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  1. Go to MyHealthyVet and check your calendar. Maybe you had more that one C&P that day, or they are talking about a different date. Also, it will say "Appointment Kept". Not sure what it says if you miss an appointment as I have never. Also, if your C&P was at a VA hospital, the exam should be on MyHealthyVet, Blue Button. If your C&P was with a contractor, then I don't know. Call and talk to the scheduler for the dept you where at and verify why he/she is saying you missed your appointment. Hamslice
  2. https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/08/12/veteran-dead-for-four-days-found-in-california-assisted-living-home/ You can't make this shit up, Just sayin, Hamslice
  3. Diagnostic code 7705 ?? Its still in the CFR... February 2019 Not sure what you're being rated for? Anyway, if your thrombocytopenia has worsened, file for an increase, the worse thing they can say is no, and you are there now anyway at 0%. If your claimed disability is not in the CFR, then they will use a disability as close to one claimed for a rating. I have that in my file at least once. FWIW, Hamslice
  4. I am retired, howerer, I do collect old trucks and tractors as a hobby. In order to go across state lines with a trailer, weighing over 10,001 pounds, I need a DOT number for my truck, to be legal. And the driver (me) of the truck needs a medical certificate, whether, "for hire" or "not for hire". I do have a CDL, thanks to the military. I do not need to keep a log book, however, which is good for me. There is a Chiropractor in town that does them for $75, so that's what will probably happen. Just trying to get the VA to do their damn job.. Hamslice
  5. I have read in numerous inter-web locations, that in 2017, the VA would facilitate Veterans needing a Driver's Medical Certificate, form MCSA-5876, for their CDL (Commercial Driver's License). One of the new benefits afforded to us Veterans. We'll as usual, my local VA clinic and my VA hospital are unable to do this for me.. So, no soup for me, Hamslice
  6. My life insurance deduction is $33.70... Just sayin, Hamslice
  7. This is what happened to me...., while I agree with Bronco, at first it didn't work out, but I used what I gained and taylored my next claim accordingly. I was direct connected 10% for right foot plantar fasciitis after leaving service. Over time I developed a limp and left foot pain. So, I claimed left foot pain secondary to my right pf. I was granted 0% for left ankle tendonitis. ????, 0% for pain. Not sure how that works. But, with this new diagnosis, I requested and received therapy on my left and right feet. After 7-10 weeks, and little relief, I read my reports from the therapist. I now had a diagnosis for bilateral pf, bilateral ankle arthritis and worsening left achilles tendonitis. So, with that, I submitted another claim(s) for an increase in my 0% left ankle achilles tendonitis and a new claim for bilateral pf and arthritis of both ankles. In the end, they gave me 10% for bilateral plantar fasciitis (like tinnitus, one or both, only 10%), 10% for left achilles tendinitis (includes arthritis), and 10% for right foot arthritis. So, my 10 got me a new 0 which got my two new 10's, for a total of 30. I did have to steer the boat a little on this. Now, because of Bronco's advice, I did get a lot more than I bargained for with my heart. I was 0% for high blood pressure and 30% for LVH. At my last physical the doc saw mini-beats or irregular heart beats. So, I had my cardio do a test and it met the VA's scale for 30%. I figured my best would be the 30 for IHB's, by the book, but with Bronco's suggestion to claim for symptoms, not diagnoses, I claimed chest pain (two episodes), heart beat issues and sweats, etc. And supporting doctor (clinic) appointments and notes. That and for an increase in my HBP because of an increase of medicine and and old record of a high number on two separate occasions. I was awarded, 30 for irregular heartbeats, 10 for HBP in addition to my 30 for LVH. I didn't think I could get both 30 for the beats and 30 for the LVH. I think this is where "symptoms" trump's diagnosis. FWIW, Hamslice
  8. In the last ten years, I have submitted 4 or 5 rounds of claims, probably close to twenty individual claims. Some or most of the claims overlap regarding medical records, both civilian and military. Each claim I have included all records related to the issue claimed, each time. I did not rely on the VA to look for anything on their own. I received my c-file for the second time in 2018 and it has the same medical records in at least four different locations on the disc. I think they just add info to your c-file and there is now order or arrangement, not a compilation. "Duty to Assist", Just sayin, Hamslice
  9. We'll, it looks to me that it occured in service, the surgery anyway. Something doesn't add up, that's for sure. Did your man join when he was 17 years old? Just curious by reading dates. If you keep getting denied, you might want to consider a lawyer. 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing, everyday. Have you used a service organization or rep?, and what do they say? Something is amiss. Hamslice
  10. Here is what I did and what happened. I deployed 03-04 Iraq. When I got out in 08', I made a bunch of claims with the VA. They have my medical records, except for when I was medevaced to Kuwait City Hospital for a week for heat exhaustion or viral infection, not sure what it was. I then sent for my medical records to St Louis and received everything I already had, and no record of my stay at KCH. Not sure when, but I then sent a request to all of my State reps and Fed reps, six in total. About 3 or 4 days later, I got a call from my US Senator's office, a retired SGM, who was going to represent all of the reps I sent requests to. Apparently they all work together or whatever. Anyway, about two months later I received a letter from the Senator stating that they were unable to find any records for me regards my stay at KCH. About a year and a half later, I received a brown envelope from some Army Medical unit, from Hawaii, I believe, with about 30 pages from my stay at KCH. Nurse and Doctor notes as well. Nothing about who sent it or needing any response. I have no idea who helped me out, or if it just took that long for someone to connect the dots. So, what I am saying is, your record is out there and maybe just hasn't caught up yet. I didn't know what unit was using the hospital in Kuwait while I was there and I am sure they rotated out just like the Combat Units did. Get your name out there, Hamslice
  11. I have learned on this site (from Bronco) that the VA rates symptoms, and with that in mind, with my last set of claims, I was pleasantly surprised. It went like this; "I have been told I have an irregular heartbeat (symptom) that was recently discovered during my annual physical, and I believe it is related to my LVH, Hypertension or HBP medicine." I was awarded 30% for irregular heartbeat secondary to my hypertension. Of course, I included medical records supporting same. I had a very favorable C&P examiner. I didn't play dumb, but I didn't play doctor either. I just told her what happened and what I did or didn't do. I did bring her medical records, which I had never done before, and she took them. So, there is that. FWIW, Hamslice
  12. All, After many years (20+) of slight heartburn, swallowing problem, etc., etc, I requested a (EDG) Esophagogastroduodenoscopy to see if I do in fact have a problem. I did have severe heartburn in the late 80's, which would wake me at night etc., but resolved itself, I thought, until I talked to the doc today after my EDG. Preliminary procedure findings; Grade 2-3 gerd, suspect Barrett's Esophagitis, type I sliding Hiatal Hernia and they did a biopsies of GE junction. My daughter, who is an RN, was my driver today. I gave instructions to the doc to tell her my findings after the procedure as when they told my after my colonoscopy, I didn't remember a thing. Anyway, he told my daughter that he has seen it a hundred times before and that I have Barrett's Esophagitis and will wait for the biopsies to come back. Worst case could be a form of cancer. Back to the beginning, I told him that I had severe heartburn along time ago and he said that I still have it, just my sensors were burned out a long time ago. I should have been on medicine for a long time, etc. One of my original (denied) claims when I left in 2009 was for Gastroenteritis, but was denied because of no symptoms. I suspect my symptoms were burned up... After the results come back, new medications, and some research, I will shoot in a claim, Hamslice
  13. so·lic·it /səˈlisit/ verb ask for or try to obtain (something) from someone. ask (someone) for something. No one asked me a damn thing regards IU, Hamslice
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