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  1. Buck, When I punch the numbers into the Hill computer I get 86 rounded up to 90%, which is wrong. First time that has happened for me. So I dug out the old pencil, silverdollar22, Here you go, 20+20+36 36+10=42 42+10=48 48+4.8(bilateral factor)=52.8, rounded up equals 53 53+50=77 77+20=82 82+10=84 84 is rounded down to 80 80% Fun with VA math! Hamslice P.S. one more 10 gets you 90%..
  2. The possibility of winning service connection WITH a C&P is about a 50/50 shot in the dark. The possibility of winning service connection without a C&P, especially your first C&P, well I doubt it would happen, Missing a scheduled C&P, is a no no. Don't do that. But, I have been wrong before, Hamslice
  3. Hamslice


    Yes, deferred will always be decided, either favorably or not. As far as the acne, I never did claim acne, however, I did claim for a small (tiny) piece of metal in my face above my eye that showed up during a MRI for service connected hearing loss. I claimed it and they determined it to be a foreign body I acquired while in Irag (I had the record from the Battalion aid station I went to bleeding) and deferred it. A nail gun, so no purple heart, LOL. It came back as service connected under acne and an additional deferred item which came back later as service connection for scars. Both at 0%. And the minute piece of metal is still there. So, if I die of acne, my wife will get DIC, Hamslice
  4. Hamslice


    They were all for secondaries, acne, scars, foot pain and heart disease. 0, 0, 0 and 30% respectively. Hamslice
  5. Hamslice

    College Degree Myth

    Nope, not what I'm saying at all. You can get SSDI at any age. It has a lot do with ability to work when you are younger than when you are older, when it concerns physical disabilities. MH is a perfect example at any age. Unable to be around people or have a conversation with people, probably can't hold down a job at any age. I know of a few people in my area that get SSDI because they are unable to hold down a job because they are in trouble with the law too much. And they are in there twenties. Sorry for the confusion, Hamslice
  6. Hamslice


    The times I have been deferred, I always was service connected, however, low-balled twice and service connected at a 0% rate two times. Never denied. My CVSO says my VSO is the best. Couldn't prove it by me. I have never talked to him or have gotten any correspondence from him. After this next round of claims, I am going to blow the whole thing up if it don't go my way. Or maybe I will just call him and introduce myself. Just sayin, Hamslice
  7. Hamslice

    College Degree Myth

    SSDI (Social Security Disability) is means tested by your age and your education. Below age 50 get a job any job, age 50-54 you can be trained for any job, 55-50 only if you can't work in your field, 60+ and your home free. --You loose the use of your right leg, however, you can use your hands and weave baskets. Age 54 and below, your a basket weaver. Age 55 and up, you are good to go. VA Disability is "supposed" to compensate you for what you can not do because of your in service disability. Nothing about education or ability. --You loose the use of your right leg, however, you can use your hands and weave baskets. You can choose to be a basket weaver or not, you get compensated for your leg. IU means you are unemployable because of your VA disabilities. You and your docs have to prove that and the VA docs have to agree. I'm not sure if age, education or ability have anything to do with it. Must be criteria on the VA form for IU somewhere?? --You loose the use of your right leg, however, you can use your hands and weave baskets. You and your docs need to prove you can not weave a basket to get IU. Just my thoughts, Hamslice P.S., This may not apply to you if you have a degree in "under water" basket weaving.
  8. You said you recently received 100%. Are you collecting retired pay? At anytime after your retirement where you at a rate below 50%?? I ask this because if you are retired and receiving retired pay, and you are not 50% or greater, then you do not get the amount from your retirement that is your comp, because of taxes. However, since this is in the past, they probably would just short you the comp, when your comp was below 50% Now, if you where/are 100% from the day you retired, well then they owe you the whole shebang. Concurrent Receipt, Hamslice
  9. Went to my Cardiologist on Tuesday. Showed him my lower leg edema and my hands. I told him that I needed him to talk about it in his report. He also kept my notes that I brought with two questions that I wanted him to talk about in his report. I think he understood that both needed mention in his report, whether its a concern or not. Anyway, Hamslice
  10. Went to my Cardiologist on Tuesday. He upped my meds and because of my recent (1-1/2 years) early (extra) heart beats, I went in today and they put a Holter heart monitor on me for 24 hours. Take it off tomorrow and give it back. He will let me know in a week or two what they get from that. Other than that, he said every looked good. FWIW, Hamslice
  11. I take the travel pay. Every time. It's for travel, the more you travel, the more you get. Even-steven, Hamslice
  12. I often wonder why the VA makes everything so complicated. Is it because it is just that complicated and it takes that much time, or is there other reasons. Then I read this post above by Asknod. Also, as an aside, I met a Vietnam Vet the other day that is not in the VA system and has had no contact with the VA since he got out of the service. He has a bunch of medical issues that I believe are related to his service to include diabetes. Anyway, he had come with his wife to a CVSO open house, because his wife was wondering if there is any financial benefits for her if he were to pass. I did tell the CVSO that there was a least a half a million dollars sitting there that never got paid out. With that said, and this post, I think the VA knows the amount of monies that would be paid out if "every" Veteran that qualified. It would be astronomical. I believe the percentage of Veterans that get benefits is quite low and of those that get benefits, they don't get near what they could get if adjudicated properly. And the experts are in short demand. And that's the deal with the VA. Make it so complicated that it takes experts to pry the money out of their hands. Veterans just quit. Or die, Hamslice
  13. Hamslice

    100% P&T

    Winner winner chicken dinner, Hamslice
  14. Buck, I have a raw score of 81. I need 20% more, either a 20 or two 10's to get to 85 rounded up to 90. For me to get to 100 would require at least a new 75% which I don't see happening. Also, I am still working , so IU is out. I will be sending in a claim after I see the Cardiologist. I will try to point his report in the direction I need it to go in. You never know. I will be also claiming for other stuff I seen a podiatrist for and hopefully out of the bunch I can get another 20 or 30%. I did tell the podiatrist that I need her report to address a couple things (for the VA) and she said that she would. She did send me to therapy. I will be getting her report and another one from my new PCP and from the therapy for these claims as well. I will let you know what the Cardiologist says. Thanks, Hamslice
  15. All, I have started to develop peripheral edema in my lower legs. I am service connected for Hypertension (HBP) and also for heart disease (LVH). Could or is, these maladies or the "medications" for same causing the peripheral edema? Also, I am service connected for Achilles Tendinitis and I just read this, "Leg edema may also be caused by others factors such as Achilles tendon ..." Can it be claimed? Maybe I will claim it secondary to all three (or, four if I include medications) and let them sort it out. Is there a rating? I have been to my PCP and my VA Clinic doc recently, but have been waiting to go to my Cardiologist on the 12th. I will be pointing my lower legs out to him to see if he will tell me what's going on. On Thursday, I had a C&P for something else, but the examiner put it in my notes that I have it, as I did point it out to her. So there is that. Thanks, Hamslice

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