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  1. Long time no read, Welcome back, Hamslice
  2. Was your father on active duty in the Navy before, joining the Naval reserve? Does your father have a DD214 ? , at all. The Navy can be confusing and unlike the Army. In the Army, and the Army National Guard, you get a DD214 from your basic training and AIT or after your term of service. We had prior Navy Sailors join our Army NG unit, who did not have much for records, but they did have a DD214. Not sure what happens if you just join the Naval Reserve straight up. In the NG straight up you get a NGB-22 or 23. Again, does he have a DD214? If he says he does not, go to the CVSO (County Veterans Service Officer) office and see what they have on your father. Alot of Veterans had there DD214 registered at their county court houses without their knowledge. Once you get his DD214, see what it says. You need 90 or 180 days etc., active duty. Now, you did say your father was in the reserves. Call his last unit of assignment. Only call the State or Regional or National Headquarters as a last resort. We called them puzzle palaces for a reason. You will get blown off. Hopefully his last actual unit building will have a ghost file on him with his records. Then work you way up the chain of command. You need to prove to the VA that your dad meets the VA requirements. SSI is not going to do that and really doesn't care what the VA says, and vice versa. Paper, paper, paper, Just sayin, Hamslice
  3. My experience, Medical device malpractice, companies settle when there is a large group, usually in the hundreds, and then you will have to sign a waiver saying that the device had nothing to do with your injury. Usually big money. In our case, 35 million, and the lawyers get 40%, or 14 million or 4 years work, not bad, but you and 500 other injured persons get 20-30 thousand dollars each after attorney fees. The lawyers work without any money from you. You win, but not a bunch. Hospitals don't usually get sued, they just pass it on to the doctor, unless you slip on their sidewalk, then slip and fall lawyer. Doctors stick together like glue and will not rat one another out until it becomes to unbearable to stand by a bad doctor which rarely happens. Lawyers will not take these cases on contingency. You pay up front or by the hour, unless it is an outright obvious case. Like they take the wrong leg off. I have written letters to hospitals and have gotten nurses fired, nurses who refused to give my wife medications directed by doctors, but I don't think there is any money there, FWIW, Hamslice
  4. "I just became qualified" You may have just met the prerequisites for applying for TDUI, but that don't mean you can/will get it. I get the TDUI forms from the VA with all of my decisions after I went over 70% a few years ago. You don't need to do anything in my opinion, The VA is not going to give you TDUI without you applying for it and seeing a examiner (C&P), and if they do, just tell the C&P examiner that you are working and plan to continue to work. That should put the stamp on that, Just sayin, Hamslice
  5. Vync, Very greatfull, I concur, more digging, Thanks, Hamslice
  6. I found the reasons, but no C&P notes, "The evidence does not show an event, disease or injury in service." "Entitlement to medical treatment is not established because a psychosis or mental illness was not developed during, or within two years, from the date of separation." And from the note, "Discussed the diagnostic requirements for something to be considered a disorder - social and/or occupational impairment. Veteran has come to realize that he does not have a mental disorder, but rather he exhibits some obsessive-compulsive personality traits. These traits do not cause him social or occupational impairment, and in fact are an asset in his work in the Army and now as a police officer." So, I guess I'm better off now, because of what the Army did to me, FWIW, Hamslice I don't think there was a C&P.
  7. From a clinical note from therapist, DIAGNOSTIC IMPRESSION . . Axis I: Obsessive.-Compulsive Disorder Axis II: 799.9 Diagnosis Deferred on Axis II Axis III: See medical notes from pcp and problem list. above Axis.IV: Occupational problems (mild) Axis V: GAF = 70 (Current) Vync, He is a LCSW and a BCD(?), I'm still looking, but not finding any C&P for the OCD, I might call my CVSO, Still digging, Hamslice
  8. We'll another twist. I can't find, but still looking, but I thought I looked before, but, I did not have a C&P for my mental health claim for OCD, I was denied, but I think this was when they were not shipping the reasons and bases, etc. I just looked at my C-File, which I have loaded on my computer, and I do not see any C&P for OCD. The other three body parts claimed are there, but not OCD. I think they (the rater) made there decision from the therapist notes. Does that sound correct? Hamslice More digging....
  9. I have no mental health ratings, and I do not have a stressor, etc., for PTSD,, and feel I don't have PTSD. When I read the criteria for PTSD @ 10%, I met that with the exam for the OCD that was denied, and I feel I do have OCD. I can't find any criteria for OCD, but would imagine some overlap, or the old VA rule where they use what fits your problem best, but I suppose they don't do that with PTSD. I'll do some more poking around. Thanks, Hamslice GB Army, I retired a year ago and have been busier than when I worked. Not sure how I got everything done when I was working. LOL., I should be around more.
  10. I was treated for OCD through the local VA clinic by seeing a therapist for approximately 3 months, maybe longer, in 2011. After treatment (therapy) I put in a claim for OCD, and was denied, which I suspected and accepted. The VA's rationale was that my OCD was caused by my military service, but, it helped my do my job more efficiently. But that's a different story. Now I am researching my records for a new claim going forward for a different issue and came upon this; ------PTSD Checklist C------ SCALE RAW Total 30 DSM-IV PTSD Criteria B is NOT met DSM-IV PTSD Criteria C is NOT met DSM-IV PTSD Criteria D is met So, after finding that (not sure why I didn't see that before, but then all our records are many) I looked up rating criteria for PTSD, and found that I probably fit the 10% rating quite well, and maybe 30% with a good examiner. Additionally, I know that for PTSD, the doc has to be VA, and in this case the therapist is VA. I have never been to a civilian doc regards PTSD. I am thinking of adding PTSD to my new round of claims with the above VA evidence. What ya think?, Hamslice I know my original claim was for OCD, but they did the PTSD test and it showed D being met, shouldn't they have inferred PTSD? I know the answer, but.
  11. We'll, I can tell you this much. I was paid severance pay from the Army, NOT the VA, and later when I became disabled, the Army recouped all of my severance pay (minus taxes) from my VA comp. I did not receive any money from the VA for 3 and a half years. So, yes, others can get at your VA money. I would think my severance pay came from the same checkbook as your travel pay. Just sayin, Hamslice
  12. A service dog you will not see until it is trained, certified and ready to perform a service. A comfort dog, is a pet, and totally different. The horses, canaries, raccoons, cats, dogs, snakes, etc., you see on planes are comfort animals. If you want a service dog, it will not be your puppy. Just sayin, Hamslice
  13. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/korean-war-vet-denied-va-benefits-for-50-years-granted-his-retroactive-due--5-years-after-his-death-300970425.html Same story, but a little easier to read. Of special note is that after winning the VA would not pay because of a missing signature. That should tell you all you need to know about the VA, Hamslice
  14. https://www.va.gov/vetapp99/files3/9924892.txt This Veteran got his rated, so there is hope, Hamslice
  15. I had a C&P on my right shoulder for an increase. They scheduled x-rays for both shoulders, for comparison reasons, prior to the C&P exam. The examiner commented on my having the same issue with my left shoulder, as seen by x-ray, as I did with my right. She told me to file for it. And I did, Hamslice
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