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  1. "Telling me to call the Taliban to get more information on your reported incident doesn't help you" Now, that's funny right there, I don't care who you are, Hamslice Keep up the good work!
  2. Some good news. Now, just hope my other mailbox monies can follow suit, Just sayin, Hamslice
  3. The Lawyer(s) or legal aide can only get 25% of retro with a max of $6000.00 by law. My wife's retro was around $6000 and they kept around $1600. They can charge some for supplies, etc. Anyhow, it was way worth it. Pay them some, or get nothing, Hamslice We only had to pay $1400 once, but the checks keep coming every month, LOL.
  4. Thanks, I am over 55 (60), but I do have an Associates Degree, so there is that. I went through this with my wife (suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for over 25 years) in 2015. Denied, denied, then court date, then paid a paralegal SSDI organization to represent her. They settle within 2 months, disability pay right away (to include retro), deferred Medicare for an additional 18 months. I had good employer insurance, so it worked out for us. Yes, the SSDI (and I'm sure the VA) can and do make deals at the Judge level, Hamslice
  5. Thanks for the replies. At the end of the online application, they let you print a letterhead for sending in medical records. I was thinking of sending them a couple inches of VA records, but since they are going to get them anyway, maybe I will rethink that. Today, the portal says that a person is working on it and will take 4 to 6 weeks. About the only thing I got going for me is that the last two years since I stopped working, is when my ailments got worse and I went to therapy and many medical exams and procedures. So, the timeline fits. While at least three of my ailments can be found in the SSDI list of maladies, most of them are of a moderate nature. I'm hoping they take the totality of it all into consideration. Time will tell, Hamslice
  6. I just filled out the online application for SSDI. There was no place or question regards my VA disability rating of 100% and being P&T. So, I just copied and pasted my P&T awards summary into the last comment text block. Anyway, you would think they SS would have VA disability as one of their questions, but, That would be too easy, Hamslice This should be a fun trip...
  7. I was recently denied for GERD, and or HIATAL HERNIA. I think my first contracted examiner gave it to me (she said as much), but they sent it out west for a second opinion, which denied it. Doctor trumps NP, etc.. I won't know what happened as I have to get my c-file to see what the examiners opined. And, they made two claims themselves right after my 100%, so I am waiting to get that resolved so my file will be complete. GOOD JOB!. And yes, it's usually a 10'er, but its nice to have that in your back pocket when other stuff arises. Just sayin, Hamslice
  8. I had exactly the same thing happen. However, mine didn't take quite as long as yours is going. I had to go to a different place for x-rays for the second C&P. I will have to wait a little bit longer, still have something pending, and then get my c-file and then I will be in a better place to say why the VA shipped my claim to a second vendor. I can only speculate at this time, but my first exam was by a NP, and then they must have wanted another (stronger) opinion to take their side and sent it off to a doctor for his opinion. Just a guess, Hamslice
  9. I started getting calls about a year ago regards my diabetes and my Medicare, both of which, I a do not have. I am not sure what triggered that, but, I get the calls between 9 and 10 in the morning. I can tell because there is a pause after I say hello, which means they are calling multiple numbers at the same time and waiting for which ones get answered. Probably, one of your searches or phone numbers you called have an automatic number gathering computer system that gets them revenue for your info. Almost all have it, even the government contacts you make. Everything sells now. My cousin and I have done this a few times this year on purpose to prove that our smartphones are listening to use when they are in our pockets. We have a discussion about something non common, i.e., excavator with wore out bucket pins and the next day we have wore out pin shim kit adverts in our emails. We have done it a couple times, and if it wasn't real scary, it's actually funny. Next time you have lunch with a friend, set your smartphones on the table and say pineapple a couple hundred times and see what shows up on your email ads and google search ads, the next day, LOL. I'm pretty sure my toaster is not listening to me, but everything else is fair game, Hamslice I plug my smartphone into my new truck and my truck becomes my smart phone. More to come.
  10. I think the VA is getting out of the business of doing C&P's in house. I had never heard of LHI or QTC, when some of you were talking about them for the last couple years and then low and behold, my last 6 claims went to LHI and then QTC. What I can tell you is that if one of them are unable to to what the VA is asking, the VA may send it to the other one. That is what happened to me. And, I do believe that they don't always understand how the VA works regards claims, and that is how we get frustrated. What I don't like is, unlike the VA exams, a Veteran can not see the exam results right away. I could see my exams 3-6 days after they were performed on eBenifits. I have a couple denials I would like to look at, but I am waiting for the dust to settle and then get a copy of my c-file and see what they say. In the past, I have submitted secondary claims right away after reading the exams. Now, with this new system, it will take much longer. Not sure if by design, but it works out that way. Mr. Cue, I suspect the QTC examiner dose not feel comfortable opining on another examiners work, I wouldn't, but like I said earlier, I don't think he understands that your claim rests on the existing exam. The old system VA examiners understood this. Good luck, Hamslice
  11. Well, I was waiting for the decision to give an update, but I have heard nothing since the hearing. So, I will say that the hearing went well and the hearing official was impressed with my presentation and thought that I had made my case. I even had a more current VA regulation than he had. He asked where I got that. LOL.. Google is your friend. Anyway, it seems that they gave me 60 days to appeal, or 30 days if I want a hearing and I took the hearing, but they are waiting the whole 60 days, plus, to make the decision. The part that's jacked up is they are holding the difference between my 90% and my military retirement for months April, May and June. A little more than $900.00, because they made another claim to DFAS for concurrent receipt. I asked the hearing official what was going on and he told me they can not hold back my disability pay legally, but can hold that money legally, so that is what they did just incase I would have to pay back the additional recouped separation pay of $1951.00. etc. Dirty bastards, Hamslice More to come.
  12. https://www.breitbart.com/pre-viral/2021/09/10/missing-massachusetts-veteran-found-dead-va-staircase/ Jesus Christ, Hamslice
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