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  1. The short answer is you won't pay income tax on the VA pay, so you will gain a bit. The long answer is to scour your medical records and make sure you have claimed everything that still ails you. And if you were denied on some claims previous, maybe work on them and get them service connected. Get to 50 percent, and then you will get both in full. Just sayin, Hamslice
  2. SSDI 5 year rule is pretty hard and fast. I don't know anyone who has beat that. So, if you haven't worked in the last 5 years from filing, your out. Also, SSDI is for the inability to work, which is what IU is for, so that should work to your favor. Same thing. Now, 100% scheduler, is different, as you could be 100% for a bunch of disabilities, but not one that was enough to trip the SSDI malady list. Yes, they have a list. If your ailment is not on the list, then you have to fight for it. Multiple Sclerosis is not on the list, ask me how I know. And, as I understand it f
  3. Update, Had to call QTC to register to get my password. I can now log onto the examinee portal and see that I have an (not in person) for a "Medical Opinion" on the 31st of May at 10:30. Would be nice to know what he is opining on, LOL, Hamslice
  4. Well, that truly is confusing. It almost sounds like they say you have a cervical disability, from being an Infantryman, however, it was not caused by your bum knee. From what I have learned, and that I have gotten secondary's to secondary's, I would have claimed neck pain second to my other service connected conditions and let them find/deny the link. It almost sounds like they pegged the denial to your knee. But, say that you have neck pain from your service. I got my elbow second to my shoulder, because of arthritis and then a bump cause of range of motion. I think
  5. Any updates? Part of my claim was referred to QTC after my exam by LHI Care. The QTC exam is not in person, so I don't know when that happens, but I do know the doc according to the letter I received yesterday. Hope you did good, Hamslice
  6. Vet4422, "Peggy" is a bloggers term for calling whom ever is in charge of what you are complaining or asking about. In this case, the suggestion is to call the VA. Hamslice
  7. While I think, so far, that my exam with the LHI Care RN was good, and may have been more beneficial for me versus my previous exam at the VA facility, there are a few things a bureaucracy unintentional creates. Most of it is repetition of same service's. As a "perfect" example. When I turn age 65, I can have free, or almost free, healthcare from three sources, VA (disability rating), Tri-Care for LIfe and Medicare. Now, in the end, the money for all three comes from our tax dollars. So, when I will go to the doctor, these three, with there own respective representatives will fight fo
  8. Got a FedEx letter today from QTC informing me of a upcoming "exam" that will not be "in-person". This is for my condition(s) that were referred. So, I went from LHI Care to QTC Medical Services Inc. And, from a RN to a Doctor of Emergency Medicine. Next, Hamslice Can't imagine how we (tax payer) are saving any money doing exams this way, versus in-house VA exams, etc. But, what do I know.
  9. Buck, Sorry, Here I thought you were working on the same form I had done to get spousal A&A. I was wrong, I was saying to "my self", Jesus, Buck, it ain't that hard, etc... Little did I know the VA is continually screwing Veterans and you are on point in this regards "right now" I do not know what to tell you, because, I don't see how you get a civilian doctor to fill out a VA fillable PDF. Again, Sorry, Hamslice
  10. OK, well that is different. I can see why Buck is having problems. First off, good luck getting a doctor to fill out a "fillable" form, that is the same form, you need to fill out. The old form was a write in the blank, etc. Jesus Christ the VA makes it hard. I'm a bit pissed off. OK, 1. Buck (Veteran) needs to fill out section I, or this is how I would do it, get the Doctors "assistant" the information to fill out to keep in on the same computer. 2. Buck needs to fill out section II. About 14, he needs to choose SMC, as he is not eligible for a VA pension. 3. Mrs. Bu
  11. There is no section II, on my form 21-2680, dated JUN2008 It has blocks 1 through 36B. FWIW, Hamslice
  12. The 21-4138 is your name, this is your claim, you are the Veteran The 21-2680, block 1. is your name (name of Veteran), block 2 is your wife (name of claimant) and the same for the rest of the form, i.e., your SSN and then her SSN... Good luck, Hamslice
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