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  1. ...are the calculations for each month ran as if it's what the veteran is to be paid that month for both disabilities combined w/VA math with that percentage forward and after the time frame the 3rd one is awarded combine the 3 disabilities into one with VA math again and proceed to present date to establish the total retro pay amount owed or does the VA just pay the veteran the amount for the current disability percentage awarded times the months it took to be granted ???
  2. ...Good morning brothers and sisters simple question, any of you know of accountants familiar with calculating retro pay to verify Regional Office calculations for retro back pay owed to a veteran with several disabilities in the equation in the Pinellas County, Florida area ???
  3. ... call a least 14 days in advance and do the follow up calls the last 5 business days to ensure that the refill is being addressed...! Bay Pines is currently getting 'hammered' for being so called too 'lenient' with opiates and one has to come in every 3 mths, instead of the previous 6 mth check up, also heard that when one complains that their current meds aren't that effective that they go into 'chop-chop' mode and terminate the meds completely, forcing the vet to go into the civilian sector for assistance/treatment...!
  4. ...thank you Ms. T ...!
  5. ...a fiduciary must have good credit and also have the money to post the bond, to be 'bonded' amongst other things to meet the requirements of the job title, they don't make it that easy for some of us 'struggling' vets...!
  6. ...is that 90 days after the claim is bumped back to the BVA after the remand to the VARO...?
  7. ...and I thought I was the only one, after hearing the results from all my tests and everything, I'm left with the impression that I can enter the next Olympics at 61 years old next month...!
  8. ...did you try to 'copy' all the text within the pdf and then 'paste' it into wherever you want it to go, box, form, email, etc...?'
  9. ...maybe not, from my past experiences all they read on the reports are the 'impression' section, which is supposed to explain what's going on in the MRI picture.
  10. ...I have the same problem 'Tino...! I provided 6 'Sworn Statement's/Affidavits' from family, bankers, etc stating that I'm 'competent' in handling my 'financial affairs.' Also read 'FIDUCIARY/VA/Chuck75 HadIt.com Elder's post concerning this...! I also followed Pete992's advice from one of his past post's concerning asking the VA's shrink to make a note in ones progress report pertaining to their competency, all excellent advice...! Hopefully this will do it for us...!
  11. ...took me over a month to receive my response, Andyman and what a bunch of crap I received in their response, very ambiguous...!
  12. ...Westlaw is excellent, we used to get free access at the county's 'Legal Law Library' next to the Courthouse, thanks for the reminder, I'll check that out...!
  13. ...it sure sounds like your claim meets all the criteria for 'accelerated' processing...! There is away to 'bump' it up the the front of the line, hopefully the 'pro's' will chime in.' Don't quit, fight the fight Bro...!
  14. Praise the Lord...that's such good new's, being in a hospital for any length of time could be detrimental to one's health...! Jerrel will soo much safer at home...!
  15. SHOUT OUT…! Anyone know the status of our Brother, Jerrel condition since last week….? ....I didn't know what cateorgy to post this so I choose the top one that show's up on my home screen, for ol' Jerrel has been on my heart for about a week now, even thou he sounds like he's a mile away from the 'mike' when I listen to his show's, he's much closer to my heart and I pray that God Almighty is answering all our prayers for him
  16. ...I can relate so much, I use the concept, 'eat the chicken, and spit out the bone' which really helps with my discerning the 'data in, data out' brain process with whatever few brain cells I have left. The radio show really helps quieting the 'committee' that's running they're agenda 24/7, within my ole' noggin...!
  17. ...check out the radio show brother, as the saying goes 'nothing ventured, nothing gained...!' Anyway for me to learn how to increase my chances of winning my claims is a 'positive' to me, I listen to the show and get some additional knowledge, while I'm researching something else on hadit or another website, I've learned so much by just 'pulling the plug's outta my ears' and paying attention with an 'open mind' to what's currently going on in the VA arena.
  18. Great news Buck...! The 7 - 'P's' definitely paid off, congratulations...!
  19. Prayers coming your way Jerrel, if possible try to get out of that hospital and get back home and have a nurse take care of you there, and return after you've gotten' over the cold, to attend to your hip, pray about it and try to ask to be wheel chaired outside to breathe in the fresh air, now is not your time Jerrel, fight the good fight of Faith...!
  20. ...your right bronco...! Thank you Gastone for the 'brilliant tip...!'
  21. ...Congratulations, on the win, I totally agree w/Pete992 with keeping your other claim alive...!
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