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  1. This is an easy one. First, grab your DD214, to prove your dates of service. Second, fill out a statement of claim, what happened and when, as close as you can, i.e., "I fractured my hip the third week of basic training" Third, take both of those to your CVSO, County Veterans Service Officer, at your local court house. Have him or her submit your initial claim. They will have you pick a service organization. Pick one. That's it. Get in the system, Get the ball rolling, Hamslice Some of these claims are slam dunk, and we don't need to try and outthi
  2. First thing to do is make a claim for it. That will start the date for compensation. I doubt that they will go back to a date where no claim was made, but you need to get the MH condition service connected before you need to worry about an earlier date. Now if the intentionally hid the information from you, well then you might have to get a lawyer to prove that, but just because you didn't see it in your medical record, or you were unable to get your medical record, I don't think will fly. But, I could be wrong. I don't know what documentation you have, but sometimes the VA stee
  3. Sounds like you may get an increase on one or two of your conditions. You have a bunch of service connected conditions which is a good thing even if they are or were at zero percent. If and when they get worse, you can file for an increase without having to prove they occurred in service. And once you get the ball rolling, don't forget secondary's to you original service connected conditions. Keep plugging along, Hamslice
  4. All of my claims have been examined by a NP. I have never had a doctor for a C&P exam. I have won all of my claims except for the ones that were not well thought out on my part to begin with. If you have (had) a condition that resolved itself, with or without meds, and you have no residuals, then it will get denied. Which my denials were. I learned. All of my increases and secondary claims were examined by a NP. I was successful in all of those. Those were easy as I had new evidence from a doctor that showed worsening of my original service connected condition, or the the new c
  5. Always file a claim, you could win, you could get denied, you could get denied and they will point you in the right direction for a later win with a earlier date than if you wait. If you don't file a claim, nothing changes, Hamslice
  6. My external backup drive took a dump a couple months ago, which wasn't an actual backup but a storage drive, so I lost everything. But, luckily, I was able to have the manufacturer retrieve most of the data. While looking at the recovery disc, I ran across these pictures again. When I first posted the award letter pictured response, it was a little tongue and cheek, as IU is not for me, and was basically wondering if there was any onus on the VA regards development??? That, and the recent interest in IU on this board. Maybe a more serious look wouldn't hurt for others with th
  7. Grilla, This is too late, but maybe members reading this will learn something. When you got rated 10% lumbar, it was from the x-ray showing arthritis. When you got the 10%, the VA basically low-balled you, which they did to me and every other Veteran. You, as I did probably complain of lower back pain with in service medical records to support and the VA shot an x-ray and said yep, here's your 10%, and you like me said hey that's great and went on our way. Mine was in 2009. Then after being on this site for a year, I figure out the money is in Range Of Motion. So, in 2011, I asked f
  8. Fox, The first time I requested my c-file, I, after about 6 months, received about an inch and a half stack of paper. I proceeded to look through it and found that it repeats itself about four times with some bits added here and there. So, I got 4 copies of some things, and 1 of others, and mostly random order, but definitely old to new order. Basically, a file where they just add new stuff to the front, etc. A couple of years ago, I requested my c-file again and within 2 months received a CD rom. I was exactly the same stuff in the same order with new (recent) stuff added up fro
  9. Just type what your question relates to. As an example, if your subject is, Hemorrhoids, then a good tag line would be, Medical. Etc. I believe you can type in anything and it will go. Give it a shot, Hamslice
  10. Well this is very interesting. I live in the sticks, and I travel an hour and a half to my VA Hospital for my "in-house" C&P exams. I'm not too sure who around my area they would even contract with? And the billing will be horrendous. Took the VA over a year and a half to pay for my pre-approved civilian doctor eye exam. Got a bill in the mail every month for 18 months. One day they stopped, Hamslice
  11. Sometimes I post before I search, Doh.... What if my spouse is also a Veteran with a combined disability rating of at least 30%? Can we both receive additional disability compensation for each other and for our children? Or can only one of us receive the additional benefit? If you and your spouse are both Veterans with a combined disability rating of at least 30%, you can both receive additional disability compensation for each other and for your children. You should know: It’ll take us longer to process your claim if your spouse is also a Veteran.
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