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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_cheese Every one had to go to town and get there block of free cheese. There was always the gossip of the lady in the Cadillac that drove up for her free cheese and how she was scamming the system...... Oh, and make sure you got there early because they would run out... LOL, Hamslice
  2. They are all liars. If they told the truth, they would never get elected. A cut in spending is not like you or I when we go to the grocery store. If you budget $100.00 for food, but only get $80.00 to spend that is a cut, but to the federal government, if you budgeted $100.00 for food next nonth, but planned on $120.00 next month, but only got $110.00 for next month, well that to them is a cut. The fact is every department will be getting more money, just not the more money they wanted. It is a scam when they say they are cutting everything. The feds took in more tax money last year than ever before, they just spent even more. And then the people scam the system, and it goes on and on. Need to do away with food stamps and snap cards, etc., and go back to commodaties. My favorite was the free cheese program second to the turkey in the can. Can't buy beer and cigs with free cheese, flour, rice and sugar. Oh, and canned turkey. Just so you know, around here your can get $60.00 worth of food stamps (on a snap card) for $40.00 bucks cash. Right in front of the grocery store. Don't get me started on everyone NEEDS a cell phone crap. Anyway, politicians are all liars, because that is what we want and vote for, Hamslice
  3. Thanks Berta, I agreed from the get go, and have had many examples of the military following their regulation(s) when is was a Army clerk. The VA is probably no different. Just becaue "you think" something should be, dosen't make it so. Even when it makes perfect sense in your mind. Hopefully, someone stepped up and did the right thing, Hamslice
  4. To reopen, you will need new evidence. I reopened one claim and won with new evidence. An appeal, from what I read, you can ask for a re-look with a different rator (senior rator?), with or without new evidence. Your can ask for a reconsideration, which is not a thing, but they will take it and maybe look at it again. Or as one of the advertisers on here says, do all three. The other thing that I see here is, is that the rater may not have seen the DBQ from the doctor, and only used the one from your C&P. Did you submit the DBQ from the doctor as evidence?, you personally? My bet is the rater never saw the doc's DBQ. The VA probably asked and got the treatment records from the doc, but not the DBQ, because they use theirs from their C&P. Veterans need to remember that there is a big difference between VA comp and VA healthcare. They do NOT work together. They are not going to look for another DBQ, etc. Just sayin, Hamslice
  5. Ah, first, you got two topics going on about he same question. Anyway, no they will not close the first claim because you submitted another claim. They just become part of the one claim. You probably could have left it alone as the rater would have looked at it a a primary condition, and possibly a secondary. Now it may go back on the pile and start over. But, in the end, I think you should have it covered. Which is good. Just going to take more time. The dates should stay the same, but maybe not. You might loose some money here. Not sure, Hamslice
  6. Well, I went and read the whole bill. Everything gets cut, not just Veterans. So, probably not going anywhere. Hamslice
  7. The way I read; "Currently, veterans eligible for the program have a 60 to 100 percent disability rating through the VA and are unable to secure a job because of their service-connected disability. The program allows them to get paid at the highest compensation rate. For 2017, the monthly rate for a 100 percent disabled veteran living alone is $2,915 per month. The change, which the budget describes as a "modernization," would stop the higher payments once a veteran who is eligible for Social Security payments reaches the minimum age to receive them. Veterans who have already reached the age to receive Social Security would be removed from the VA benefit program if Congress approves the proposal." is that if you are receiving IU, and lets say you were/are 70 percent before you got IU, that now if or when you receive social security at age 62, you would go back to your 70 percent plus get your social security. I'll have to ponder that for a while. Not sure if that does not make some sense. Some would loose money, some would gain depending on how much SS they are getting. What about the Veteran that didn't work enough to get social security, but is IU. He/she makes out like a bandit compared to the schmoe that is going to get $600.00 from social security. The "round down" is just a silly way to take 20 million from Vets. Not sure about the flight school either. I think healthcare for Veterans is more important than flight school. Anyway, Hamslice
  8. Again..... http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/military/the-intel/sd-me-seal-stolenvalor-20170523-story.html On Wisconsin, Hamslice
  9. What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hamslice Nice pic. The guy behind me jerked and had about a half inch cut with blood running down his arm. Oh, well, then we were off to the grinder for pushups and whatever that exercise was where you swung your arms around and around. Got to get them imunizations working.......
  10. I got denied for OCD. The VA said my OCD was benificial to my current job. Bastards, Hamslice
  11. File for Hep C. It is not curable, it is manageable, however can become serious if not treated. There are probably some on here that are service connected for Hep C and can tell you what the rate is. You don't need a VSO to get your claim back, it will come to you on its own when its done. Definitely claim anything you feel secondary to your original service connected disability. That was a long time ago and you probably have compensated for it with other muscles and joints, etc. Hopefully you get connected for arthritis, because, it effects adjacent joints, and then they can be secondary, etc. Also, these things take time. Don't expect everything all at once. Work your claim(s). Get an eBenifits account and track your claim(s). You will need to go the a VA hospital to get a premium account. For me, 2009-30%, 2011-40%, 2013-60%, 2014-70%, 2016-80% and going for 90% here shortly. Good luck, Hamslice
  12. chavez, I believe, from what I have read, a VA rater will not split the difference. You either meet the 10, 30 or 60. Now I have seen where a Veteran dose not meet the 60, but reading appeal archives, the board gave them the 60 because it more closely represented the Veteran than the 30 did. I have not seen where raters do that. Now, I have also seen where the board (appeals again) have used a different classification to get a higher rating. Used a different ailment to get a different range. Used when a disability tops out a 20%, and the board give the Veteran a 40% rating by using a table from a different, but related disability. So, I believe you could possibly get a 40 or a 50, but not with a initial claim or a claim for an increase. I think you would have to ask for it during an appeal. Just my thoughts, Hamslice
  13. I would just ask (claim) for an increase as the problem has gotten worse. You will be given a C&P and the examiner will re-measure you range of motion. I was rated at 20% because of range of motion. The 10% you got was probably for x-ray evidence, DDD and or DJD, etc. You would not need a private doc for asking for an increase. If they deny the request for increase, they will give you a reason why and then you can appeal with an IMO or IME. Hamslice