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  1. AO UPDATE -our last chance

    John, I knew nothing about how the VA works when I made my inital claims. I had HBP in the service, made claim for it, and was SC'd for it at 0% in 2008. During a physical in 2004, I had LVH plain as day in a x-ray taken that day (thickining of the heart). 8 years later, while surfing on here and the innerweb, it became obvious that the VA only looks for what you tell them to look for. I did file for heart disease (with the x-ray evidence from 2004) in 2016 and I did get 30% for LVH secondary to my HBP with the new claim date. I'm thinking the LVH causes the HBP, but what do I know. The chicken or the egg?? Hamslice
  2. When you get out, you will have a discharge physical and a direct link to the VA system. I was not afforded that option as I was AGR, title 32. I did request and got a discharge physical, which active duty members get, but after when they went to the retirement/VA briefing, I got shown the door. What is most important is that you keep going to the docs and keep getting records from your visits for when you file a claim with the VA. Paper, paper and paper. The VA likes paper medical records. Is your shrink a military doctor?? It sounds like your on active duty, what happened to you was on active duty, and they are treating you on active duty. Looks like a slam dunk to me. Hamslice
  3. Mike, I was in the NG for 27+ years. The last 12 were as a AGR Soldier. What I can tell you is from my experience, and not from any help I got from the NG or the VA for that matter. I am not sure how many years you have in the NG, but if you are close to 20 and plan to make 20, then that will be different. Now, you can get a VA compensation disability while stile being a active member of the NG. This is different from an active duty Soldier. The catch is that monies you get from the VA will offset your drill pay. In simple terms, if you receive 400 dollars in VA comp and 500 dollars for drill pay, you will only get 100 dollars for drill. I believe the way it works is you will not receive any drill pay until you VA is recouped from the previous year. In this example you would not recieve any drill pay until like October. We did have Soldiers that received more in VA comp then they did in drill pay, so they did not get any drill pay. Some chose to get out as they were in their first stint (six years) and joined for college bennies and were not sticking around anyway, but then we had older Solders that were within reach of their 20 year letters and drilled for free for a couple years. Now the VA system, You need to know, that there is two VA's. One is for healthcare and one is for compensation. They are not the same and do not work together well. I do not know how long it has been since you came back from deployment, but if it wasn't that long ago, you should of had a post deployment physical with the VA. If not, go see your County Veterans Service Officers and request one. After you have that, you should be in the healthcare side of the VA if you are not already there. Once that is done, get all of your medical records from anytime you were one active duty to include annual training's and any schools you were to to include basic training and AIT (advanced individual training-Army) that you have. If you are not in a hurry, send to St Louis for them. Also, your guard unit, especially your state headquarters will have your medical record. Request copies now even if you are not going to do anything right away. Just to have. After you have your records (documentation) you can submit claims for compensation to the other side of the VA. Persons at the healthcare side will not help or understand for that matter the VA comp side. Just sayin,. It will become apparent when you use the VA compensation system, that paper trumps all. In other words, if it is not in a medical records, it didn't happen. You mentioned something that happened while deployed, but you didn't get help. If you can get any written documentation to support it, that is what you will need to do. A statement from your commander, a buddy statement and a set of orders putting you there. Since you are still in the Guard you have time to work on this. Also, the VA treats the Guard as the red headed step child of the military. WHENEVER, you are asked what service you were in, when talking to the VA about injuries or illnesses that occurred on active duty, state that "my ankle was injured while on active duty in the Air Force, in Iraq", or "my ankle was injured while on active duty at basic training at Ft Leonard Wood", etc. You are not lying, if that is what happened. Just don't say "I was in the Guard". Also, this is a good site to research info and to bounce ideas around. Lot's of good stuff here. FWIW, Hamslice
  4. CSRC or TIUD??

    Wait, what, Why do you not think you will recieve both your VA compensation and your retirement? What retirement are you talking about? The only retirement that cares about VA comp would be a military retirement at less than 50%, which you do not have. So, I am confused, Hamslice
  5. It also depends on if you are going to be working till age 66 if you wait? In my case, I do not plan on working after age 60, so, if I waited until age 66 to get more money, it will take me until age 78 to break even on the money I lost from the 4 years waiting to collect. In other words, I would only see a net return, by waiting until age 66, after I turned 78. Heredity has a lot to play also. My dad died at 81 and his dad died at 80, so there is that. There are a bunch of calculators on the innerweb that will show you the differences of taking earlier or later. Just don't leave the suggested 3% annual increase in the calculator as we all know its been 0 or 1% lately. Just sayin, Hamslice
  6. I am rated 0% for high blood pressure since when I got out in 2008. Evidence was a Line of Duty from 2004 while on active duty. I am rated 30% for LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy) secondary to my SC'd high blood pressure since 2016. Evidence was by x-ray. I did have a nuclear stress test at that time also and the VA has that. I did also claim "tricuspid regurgitation" as that was found during the testing, but that was denied by the VA. In the last two years, and especially at my last appointment, I have been told that I have an ectopic heartbeat. Mini beats between the normal beats with a skipped beat here and there. Both doctor and cardiologist tell me its no big deal. I had never been told that in all of my many years of service and civilian appts until said, two years ago. I know it can be caused by stress and by medications. I would like to link it to "heat stroke" or "heat exhaustion" as that is what I was medivaced in Iraq for. Not sure if that would be seperate or combined with the heart disease, etc., but never hurts to add ammo to ones folder. Anyway, I am putting my next round of claims together and was wondering whether to throw that in on it with the others. I don't think it can hurt me as my LVH can not get better, so that rating is safe. FWIW, Hamslice
  7. Vync, Actually was an orthopedic surgeon. LOL.. I will get the records and see what they say. What I printed was from an online sight I can log on to see my vitals etc... But yes, not sure what that means exactly.. Hamslice
  8. Anyone have a guess how a Irregular heartbeat would be rated?, if it was to be service connected. I see in the VA archives that Veterans have been granted service connection, just wondering how it would be scored. Thanks, Hamslice
  9. Buck, It depends on what you are claiming secondary for. With that said all of my secondaries were successful. The best scenario, I am SC'd at 0% for high blood pressure. I filed heart disease secondary to my high blood pressure. Was there a risk of loosing my 0% for high blood pressure, no. So, there I was granted secondary for heart disease at 30% was a no-brainer. Now, I did claim elbow secondary to shoulder. I could very well have been downgraded on my shoulder as they did retest. However, the results were the same, but I did get secondary for my elbow. So, I did take a chance on that one. Your mileage may vary, Hamslice
  10. Tbird, We might get to 19, I'm still pondering sponsoring paul.. Hamslice
  11. When our doctors became lawyers is when it all went to hell. "Osteoarthritis of ankle, unspecified laterality, unspecified osteoarthritis type" Really, Hamslice
  12. porgee, You could always start your own site, Just sayin, Hamslice
  13. Rod, Use the search feature. There is a lot of discussion regards him in here. Your topic has been on here many times in the past. I read mostly possitive things about him. Hamslice
  14. Oh, I forgot to add, Of those original claims, I was first awarded 30%, then 40%, then 60%, then 70% and now I am at 80%. That took 8 years. So, it is a work in progress. Some do not go to the top from the get go. Others strike gold. FWIW, Hamslice
  15. You need to look at it a different way. The military bought you whole when you passed the entry physical. Now you are at the end of your military career, and they will deduct any injuries that occured to you while you were in their custody, and pay you the difference via compensation. So, what I did, and you should do, is claim everything (injury or illness) that happened during your military career. Even if you do not think it was important. Hopefully you have a copy of your medical file or record of when you went on sick call or to the doctor. Also, do not forget if you were seen by a civilian while on active duty. That counts too. I submitted the records I had, and did not worry about the ones I did not have. The VA found some for me and I found some later on my own. You won't know what you need till you know what you need. Just get the ball rolling. It will be rolling for a long while. Now, if I remember correctly, I initially claimed 8 issues and was service connected for 4 and denied 4. However, two of those later became service connected. The other two were fully recovered while in service with no residuals or ongoing issues. And then after that first go around, you will see how the game, and it is a game, is played. Your first question when you get the big envelope will be about VA math and how they score your percentages, and how they low-balled you. That's just the way it is. Anyway, send it in now.... Hamslice