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C&p Examiner Pushed Me...

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Hello! I am new here. When I introduced myself and gave my story I was told I should request a new exame based on inadequate exam. When asked to bend I did, and then the examiner pushed on my back to push me down further. When asked to bend my knees I did, and then she pushed to bend them further. Goes on with neck rotation and all of that....

At the end of my exam she asked if I was in pain, and I told her "I wasn't until you started pushing on me!" She laughed. Clicked "Normal" on everything as far as I could tell. She asked me the same questions and didn't hardly look at me. I had friends who told me to go in there and really "play it up" they told me they went in and when asked to bend over they said "I can't". Well, I didn't do that. I was honest, and then she pushed on me to make me go further...so now I see why they just refused to do the exercises at all. Why would the VA do this to someone who is honestly showing their ROM? And then rate someone who refuses to bend over etc. (even though they can) at 60%? My claim is FINALLY after 15 months in Preparation for Decision phase, and I just want a fair rating.

My claimed conditions are: Migraines/Headaches (New), Hair Loss (New), Back Pain (New), Bilateral Hip Pain (New), Hypertension (New), PTSD/Depression (New), Restless Leg Syndrome (New), Bilateral Knee Pain (New), Thumb Pain (New), TVT Bladder Sling (New), C-Section Scars (New), Anemia (New), Vision Changes (Secondary), Allergies (New), Gynecology/Urology (New), Incontinence (New), Bilateral Bursitis (New)

You may see the c-section scars and think "What the heck?!" well, I had my first child vaginally at a teaching hospital - they darn near killed me. After surgical repairs it was determined I should not push for any future children. Therefore, the decision to have c-sections was not my own.

Anyway, I'm not looking for 100%, I just want a fair rating. I don't know if I will get that based on the C&P that I had. I did send in my medical records, so I don't know if that will off set the C&P? I hadn't thought too much about it until this was mentioned here...now I am expecting a 0% and go kick rocks from the VA.... :(

1 John 4:9

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I'm sorry for the unpleasantness in your C&P, but that can be part of the game.

I've had some bizarre comments/experiences from the C&P process and heard of many others.

It's impossible to tell what the results will be; request a copy of the write-up and you may be surprised.

People have felt pessimistic after C&P's, only to be pleased with the ultimate outcome.

Hang in there! smile.png

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Do I send a hand written request to the RO for the C&P or to the Gainesville VA clinic where the C&P's were accomlished? Thank you for your help.

1 John 4:9

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Yep, I was also able to just walk into the VA here and go to the records dept. and get a copy of both my physical C&P and the mental C&P. All I had to do was show ID and sign a form. It took all of about 20 minutes including driving time. =)

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I was honest, and then she pushed on me to make me go further.

I applaud you for being an honest person, but honesty is also showing how you really feel on the worst day you ever had with this disability. This is not being dishonest. The only dishonesty is NOT showing how you really do feel. This is the only way to have a chance of being awarded! To help understand this more, I'll use myself as an example; In 1971 I developed Hemorrhoids after a co. mandatory 1 mile run. The inside of my boots was soaked in blood. I lived alot of years with agonizing pain that would last a week or more. In 2003, 32 years later, I found out I could file a claim as I never heard of this before. So I did and was granted 0%. In 2005, I filed again for increase, but denied due to they weren't bleeding during the C&P exam, but just 2 weeks earlier they were. So I finally figured out I wouldn't ever get an increase unless they were bleeding on the day of the exam. In 2009, I filed for TDIU and was given a C&P exam date of 2 weeks later. Prior to those 2 weeks I prayed and prayed that my Hemorrhoids would be bleeding on exam day. I was beating my brain trying to figure out what I can eat the day before the exam to make them bleed. So you see, just the fact that I was thinking about what to eat is not being dishonest, it was the only way to prove to the examiner that in fact they do bleed. Another words, I was trying my best to show the worst day I ever had with this disability. It all boils down to this; If you go thru a C&P exam and you never felt so good in your life that day, what are you going to do? Are you going to keep going to these exams for years until the day you are having the worst day of your life?

One other item of note; I'm not saying to lie and go overboard. Just the honesty on how you really do feel.



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  • HadIt.com Elder

I go along with that Coot! If I am filing for depression and on the day of the exam I am feeling pretty good should I tell the doctor I feel good, or should I tell him about the day before when I wanted to jump out the window? If you tell him you feel good you won't be getting that increase just because one day you are OK and the next day you are not able to get out of the chair.


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