not all Christmas's. I do work New Years Eve too, when all the morons come out. All at night, hell I'm working right now. LOL. I will be retiring in February. Too much going on with people right now and I'm tired. I ain't what it used to be. The other night I cut the noose out of the rafters of an attempted suicide (not a veteran, thank God), and it wasn't a big deal anymore. Just got done with that call and then had a mother of six overdose on heroin, Percocet and booze. A repeat offender. At least they took her kids away the last time. Let some younger person have a chance to save the world. I'll take care of my beautiful wife now and enjoy my grand kids. I'm the luckiest person in the world, Hamslice Thanks to everyone on this site who takes the time to try and help other Veterans. I know I try.
  14. I agree with Bronco. Get it service connected, then worry about the rest. Even at 0% there is a lot to be gained. If the VA rates your malady at 0 because there is nothing similar in the rating reg for it, but agrees that service caused it, you can then go after secondary issues related to you SCDS that are in the reg and ratable. I have a couple conditions rated at 0%, but because I have them I have two secondary conditions rated at 20% and 30%. For me, the best date I get is when the VA had the evidence (usually with my claims). Same for a re-open, which I won, you only get the date of the new evidence. I would think a new disease or recognition of a new disease and you're have it would be the earliest, and when you make that claim. Unless the VA was knowingly hiding something, but then that's a whole other thing. Hamslice
  15. Hamslice


    Lumbar and Thoracic are rated as one. Cervical is rated as one and separately from the Lumbar/Thoracic. I am rated 20% Lumbar/Thoracic for Range of Motion and then 20% Cervical for Range of Motion. Degenerative Arthritis gets you service connected at 10% by x-ray evidence. 20% and higher ratings are for ROM. Bed-rest gets you the big numbers, but doctors don't prescribe that anymore, so its just the VA rating reg being from the stone-age. Good luck, Hamslice

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