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  1. Sharon, Congratulations and thanks so much for helping other veterans. Always, Betty
  2. I am still here and again always grateful to the many memebers of this site. Many thanks to T-bird. Betty
  3. Thanks Testvet, I did check the laws of the State of Virginia and I saw no reason why I cannot adopt her. I would just need her consent. I thought then I could pick up Champ Va for her. My husband is her payee, so here we are. Thanks, Betty
  4. Her father is not a veteran and her parents have been divorced since she was 5. No, the Social Security letter makes no mention whatsoever of her father or his SS Account. Thanks, Betty
  5. I located this link in reference to Veterans benefits for my SSDI granddaugher. Her award letter places her as disabled at the age of 21. I didn't understand what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Betty Veteran's Benefits The Veteran's Administration offers some benefits for children of veterans. Your grandchild may be eligible for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation payments. Parents of veterans may also be eligible for the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation. And, the child may be eligible for educational assistance as well. states may provide additional benefits if they choose. Contact your local Division of Veteran Affairs for more information and for assistance in determining eligibility for benefits. Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Find My Local Veteran's Affairs Office NC Division of Veteran Affairs TRICARE http://www.fullcirclecare.org/grandparents/grandfinance.html#va
  6. Hi Ron, I am proud of you. I have read the papers and will read them again. This one sounds a lot like some of the mess I was sent. Did you know that you can call Social Security and received a " Certified Notarized" copy of your work history. I believe they charged me $35.00, but it came with a Gold Star and Official Certification Seal. With that in my hands the employers that did not respond or who could not be contacted did not matter. In my opinion, the VA has to accept that you know yourself as a lay person as to how you felt at the time you filed for SSDI. You do not have to be of the medical profession to know if you could or could not work due to your illness. Always, Betty
  7. Congratulatons, I feel that you made the right decision. Enjoy your life and soon the depression of what might have been will leave. I did the same thing you did. Always, Betty
  8. Ron, I will be honest with you as I have been all these years. There is not one thing about me that these kind members do not know about me. If I had not came forward with everything my 40 year claim could have never been won. Sure I was a little embarassed at first, but I overcame that real fast when so much support came in to help me. You remember what a time I had. Three C&P just to deny me. I went to the BVA and remanded to the AMC to receive a denial and then I traveled to D.C. to see an expert Psychiatrist. File went back to BVA Judge and so did the opinion of this expert. Without the members knowing my claim, their hands were tied. Please post as much as you can. I know your story and I appreciate your thinking enough of me to send me your complete medical records to my email address. I have kept them private and have deleted as you wished. Please let everyone help you. Been there. Always, Betty
  9. Thanks a bunch, Pete. Stangely the form states 18, but when I called and spoke to two counselors at the toll free number they both stated the age of 21. And they wonder why I may be confused. Always the best to you, Betty
  10. Matt, The same thing happened to me. I went to get a copy of my C&P results and the lady gave me a copy. I did not agree with what was said about me, so I filed a complaint with the patient advocate. This did not go over too hot, so the doctor doing the examination, went in and posted not to release the records to me. To late for her, for I already had a copy. Strange things do happen. I went back later and did get another copy and saw where she had back tracked and placed that in the records below the date of the exam. I am sure they will get a copy to you. Always, Betty
  11. Thanks so much, Berta, I called the VA and have the form, but I am also puzzled as to how to complete the questions, for it does not open the door for me to place granddaughter. I was told by the toll free number that I could claim her and they sent me the forms, but then again, I am not sure they know what they are talking about. I am blessed with so many friends on this site. I feel like I have known you guys/gals all of my life. You guys have and will always be my " guardian angel". I was no where until I came across the site and bless everyone, I made it to the top. Always and Thanks so much, Betty
  12. Thanks Halos, I appreciate your concern and your kindness. From what I have been told, we have been deeply blessed. Due to her Mental Status, Medicaid will pay all but about $2.00 for each bottle of meds and thankful again her private psychiatrist has agreed to accept Medicaid, because I had been paying for her office visits out of my pocket. Thanks so much, Betty
  13. Matt, Good for you. Yes, in some instances the Psychiatrist holding the C&P for your PTSD has to release the write up. Something about being harmful to you. Check back later to see if they have been released.
  14. Carlie, Thanks so much for your kindness. I always appreciate so much my dear friends. Always, Betty
  15. Kelly, This is a God Send to me, as I have been paying for all of her medications and her doctor visits. When she was TDO by the courts, I did not have to pay those hospital bills. Now she will have insurance and her meds paid for. I just would like to see her happy again. I pray for some day. Always, Betty
  16. Thanks Pete, I did contact the VA and have the papers for filing. I am just not sure how to complete them. My husband is her payee and we are totally responsible for her. Our state , I believe the only one where she can collect her full SSDI and SSI and Medicaid also due to her mental illness. This is confusing to me. I know I went before the Judge twice and told him I did not want her to ever be without insurance ever again. Champ Va keeps sailing through my brains. Again, many thanks Pete, Betty
  17. Wings, Thanks so much. You all have been a wonderful blessing to me. I can never thank you all enough!! Always, Betty
  18. Thanks so much, Pete 992, It means so much to me to have such wonderful friends!!
  19. Hi to all, Just wanted to post my 22 year old granddaughter won full Social Security Disability. Some may remember she was denied stating" she was capable of making "Sub Sandwiches". This was in March 2010. We appealed for a reconsideration with more medical information. I am sorry to say she was hospitalized 4 more times during that period for "suicidal". Her diagnosis: PTSD from Car accident when she was 17 and Major Depression. I used my knowledge from my trying times with the VA to help her with her claim. Just wanted to give all that posted for me an update. She has been living with me since December 2009 and this has kept me pretty busy. Thanks to all. Betty
  20. Josephine

    I Won

    Congratulations, Ruby, It has been a long time in coming and you well deserve this day. Always, Betty
  21. T-bird, I am forever grateful to you and I will be Happy to Celebrate the occassion. Betty
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