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Social Security Disability Questions

SSDI many of our veterans have gone through the SSDI process as well as the VA Claims process, We are no experts in SSDI however perhaps we can offer some assistance.

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  2. Family benefits

    Asked by jfrei,

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  3. DDS adjudicator

    Asked by jfrei,

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  5. Initial SSDI claim

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  2. ssdi and 100% VA

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  3. Social Security To Expedite Veteran Disability Claims

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  4. SSDI - Medicare or TRICARE

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  5. Ssdi Hearing In 8 Days, Uggggggg

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  6. SSDI help ads on internet

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  7. Approved First Time!

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  8. Approved

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  9. Hearing on the 30th

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  10. Social Security disability

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  11. Be sure to continue submitting new treatment records

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  12. SSDI review doctors

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    • Good question.   

          Maybe I can clear it up.  

          The spouse is eligible for DIC if you die of a SC condition OR any condition if you are P and T for 10 years or more.  (my paraphrase).  

      More here:


      NOTE:   TO PROVE CAUSE OF DEATH WILL LIKELY REQUIRE AN AUTOPSY.  This means if you die of a SC condtion, your spouse would need to do an autopsy to prove cause of death to be from a SC condtiond.    If you were P and T for 10 full years, then the cause of death may not matter so much. 
    • Lets have a coffee together.{"Tid"%3A"09287ae3-b8f8-40c6-94c6-9e607e9c39fd"%2C"Oid"%3A"46502ac4-1b14-4863-b4d5-9ca568a0dc71"}
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    • Please answer the poll has helped you.
      Please take a moment and let us know.
      • 19 replies
    • Volunteers Needed
      If you are inclined to volunteer, let me know if any of this looks interesting or if you have something in mind. If you can, great if you can't, no hard feelings.
      • 2 replies
    • We Closed the Notice for Request 1
      Question Poised:
      We closed the notice for request 1. VA message states Closed the for Request 1 or 2 or some #. What does it mean?

      It is a status message that doesn't tell you where your claim is in the process.
      • 0 replies
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