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  1. 3 signature retro interest by the day cant be much... can it, Hamslice Congrats
  2. Did the doctor order bed rest? It would need to be in his note to count? I have had both quiet and talkative examiners. Both favorable. Most of the time, the paper does the talking, FWIW, Hamslice
  3. "An effort must be made to obtain the VA records not already of record that are in the VA's constructive possession" Jesus Christ, we are all f**ked, Just sayin, Hamslice 44, I'm feeling for you..
  4. Thanks everyone, I may punt after-all, because, I don't think its an appeal of the decision for the increase to 10%, but rather, why they didn't use the same logic they used in '18 back in '09. So, the one year thing is not that big and I can come back to this in the future. Possibly a cue, I don't know. But what I do know is I need 40% to get to 100 scheduler, or a bilat of 20 and a 10. So, with that said, a loss of 10% now, might make that harder to attain. I'm at 91 raw points currently. I have a new secondary claim (recently diagnosed and attributable) that I will be working on this winter, to busy now, and we will see where that takes me. Thanks again for the input, Hamslice
  5. First, I am not asking for an increase, just looking at the possibility of getting 10 years retro at 10%, give or take. Second, to clarify, I have had only two, ever, diastolic readings above one hundred. I have many more lower readings in my STR's. Finally, just looking for the best way to do this, or to just punt, Hamslice
  6. Dug out the decision and see I have until Jan 4, 2020 to git ur dun!! No problems..., as my daughter says. Been contemplating right along, but finally determined I have nothing to loose, and only money to gain, ten years at ten percent, so lets go! 1. Original claim for hypertension was service connected at 0% effective August 19, 2008. STR's and private med records from 2004 and 2008 (two sets, same records, printed different dates in my c-file). -from the rating letter dated August 17, 2009. "The evidence of record does not support a higher evaluation because your pressures are well controlled and you do not have a history of diastolic readings predominantly 100 or more." 2. Claim for increase for hypertension was granted at 10% effective November 5, 2018. STR's and private med records from 2004 and 2008. Exact same records used in 08 claim, as found in my c-file, and in my files. -from the C&P exam dated December 7, 2018. "d. Does the Veteran have a history of a diastolic BP elevation to predominantly 100 or more? (X) Yes ( ) No" Facts known, 1. I have only had in my lifetime, two, diastolic readings above 100. Ever. Both in 2004, one Military, one private. 2. Both med records have been in my STR's, which the VA had, since 2004. Conundrums, 1. My history of high readings does not fit the criteria in the bible, so they might re-evaluate the recent decision and I loose 10%, but I would still stay at 90% for comp. 2. The C&P examiner was favorable to my argument and this might get him/her in a jam. Not sure it matters, but I feel they may have pointed the ship in the right direction. 3. As always, leave well enough alone. We've all been there... 4. Is this a NOD for a better EED, or I hate too say, CUE.. Anyway, got all the info I think I need to pounce, Thanks as always, Hamslice
  7. I have DDD and DJD of the lumbar service connected. Here's the scoring. You get 10% for x-ray, i.e., I have pain and they take an x-ray, it shows arthritis, etc.. To get more than 10%, its ROM, Range of Motion. I get 20% for my lumbar because of ROM. I also get 20% for my cervical for ROM, again, first service connected via x-ray at 10% then increased. Cervical and Lumbar are rated separately, Thoracic is part of Lumbar. You technically can get even higher ratings for lumbar, however, it takes a doctor prescribing "bed rest" which is not done anymore, so not very likely. VA needs to get into the 21st century regards medicine. With all that said, I was service connected for pain at 0% (ankle) which I can not find anywhere in the bible. I didn't fight it, but did get better evidence and requested an increase and got 10% in the end. FWIW, Hamslice
  8. It looks like you're damned if you do or damned if you don't. You won the battle and got the 100%, but the VA says someone needs to take care of your finances. If you fight to prove you can take of you business, the VA, may say you're not at the 100% level and give you less. If it were me, I'd take the 100% and find a stranger, most likely a librarian/notary to make my fiduciary, definitely not anyone I know or am related to. That always turns out bad. Then enjoy life, Hamslice
  9. Hold on, I just checked, Nov 5th, I got time.... I do my best work under pressure, Hamslice Now where's that box of med records.......
  10. The VA likes it when you have new evidence, and while not new to them, its definitely, new to you. If you had seen this at that time, you may have said, hey, I can't work, verses, I don't want to work, etc.... And as always, you never know and it don't hurt to send it in and ask. The VA seems to be more rational lately, i.e., common sense. Let er rip, Hamslice I should talk, I'm about 11 months into sending in an appeal I haven't started working on......
  11. Here's to a speedy recovery. Prayers, Hamslice
  12. I am 10% for tinnitus, and service connected for hearing loss at 0% compensation. To get any comp ($$$$$) for hearing loss, you have to be just about deaf. My left ear is a lot worse than my right ear, however, not compensated. I also scored 100% on the word test, which is in great contrast with the wife............... But, the VA will get you FREE hearing aids at a 0% rating, so there is that. Hamslice On my next word test, when he says "bed", I'm going to say "firetruck", just to f*** with him. LOL..
  13. Navy, I, too, am a member of the ninety %'s group. My highest single rating is 30, so, it took quite a while to get to 90. As GB says, its a challenge to go from 90 to 100 while playing small ball. Right now I'm at 91 and need a 20 and 2 10's to get to 95 ^ 100. Or a bilat 20 and a 10, etc.. All of my disabilities are static, so that's a good thing, Just keep plugin along, and congratulations, Hamslice In the meantime, I got a reopen and a increase to plot now.
  14. I too will say someone will opine as to what is happening. I believe it will catch up to you and you will receive both. It just takes time for the systems to work together, from what I have read in the past. Or, it might just be a partial payment. FWIW, Hamslice You should be getting both, and its called concurrent receipt. APPLYING FOR CONCURRENT RECEIPT In most cases, you do not need to apply for Concurrent Receipt. It should be automatically applied to your paychecks. However, there may be times when your situation changes and the system doesn’t automatically take this into account. In most cases, you will be eligible for retroactive back pay. Determining back pay will require an audit from DFAS and the VA. DFAS states they will pay any retroactive benefits within 30-60 days of receipt of you’re your first CRDP monthly payment. If their audit determines you should be eligible for a retroactive payment for the VA then they will forward the results of their audit to the VA, which is responsible for making the VA disability benefits payment. Retroactive pay limitations: Your retroactive pay can only go back to January 1, 2004, which is the first date concurrent receipt was available. However, DFAS will only go back to the day you first received a 50% disability rating. If your 50% disability rating was made retroactive, then your eligibility will extend to that date, provided it isn’t before January 1, 2004.
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