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  1. I agree, I tried explaining this to the "ear plugs" class action suit. If you win and you are also getting comp, they are going to get their money back. Just sayin, Hamslice Just went through this with my wife. Look up subrogation with or without the VA.
  2. Got a call today from the "VA". The gentleman asked if I wanted a phone or a in person hearing. I told him an in person hearing. He said they would tell me when it will be. So, I got that going for me, Hamslice
  3. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/social-security-cola-2022-increase-biggest-nearly-40-years/ Enjoy, Hamslice
  4. Letters from the VA are taking 14 days in this neck of the woods. Call your local VSO and have them look in your record online and see what's up. I went and got a copy of my decision 10 days before the letter arrived in my mailbox. FWIW, Hamslice
  5. I had a similar thing happen. I claimed a skin condition that I was treated for when in Iraq, when I got out in '08. It was denied, as it had "resolved itself" which happens, and was the denial for a couple more of my conditions. I was still having medical issues with the skin condition, so years later, I submitted a re-open, with new evidence, from the current doctors visits as evidence. I was Service Connected for the condition and given a rating. So, you won't get your original denial date for you re-open claim, but at least you can get it service connected. Just re-open your claim from 2000, and put in all of the new and (I included) old medical information. Service Connection and a rating, even zero, is what you want. At first. Then build on that later. Too much for the VA to chew on at one time might not get the results you want. That's what I do/did, Hamslice One step at a time. My thoracic started a 20, and now is 60 with all that it brought with it.
  6. My decision was sent on the 8th, and I didn't get it till the 28th. I apparently have a letter coming from the VA sent on the 14th, and it's not here yet, on the 1st. I ordered tires and inner tubes for my tractor from Indiana, on Friday and I got them on Monday. Maybe the VA should use Fed Ex, Just sayin, Hamslice
  7. Always file for them together, plus any new symptoms you may be having related to you military service. The reason I say this, is because, they in fact may deny one of your claims, but then link it to your other claim and end up winning one, but for a higher rating. It just happened to me. Filed for 6, one approved, two lumped together, and three denied, however, one of the denied was then linked to the two already lumped together and I got a higher rating than the 3 would have been rated separately. And they added two rated conditions I did not specifically claim, but showed up during the exams and was in my medical records. You never really know, especially if you don't send in a claim, Hamslice If your heal hurts, don't claim a bone spur, tell them you heal hurts. Don't tie the raters hands, leave him enough rope to hang himself, i.e. do his job.
  8. Rule number one when using abbreviations. The first time used, explain to the reader what the abbreviation means. "Pending Completion of Concurrent EP" I believe EP means "end product", but that then begs the question, "concurrent end product" ? Just sayin, Hamslice I sent in my 21-4138 requesting a hearing regards my Sep pay issue and it must have turned some screws down there.
  9. You can not get CHAMPVA if you can get TRICARE. And, I believe that would mean your dependents also. I would love to get CHAMPVA for my wife because I am 100% P&T, but she can not get it since I turned age 60 and became eligible for TRICARE. FWIW, Hamslice
  10. Check your State too. My State paid more than the VA, when I was 80%, and I kept her on my award. Her college was free except for books and some fees, etc. And we bought her books used and saved bucoo. Just sayin, Hamslice
  11. My LHI contractor, C&P examiner, had my complete C-File and all of my medical records I had submitted with my claim. My wife's entire SSDI file in in my VA C-File because I claimed and got spousal A&A. The LHI examiner comment that she had to redo some of her research of my file when she realized I was not a 5'2" female. I do not think the LHI examiner should have a need for your password etc. Probably no harm and may have actually helped you as they used that to get evidence that he was not getting from the VA. I can surmise, that a Veteran from a previous exam told them, here, I will show you and logged on and got the examiner the information he was looking for, and, like everyone, the examiner saw it as a shortcut and decided to use it to his (and the Veterans) benefit. We can only hope, Hamslice
  12. So I finally got my letter today, June 25th. States I have 30 days from date on letter which is June 8th, to request a hearing. Sounds like July 7th is the drop dead date. I already got a copy from my CVSO, but what if I did not know that there was one coming, i.e., if I didn't have eBennies, etc... This is about a tax issue on my Separation Pay. The VA recouped in 2011, but now they asked DFAS (because I got 100%) and DFAS told the VA I owe $1951.00 more, and they want to recoup that amount now. The confusion comes that, before 1996, they are to recoup 75% of the total amount (25% for Federal tax, estimated), and then after 1996 they are to recoup the NET from your LES (pay stub). Mine was paid in 2008, and they recouped the NET. If you take the total amount paid times 75% and subtract what the VA already recouped in 2011, you get exactly $1951.00, which is what DFAS say I owe now. Absolutely no one can read, Hamslice I have already submitted the 3 regulations that state this to my claim, but they haven't been reviewed yet. Looks like I will be taking a ride to Milwaukee for a hearing. Jesus Christ.
  13. Interesting question. How old was he when he was discharged and how many years did he have in the NG? I can see where, as a 1SG, he could have had 20+ years in. Lets say 30 for this exercise, and he is 50 years old. Now, he gets hurt in Iraq. Instead of just being discharged, he takes a (immediate income) medical discharge. And now, he can only take the higher amount, tax's etc., between his VA comp and his medical retirement. Now, he could have just been discharged and waited until age 60. And immediately went to the VA after discharge. So, he would then be 90% VA comp and then at age 60, he would get his NG retirement, and with concurrent receipt, both in full. Over time, a whole bunch more money. 1SG probably did what was best at the time, he thought, but the DOD/DFAS knows how to screw with you. And they do. Hamslice
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