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  1. OK, I was service connected for HBP for 10 years at 0%, because it was treatable with medication, etc. I my last claim for 5 disabilities or increases, I claimed an increase for HBP because my medication had increase, now 2 pills vs 1. I also included two inservice, one military, one private 90 days apart, reading of over 100 systolic from 5 years before I left service. While at my C&P, I did explain to the examiner that the VA reg regards 3 tests, same day, 3 separate days, was quite odious and not realistic, and that no physician, military or private would do that. I also stated that when I was at those appointments, the nurse(s) took my blood pressure, then had me wait 5 minutes and took my blood pressure test again, but only recorded one reading. Again, I told her that no one does what the VA reg calls for. She agreed, and said that she would submit the two prior readings and enter an explanation. I did tell her that one could just not take their meds for a couple months, then get the 3 readings, 3 separate days, etc. like the VA reg calls for and she told me not to do that. I told I was not, but I made sure she saw my point of view on the unobtainable VA reg requirements, etc. That said, my claim for a increase to my service connected HBP was granted for 10% for only two prior BP readings over 100 systolic taken 90 days apart. Now, bear in mind, they, the VA had those two readings from the git go, but I am not rocking the boat as far as a claim for retro, etc. Because, I was awarded, however, it doesn't fit the requirements for awarding. I am just happy to get the 10% with what I had. Bottom line for me is have a good history and story with evidence for your C&P examiner. They do write (opine) your story for the rater, so paint them a good picture even if you don't think you have a shot, You never know, Hamslice
  2. It depends on your bank. Mine was deposited already. For my VA disability, I have it deposited in my USAA bank account. My other pension deposit is through my local bank, BMS Harris and my deposit is not there and will not be there until the 1st, even on a Holiday. From what I understand, USAA sucks it in, in other words, they know it's coming so they put it in ahead of time, etc. There is an ad for a local credit union that says they will put your normal deposits in two days earlier than other banks, so it is up to the banks. FWIW, Hamslice
  3. I can do it on here stubby pencil which is 100% accurate, but would have to know the disabilities, not just the percentage. And left or right if appendages... It's really simple. You need to be carefull with the calculators when you make changes, sometimes it don't take. Better to leave the page and come back and start over. I had a similar deal before my last round of claims. I had a left foot 0% and a right foot 10%, which by reg is not a bilateral. Has to be a ratable disability. Believe it or not, if the 10% was bilateral, I would have been 90, but wasn't, therefore I was 80%. I fixed that with a new claim for an increase.... FWIW, Hamslice
  4. I have done this twice in the past when a C&P examiner mentioned an additional potential disability. However, I let the current claim run its course and then did a new claim (both were secondaries) to a current disability. I have never sent in additional claims when one was in the works. But thats me. FWIW, Hamslice
  5. Does the "stumpy579 administration" has a hotline?, so I can ask "Betty" where we are at with the survey. Nice, Hamslice
  6. More interesting is, your visit on 02/22/209 was apparently with "Your Provider". Some data is telling the computer you went to a provider on the 22nd, but not telling the computer where you went. Aren't computers great, Hamslice
  7. If you go on eBenefits and hit the disabilities tab, it will show each condition and percentage. It will also show not service connected claims, etc. It will also show secondaries with the parent disability. Hamslice
  8. I think the issue here is acute vs chronic... Not that I agree with, but what they are saying is your issues resolved while in service. I had 3 or 4 issues that where denied because the resolved while in service and or have not residual effects post service. Every issue that I have that is chronic is golden. You need someone to opine that what you are claiming is a chronic condition related to you service. FWIW, Hamslice
  9. So, today, I get an email from the VA telling me there is a Facebook live event today with the VA at 1pm.. Now, mind you, I am not "anti" government, rather quite pro-government, However, I am anti-Facebook. They will mine your computer and its use without you knowing it and use it for purposes that you may not agree with. I said this to my wife about 5 years ago when I saw the expansion of Facebook into regular order. Just like my parents had to get a checking account to get their Social Security. They lived into their 70's without any bank accounts. My dad was upset that they had to get an account to get their deposits, etc., So I believe within the next 10 years, everyone will have to have a Facebook account in order to get their SS or VA benefits. It's coming, hold on, Hamslice The VA has no business having a Facebook account. Period. Facebook is a private entity. VA money is going to Facebook. Nothings free..
  10. Note for future; Do not take wife or gf to VA with self.... Thanks, Hamslice Or, at least not together.... just sayin.
  11. We'll now I have to seriously look into this. I was given my first shot on 23 March 2003 at Ft McCoy, FAV 74, which is not on the list. My second shot is not on my record I found?? My third shot was on 10 Jul 2003 in Iraq, FAV 071, which is on the list, but stateside..?? These are on my MEDCOM FORM 700-R (MCHO), More digging,, Hamslice
  12. I pick up my wife's all the time, they just scan my drivers licence for the heavy stuff.. Hamslice
  13. Fort lost in the woods, Misery, Hey, I went to basic and AIT there, Hamslice
  14. In the last 3 years I got the 10,000 from the VA and a 10,000 and a 5,000 from Mutual of Omaha, $30 and $20 bucks a month or there about's, age 57. I got my wife, 10,000, 10,000 and 5,000, at less $$$ than my two combined. She is 4 years younger and a lot prettier than me. She is disabled with major medical problems, and then there is me. This is the insurance where there is NO physical, etc. Guaranteed acceptance, yada, yada, yada. Just so you know, if you do get "this type", you can only have a max of $25,000.00 each, from any or all insurances of "this type". Not including the VA, so I could get another 10,000, as the VA is not under this rule. Not sure if its a rule or just a policy. Anyway, Hamslice And please discuss your wishes before hand, i.e., my wife wants to be cremated and her remains disposed of (?), and I want to be embalmed and have a mausoleum built in my honor. So, there is that..
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